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Item #: SCP-3367

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Given SCP-3367's status in the community, total informational containment is unfeasible. Measures have been made to designate the former site of Corinthian Ministries and its associated campground as a health-hazard site, using a standard methamphetamine lab explosion cover story.

There are currently no attempts being made to further explore SCP-3367. Under no circumstances should SCP-3367-1 be aided in any way. If SCP-3367-1 attempts escape, on-site agents are to non-lethally deter the object to ensure its continued presence in SCP-3367.

While SCP-3367-2 requires no special containment, all researchers Level 2/3367 and higher have been assigned to pinpoint the method by which it was created.

Until the anomaly is better understood, individuals ascribing to a non-heterosexual orientation or who are transgender are forbidden to work with SCP-3367.

Description: SCP-3367 is the former site of the Corinthian Ministries Wellness Center, a religious institution that specialized in the homosexual-to-heterosexual conversion therapy of minors. It was located in Doulworth County, Ohio. SCP-3367 is a Level 5 Ecto-geographical site, marked by its consistently changing layout, non-Euclidean spaces, and sentience. The Corinthian Ministries Wellness Center was not built on the convergence points of any leylines, real or imagined, and maintained no special significance before its anomalous activity.

SCP-3367's anomaly began on 14 February 2013. Of the individuals present at SCP-3367, two members of janitorial staff and two nurses were accounted for in the aftermath. The individuals considered “lost” to SCP-3367 include 23 patients SCP-3367-2, three nurses, one member of janitorial staff, two clergymen, and SCP-3367-1. Currently, only SCP-3367-1 and SCP-3367-2 have manifested within the structure.

SCP-3367-1 is the designation given to the various manifestations of former Corinthian Ministries Wellness Center Director, Dr. Edwin Gladden. Instances of SCP-3367-1 show a strong aversion to all contact with living beings and only seek to escape from SCP-3367. While most instances of SCP-3367-1 remain nonverbal, a number have been reported to attempt to sing hymns and other devotional songs. SCP-3367-1 generally manifest naked and appear to be undergoing extreme gastrointestinal distress. SCP-3367-1 instances are, without exception, either consumed by the architecture of the SCP-3367 space or SCP-3367-2.

SCP-3367-2 refers to an entity or number of entities that exist within the space of SCP-3367. SCP-3367-2 is a humanoid with a pink and blue coloration. SCP-3367-2 exhibits the abilities to change its size, manipulate the structure of its body along with that of the SCP-3367 space, and generate electricity. It has no outwardly visible organs, and its only orifice is a mouth atop its head lined with muscular digits. SCP-3367-2 maintains a single-minded drive to torture instances of SCP-3367-1 in various ways, most involving usage of electricity or its massive bulk, followed by consumption. SCP-3367-2 will ignore those who enter SCP-3367 unless there is an attempt to free or otherwise alleviate the distress of an instance of SCP-3367-1. The individual will then be either consumed by the architecture of SCP-3367 or SCP-3367-2.

Post-Recovery Interview with E-65 Cain:

Due to the trauma E-65 Cain underwent during exploration of SCP-3367, the agent was supplied with sedatives. Further interviews are impossible, due to the interviewer's disregard of protocol in allowing E-65 Cain to undergo amnestic therapy before the Site Researcher gave approval. However, given E-65 Cain's mental state, the chances of any further usable information retrieval were low. Despite this, the interviewer has been relieved of her position, with full employment termination pending.

Interviewer: Are you comfortable, Bri—I mean, E-65 Cain?

C: [Indecipherable speech.]

I: Could you repeat that?

C: Lights.

The lights in the interview room are then turned on. E-65 Cain screams and requests the lights be kept off again. During the rest of the interview, E-65 Cain visibly shakes and gags.

I: We can keep this brief if you need it. We just really need to hear what happened when we lost contact.

C: I, oh God. Wish I could say. Didn't remember. Old man needed help. Bravo screamed. Then, fuck. <E-65 Cain shudders.> Mouth. When it pulled me into its mouth. They pulled me down, and they kept pulling me down, pushing me. Like fingers. Pulling, probing, yanking, poking. Made me think of my little brother. Poked me in the side when I got the front seat in the car. <E-65 Cain vomits what is later found to be a mixture of gruel and urine. After it is disposed of and E-65 Cain is offered the chance to clean himself, the interview continues.>

I: Are you ready?

C: It went down. Pulled me further and further into a dark hole, the darkest hole there ever was, and he, he, she, she so much. So much. <E-65 Cain begins to hyperventilate before closing his eyes. Subject counts to three and then continues talking.> A hole at the bottom of the hole. That's what it was like, and I was in wet and muck, but burning, and smelled so horrible. They went through everything. <E-65 Cain sobs twice in a choked manner.> And they stopped when they found something good. And then reversed back over it to the beginning. And they took that thing, and they took it from me. They took it from me bit by bit by bit, and the man was there, infinity, but I couldn't see him. One after another, looking worse and worse. They made me hate it.

I: What are you saying?

C: Life. They played all of it in my head. And they stopped at every good moment, Danielle. Took a good song and made it bad. <E-65 Cain laughs and then vomits.> Electricity and my stomach hurt so bad. And the everything around me. The old man packed in with me, all of him packed in with himself, and it stunk so bad.

I: How long were you there?

C: I was only seven.

I: What do you mean?

C: Only a seven-year-old boy.

I: I'm so sorry, Brian.

C: Then the hole opened up and the hole at the bottom of the hole in the hole, and I was out. And the air was just as bad. And then it hurt. All over me. I thought it would be good. Worse than anything. Air like a thousand prickles of shit, knives. I'm so scared of when it will rain. The sound, the sound, the drubbing of the thing in my head. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. <E-65 Cain closes his eyes, and he attempts, unsuccessfully, to count to the number four. After failing four times, E-65 Cain hugs his arms to his chest, gasps, and then puts his hands back on the arms of his chair.>

I: <The interviewer touches E-65 Cain's hand in a comforting gesture.> We'll make it better soon. Just tell us what we need to know.

C: I heard it apologized to her? It didn't, it didn't say anything to me. It didn't say anything to me, Danielle. Why, why didn't it apologize to me?

I: I'm so, so—

C: Please, kill me. I request termination.

I: We know you don't mean that, Brian.

C: Fuck you. [DATA EXPUNGED] <In an attempt to be terminated by on-site guards, E-65 C lists Level-3 information.>

I: You don't mean this.

C: Those things never, never work all the way, and the kids took it all from me.

I: Kids?

C: <E-65 Cain continues on as though not hearing the interviewer.> Always be there. Can't get rid of some things so easy. Pavlovalian Pavloaloian suggestion imprintation branded in my brain, and I want to be dead. It's so long in there, and I'm just a boy.

I: What kids, Brian?

E-65 Cain vomits and is unable to stop. Interview was postponed, and ultimately, no further interviews are possible. In a 13-0 decision, the Ethics Committee has deemed D-Class testing of SCP-3367 to be unethical and of no material value to the Foundation.

Through extensive amnestic and psychological therapy, E-65 Cain made a near-full recovery and has since been released into civilian life.

Post-Exploration Interview with E-65 Alfa:

This interview took place forty-five minutes after the conclusion of the exploration into SCP-3367. E-65 Alfa volunteered the debriefing as soon as formally allowed, foregoing any chance at relaxation after decontamination. This was seen as consistent with her work ethic and was not commented upon.

E-65 Alfa: Marian Flament. Commander of Epsilon-65. Highest clearance on the squad. Blah blah, we get that all down?

Interviewer: Yes. Thank you, Alfa.

A: You want to know how I got my boy out?

I: Precisely. We'd like it on the record. Also to cross-reference in case there's any worry of memetic infestation. Or something parasitic. Who knows?

A: Remember [DATA EXPUNGED]? Don't think I got anything that bad, hoss. You remember all that amniotic fluid, right? Shit, I'd know.

I: I'd rather not remember such a dreadful scene, but you are correct. We do trust your experience with entities like this. Which is why we'd be very interested in what you can tell us.

A: Guess I got a question, first.

I: Ask away, Alfa. As you may be aware, there's a very good chance I will not be able to answer.

A: You sent me 'cause I went to one of those, too, didn't you?

I: Of course. Your experience with these types of manifestations and your history at such an institution certainly came into play when we chose you. I thought that was quite obvious.

A: Think it'd give me an insight into the anomaly?

I: No. We knew it would, and we were right. As we normally are.

A: Damn, look at you. Smugger than Satan, himself. Well, I guess, first thing you're gonna want to hear? That thing, SCP-3367-2? You can stop looking for them kids. Christ, I say you could stop looking for everyone else, but that's 'cause they're good as gone. But no, that big bastard is all those kids rolled up like some damn Laffy Taffy.

I: How can you be sure, Alfa?

A: Talked to it. You know well as I do this thing ain't human anymore. But damn if it didn't see everything I ever was. I told it to drop him. That it was my friend. And fuck, they said sorry, but not in a right way. They apologized for touching “mine,” whatever that meant. And they saw my whole fuckin' history, from the first second, clear as you can in my dossier right there, and they asked me if I wanted to come? 'Course I said no. What kinda weird shit is that? And then, well, you saw it. The bastards went back to playing whack-a-mole with the good doctor's head.

I: And you're certain of this?

A: Of course I am. I heard it all. Knew from experience. All that anger. All that rage. Betrayed by their parents. Maybe a friend even told on 'em. That's what happened to me. Told on me for kissin' her? Like she wasn't kissin' me, too. Ain't no other reason it understood me like it did. No other reason somethin' like that wanted me to come in. I can see a lot of reasons something out there, even one who can only see morality real small-like, would like to punish the good doctor. But this? A kid's doin' this. A whole lot of kids. With nothin' but time. Nothin' else to even think of.

I: Those poor children.

A: Shit, you kiddin' me? That's an eternity of triumph, is what that is. They're winning. For the rest of anything there can be, you mark that down. This is something that's persistent. This kinda rage don't just boil over. And it's eternal catharsis. That's what it is. Shit almost makes me jealous. <E-65 Alfa laughs.> Shit, probably got a few screws knocked, didn't I? Think I should set myself up for some counseling after all this?

I: It couldn't hurt, Alfa. Do you suppose there is any danger posed by this object? Should we be worried it might leak outside?

A: Here's the way I look at it. When you got a fly in your house, sure, you worry about it getting in your food. But you don't worry about it getting on your computer, stealin' your identity. Flies don't have the patterns for that. Same as the big taffy.

I: Excellent. What you said will be taken under consideration. Once again, we would like to thank you for your candor. As always.

Following the interview, E-65 Alfa underwent a month of intensive therapy before being released into active duty. During a routine decontamination procedure involving small amounts of Class-A amnestics, E-65 Alfa succumbed to an amnestic-based coma. Three hours later, she was pronounced brain-dead and terminated. While statistically, her death was not out of the ordinary, the date of her death coincided with an incident involving SCP-3367.

During the incident, SCP-3367-1 was made to believe he was allowed escape. However, after a few moments of singing devotional hymns, SCP-3367-1 was consumed by the SCP-3367 architecture. This event has not repeated.

Selection from Former Patient Interview 17:

In an attempt to rule out the anomaly as being derived from past events, the Foundation clandestinely conducted interviews posing as government medical officials, utilizing the possibility of long term exposure to hazardous chemical given the SCP-3367 cover story. The following is an interview with former patient Danielle Myron.

Danielle Myron: I hadn't thought of the place in, well, a few months at least. Maybe I just tried to forget about it. I have a lot of trouble remembering a lot of little things with all the electroshock they put me through.

Interviewer: And this was in 2004, correct? Electro-convulsive therapy was illegal for that by then.

DM: <She laughs.> Waste not, want not. And who's gonna throw out a bunch of electrodes? Nah, if you're an old creep, you keep that for the real obstinate ones.

I: I'm sorry. I knew they were horrible, but that's monstrous.

DM: No, it's fine. It's really hard for me to get worked up about it. <She shakes her head then tilts it to the side.> Can I tell you something funny? Well, maybe not funny. Something weird.

I: That's exactly what I'm here for, ma'am.

DM: This might be too far for you guys, even.

I: Well, now I have to know. Call it human curiosity at this point.

DM: The night before it happened, before the drug thing blew up or whatever. I had a dream about the place. Which isn't weird. I used to dream about the place constantly. But, this was so different. I was in the electroshock room, only Dr. Gladden was in the seat. He was crying, but he was singing. One of those maddening hymns. He'd always be singing them, to himself, to you, as you were throwing up or shitting your pants. But this was different. He was being shocked. And it kept interrupting the song. Interrupting the warbling. I couldn't see who was doing the shocking. But I got the idea it was the kids. The kids who were still there. And something left me to join them. Something whispered to this hatred inside of me, and then it was at the controls. And it was wracking through Dr. Gladden's brains. And it asked me if I wanted to stay. And I said no.

I: And then?

DM: I woke up. Horrible nightmare.

I: Most people wouldn't exactly call it that. It sounds cathartic.

DM: I'd've thought so, too. And I feel so free ever since that dream. Freer than I've been in a long time. I got to leave. But they don't get that. They died when they were maddest, the most betrayed, the most in pain. I hope there's a heaven for these kids and a hell for Dr. Gladden. They won't forgive. God knows I haven't. But maybe, one day they can forget. And then rest.

In follow-up interviews, 76% of former patients interviewed expressed a significant increase in positive mood since the SCP-3367 event. None reported a similar dream. Danielle Myron has been put under further Foundation surveillance.

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