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SCP-3348 at the time of recovery.

Item #: SCP-3348

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3348 is to be kept in a safe secured via a combination lock at least five (5) characters in length, which itself is to be contained within a standard Safe-Class containment chamber.

In order to prevent the contents of SCP-3348 from being spoken outside of testing, the antechamber connecting the containment chamber to the remainder of the facility is to be equipped with a mechanism capable of dispensing Class-A Targeted Amnestics. Whenever personnel without Level 3-3348 clearance or higher exit the chamber, the mechanism is to be activated in order to erase their memories of said contents.

Description: SCP-3348 is a black leather-bound journal. Written in a white field on the front cover is the title The Compiled Vocabulary of the Kaejnithionian Language by Mandred Motzer.

The first several pages of the journal contain hand-written entries listing words in a previously unknown language, presumably Kaejnithionian, along with their translations. These words are characterized by their extreme length; no entry has been observed to be any less than six (6) syllables long. In addition, Foundation linguists are currently unable to find consistent traits between each instance, as if their structures are completely random.

The remaining pages are blank, but an extra piece of loose paper was found in the back of the journal at the time of recovery (See Addendum 3348-02).

SCP-3348's anomalous properties manifest when an individual (henceforth referred to as the Subject) speaks one of the words contained within it. As soon as the word is completely spoken, all instances of the entity or concept it is associated with will become negatively affected in some way within a 30m radius of the Subject. This effect manifests in one of three general ways, depending upon the chosen word's part of speech:

  • Nouns: The affected entities will be altered in such a way that they will no longer be able to perform their intended function and/or attempting to use them will cause harm to the user.
  • Verbs: For 30 seconds after the Subject speaks the word, anyone or anything attempting to perform the respective action will invariably fail, usually hurting themselves or others in the process.
  • Adjectives: Entities exhibiting the respective trait will lose it.

Addendum 3348-01: Test Log
The following is a list of the initial tests conducted with entries found within SCP-3348.

Addendum 3348-02: Recovery
SCP-3348 was recovered and contained on ██/██/20██, shortly after several Hume sensors detected a sudden and brief drop 0.5km away from the front entrance of Site-██, where it is currently being held. Upon recovery, a handwritten note was found in the back of the journal on a separate piece of paper. The contents of the note have been recorded below:

Given the content of the note, as well as the circumstances of SCP-3348's recovery, it is to be assumed that the individual known as "Mandred Motzer" somehow obtained knowledge of the location (or at least, the approximate location) of Site-██ and has a means to reach it. An investigation to find the possible mode of information leakage is currently underway, and site security has been updated accordingly.

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