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Item #: SCP-3347

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3347 is currently owned by the Foundation under the Alias of ████ ███████. At least one Foundation agent is to maintain residence of SCP-3347 at all times, as well as provide necessary maintenance. No personnel are to reside in SCP-3347-1 or SCP-3347-2 for extended periods of time unless authorized to do so for experimentation purposes.

Description: SCP-3347 is a split level ranch style house located in a suburban neighborhood in ████████████, New Jersey. SCP-3347 is comprised of a living room, a recreational room, a kitchen, a dining room, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and several closets. Most of these rooms within SCP-3347, including all of the major living quarters, bear no known anomalous properties, and are equipped with furniture and appliances typical of a contemporary home.

The anomalous properties of SCP-3347 occur in relation to two bedrooms, designated SCP-3347-1 and SCP-3347-2, located adjacent to each other on the third floor. SCP-3347-1 contains a queen-sized bed, two dressers, a closet, and a central light fixture. SCP-3347-2 is entirely empty when not in the process of a Transposition Event.

A Transposition Event is triggered whenever two fertile humans of opposite sex sleep in the bed located in SCP-3347-1. Humans of the same sex, sterilized or menopausal humans, and groups of more than two individuals have all failed to trigger a Transposition Event. During a Transposition Event, the contents of SCP-3347-2 will change instantaneously on a daily basis. These changes, referred to as Transposition Shifts, always occur at 12:00 AM EST. Changes within SCP-3347-2 during Transposition Shifts vary between Transposition Events, but usually involve the appearance of objects such as furniture, carpeting, books, clothes, toys, and wallpaper, as well as the disappearance and rearrangement of said objects. If allowed to proceed to fruition, Transposition Events will always continue for exactly 18 days, resulting in 18 Transposition Shifts. Any outside objects left within SCP-3347-2 will disappear during Transposition Shifts, making surveillance of the transposition process via security cameras impossible. At the conclusion of a Transposition Event, all objects within SCP-3347-2 will disappear, and SCP-3347-2 will return to its initial empty state. SCP-3347-2 will return to this state prematurely if one or both of the subjects stop sleeping in SCP-3347-1 on a nightly basis.

Subjects who have triggered Transposition Events have reported feeling a desire to spend time near or around SCP-3347-2 during the event, as well as an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss following the event’s conclusion. Psychiatric evaluation is considered unnecessary in most cases, as these feelings tend to subside within a few days. Subjects have also occasionally reported hearing sounds from within SCP-3347-2 during Transposition Events. Such reports have included the sound of laughter, crying, and muffled speech. All attempts to locate the source of these sounds have been unsuccessful.

Addendum 3347.1: Experiment Logs

The following Experiment Logs catalog three deliberately triggered Transposition Events, and include all furnishing alterations, object disappearances, and otherwise preternatural phenomena resulting from these events.

During each experiment, two subjects were instructed to remain within SCP-3347 until the Transposition Event was completed and to sleep together (platonically) within SCP-3347-1 every night. Two Foundation agents were administered to the site in order to oversee the experiment and take daily observations of the objects within SCP-3347-2.

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