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Item #: SCP-3346

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3346 requires no unusual containment procedures beyond a standard containment locker in Site-19. Testing is to be approved by SCP-3346's primary researcher.

Description: SCP-3346 is a plastic child-size hard hat. The hat is a toy manufactured by the █████ Company in 1986 and is not suitable to be used as protective equipment. SCP-3346 shows signs of wear consistent with gentle use. There is a piece of yellow construction paper taped to the inside dome of SCP-3346 (see addendum 1).

When an individual puts SCP-3346 on their head, they experience a non-sight-based sensation. These sensations are related to significant anxieties the subject wearing SCP-3346 experienced as a child between the ages of 4-6. Frequently these are audio or physical sensations; however, no one in the experimentation chamber but the subject is able to experience the sensation. After removal of SCP-3346, most subjects report feeling much better about the incident and able to handle further exposure to the anxiety-inducing event.

Experimentation Log: Approval for testing using individuals under the age of 18 is pending. All testing until such a measure is approved is to be done by adults. Testing is to be conducted by instructing the subject to wear SCP-3346 for 60 seconds, then remove and offer commentary on their experience.

Test Subject: D-84269
Testing: D-84269 puts on SCP-3346. Subject looks confused, then at 34 seconds begins laughing. Subject removes SCP-3346 at 60 seconds.
Commentary: "Macaroni salad! I tasted macaroni salad! God, I hated macaroni salad when I was a kid, it scared me to death! I thought it was little worms!"
Long-term Results: D-84269 was provided with a bowl of macaroni salad and immediately began to eat it. Following consumption, D-84269 commented, "I haven't thought about the worms thing in years. Isn't that funny? It was so serious back then."

Test Subject: Dr. Theodora Wu
Testing: Dr. Wu wears SCP-3346 for 60 seconds, then removes.
Commentary: "I could smell flowers. My sister died when I was four, she was eight." (Pause) "They covered her coffin in flowers. I had a panic attack at the funeral. I still can't stand dahlias, they were her favorite."
Long-term Results: Dr. Wu self-reported increased visits to R████████ Cemetary where her sister is buried. Most recent report indicated Dr. Wu brought dahlias with her, as "They were her favorite."

Test Subject: Dr. Charles L. (request to remain anonymous)
Testing: Dr. L. was chosen as his psychological profile indicated being raised in an abusive household. He is instructed to wear SCP-3346 for the full 60 seconds. Dr. L. wears SCP-3346 for 60 seconds, displaying extreme discomfort throughout, then removes and throws across the room.
Commentary: Dr. L. was initially unable to respond to researcher queries, but after calming down claimed he "felt him hit me again." Dr. L. was overcome again and unable to elaborate.
Long-term Results: Dr. L. was issued weekly Foundation-sponsored therapy and has been able to face some of the difficulties he endured as a child. When asked, Dr. L. commented, "It's hard. It's going to take time. But I'm glad I'm facing it."

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