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A scan of SCP-3345's cover.

Item #: SCP-3345

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3345, when not in use, is to be stored in a standard safe-class secure locker in Site-73. Personnel with level-2 clearance or higher handling SCP-3345 are to wear protective gloves must wear protective clothing covering the body and head. Personnel are not to read SCP-3345.

Description: SCP-3345 is a 15cm×20cm 261 paged paperback book in the style of a 21st-century crime novel. Its cover displays a black and white image of a bloody humanoid hand pressing against a frosted window. Furthermore, the text on SCP-3345’s cover reads like an ordinary novel. However, the subsequent text infers that the novel revolves around an individual who reads SCP-3345 by stating – in block white capitals - that the author is “You”.

The synopsis and content to SCP-3345 are blank and it demonstrates no anomalous properties when handled by personnel or subjects with protective gloves. SCP-3345 anomalous properties become evident, however, when a sapient subject, without protective layering, handles SCP-3345. Upon opening SCP-3345 a narrative emerges from its pages, written in the style of a 21st-century crime novel, which accurately retells the accounts of the individual’s most significant crime(s). Furthermore, these crimes vary per subject and range from shoplifting as an adolescent to homicide. The narrative found within SCP-3345 remains on its pages for a total of 24 hours, regardless of contact from another individual, after which SCP-3345’s pages return to being blank.

SCP-3345 was recovered from a local police station on October 18, 2012, in Manhattan, North America after numerous individuals surrendered themselves to officials, believing they had been caught, for crimes previously unknown to the law enforcement. When questioned, all individuals described a book found in possession of one of the victims of SCP-3345. Upon further investigation, SCP-3345 was discovered to have originated half a mile from the police station in the [REDACTED] Coffee Shop. Field Agents sent to investigate the [REDACTED] Coffee Shop found no other anomalies except for a 12-second unexplainable loss in footage from the cafe's CCTV on August 13, 2012, at precisely 1 am. Security footage, after the anomaly, clearly shows SCP-3345 within the coffee shop.

Addendum 3345- 1: Since the acquisition of SCP-3345 a number of revelations about staff and subjects at Site-73 have emerged.

Excerpts from Subjects exposed to SCP-3345:

Experiment 3345-01 – 05/03/2013

Subject: D-2872
Subject’s criminal record: Subject D-2872 has a history of violent crimes ranging from armed robbery to the murder of two individuals on [REDACTED].
Procedure: D-2872 was instructed to handle SCP-3345 without protective gloves.
Results: All 261 pages of SCP-3345 became filled with a narrative which told the story of a detective hunting down a mobster based in New Orleans for the murder of two females.
Analysis: Although SCP-3345 narrative was embellished with fanciful interactions, reminiscent of modern crime novels, no discrepancies could be found between SCP-3345 narrative and D-2872’s criminal records and police reports.

Experiment 3345-13 – 03/27/2014

Subject: D-3458
Subject’s criminal record: Subject D-3458 has a history of petty crimes and was convicted of the murder of an individual on [REDACTED].
Procedure: D-3458 was instructed to handle SCP-3345 without protective gloves.
Results: All 261 pages of SCP-3345 became filled with a long drawn out narrative which told a story of an individual who stole a cookie from the boy scouts at the age of 13, jaywalked across streets and littered throughout their life. The story ends with the Subject being arrested of vandalism of public property.
Analysis: Considering SCP-3345 lack of discrepancies when describing the crimes of the previous 12 Subjects it might be believed that D-3458 could have been wrongly convicted of murder. Further investigation is to take place surrounding D-3458 and the murder of [REDACTED].

Experiment 3345-13 - Additional Investigation report – 05/08/2014: Upon further review by Foundation personnel of D-3458 criminal trial a number of discrepancies emerged between the eyewitness accounts of the murder and evidence presented to the court. Additional examination of Tallahassee police department’s security records showed a law enforcement officer, Police Inspector [REDACTED], tampering with evidence of D-3458's trial. Therefore, it could be concluded that D-3458 was wrongly convicted of murder, as SCP-3345 suggested. D-3458 was terminated 3 weeks before Foundation personnel concluded that the Subject was, possibly, wrongly convicted of murder.

Experiment 3345-61 – 05/14/2015

Subject: Dr. ██████ – hereafter referred to as ‘Subject’.
Subject’s criminal record: Subject had previously never been convicted of any criminal activities.
Procedure: D-3652 was instructed to handle SCP-3345 without protective gloves.
Results: Contrary to previous experiments, SCP-3345's narrative did not revolve around the D-class personnel. Later examination of the test footage showed the insufficiency of the Subject’s protective gloves evidencing the Subject coming in open contact with SCP-3345 before being handled by D-3652. The narrative told a story revolving around the Subject and their ex-partner. The Subject tortured and murdered their partner, suspecting them of having an affair, and buried their body in a quarry south of [REDACTED].
Analysis: The Subject was immediately contained as further investigation was needed surrounding the disappearance of the Subject's partner. Handling of SCP-3345 by Foundation personnel have henceforth halted until further notice.

Experiment 3345-61 - Additional Investigation report -01 – 05/20/2015: Field agents were sent to the locations described within SCP-3345, retrieving numerous blood samples and the body of the Subject's deceased partner. Tools found hidden in the Subject’s residence also contained trace amounts of blood matching the body found in [REDACTED] Quarry. Footage examined from nearby CCTV illustrated a car owned by the Subject driving to and away from the Quarry. Monitored phone calls from the Subject's Partner evidence sexual interactions with individuals other than the Subject.

Experiment 3345-61 - Additional Investigation Report -02 - 05/27/2015

The following is an interview conducted between the Subject and a Foundation Agent surrounding the death of their partner:

Dr. ██████: Can you tell me what is going on?

Agent: Where were you on the night of [REDACTED] between the times of 2 and 3 am?

Dr. ██████: That was [REDACTED] years ago? How am I supp- Wait… That’s the night my husband went missing! Is this a tactic we use now? Bring up a missing spouse to incite emotional distress? Tell me why I have been contained!

Agent: Where were you on the night of [REDACTED] between the times of 2 and 3 am?

Dr. ██████: Does this have to do with my husband? Where is he? Have you found him?

At this point, the agent pulls out images of the acquired body as well as pictures of the evidence incriminating the subject.

Dr. ██████: Jesus! What is that?

Agent: Do you recognise this individual?

The Subject looks at the photos in more depth. The Subject begins to grow agitated and struggles in their chair.

Dr. ██████: That’s my [REDACTED]! What did you do to him?! You bastards! What did you do to him?!

Agent: We found these tools hidden in various locations throughout a property previously owned by you. They contain trace amounts of blood from the victim’s body.

The subject continues to sob and does not respond to the agent.

Agent: These pictures show your car driving to and from the Quarry that his body was found in!

The Subject continues to ignore the agent.

Agent: Dr. ██████. Did you kill your husband?

The Subject lashes out struggling in their chair.

Dr. ██████: What are you talking about? I have never hurt anybody! I have no idea what you are talking about! What did you do to him?! I don’t know what is going on!

The Subject continues to struggle and scream until a sedative is administered. The Subject is led back to their containment cell.

Experiment 3345-61 - Additional Investigation report -03 – 06/05/2015: Supplementary interviews between Foundation Agents and the Subject have yet to yield a confession. Moreover, polygraph tests - although unreliable - show the Subject believes themselves to be innocent. Examinations, in addition, by Foundation psychologists of the Subject suggest the Subject is in a genuine state of distress and confusion over the disappearance of their partner. Additional exposure to SCP-3345 has resulted in no changes to its narrative. The Subject is to remain in containment under examination.
Conclusion: Since SCP-3345 has proven to be a reliable source of information during previous experiments, it would suggest that the Subject is guilty of the murder of their partner. Furthermore, the insurmountable amount of evidence towards the Subject would confirm their guilt. Nevertheless, the Subject has established, through psychological reports, that they believe they are innocent. Additionally, the subject has no history of violent activities or any criminal record. Due to these conflicting results, it has been theorised that SCP-3345 could create a crime if no previous criminal records exist – fabricating evidence where none previously existed. However, due to the accuracy of SCP-3345 in all previous tests, the Subject is to remain in containment until further testing of SCP-3345 has been conducted.

Addendum to Experiment 3345-61 - 10/15/2016: The Subject known as Dr. ██████ is now deceased following a lengthy investigation by the Foundation. Moreover, any further investigation into the Subjects crime, described by SCP-3345 in the 05/14/2015 3345-61 experiment log, have been halted as all evidence collected by the Foundation indicates them to be guilty of the crime. The Subject never pleaded guilty of the crime described by SCP-3345.

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