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Item #: SCP-334-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-334-J's unique nature, total containment has proven impossible, although human access to SCP-334-J is to our knowledge, only possible to the SCP Foundation, due to our resources. Nevertheless, SCP-334-J is to be patrolled weekly to search for signs of occupation or use by third parties, including any groups of interest such as the Chaos Insurgency or [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-334-J is an extradimensional "pocket" of space, although it is consistent with terrestrial physical laws. SCP-334-J is interesting in that it appears to have a low separation threshold from, or a weak boundary with, other planes of existence, including ours; and the equivalent of a negatively pressured atmosphere- resulting in numerous small, invisible gaps in our dimension, leading to SCP-334-J. For reasons yet unknown, these gaps tend to materialize indoors, most commonly in domestic bedrooms and laundry rooms. The negative pressure results in items being drawn into SCP-334-J, which for unknown reasons are always articles of clothing, and most commonly socks or leggings.

It has been theorized that over 80% of civilian households have these small entrances to SCP-334-J, although incidents are thankfully uncommon.

SCP-334-J's existence was entirely theoretical up until [DATA EXPUNGED], when the Foundation decided to investigate. SCP-███ was recruited, and agreed to use his abilities to locate SCP-334-J.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see Document 334-J-42

Document #334-J-42:

From the Personal Log of Doctor ███████████
Notes from SCP-334-J Exploration-██

…"We have secured the help of SCP-███ to allow us access to the dimensional gap, and have decided to enter through a portal under my bed. I can only guess what we will find inside."…

"My assistants, SCP-███, and I have arrived in a massive white room, windowless and otherwise featureless except the rectangular hole we have arrived in. But the sock piles! The hills of socks of every color and style known to mankind, they go on for miles. A quick, unofficial examination of one pile reveals athletic socks, children's socks, lacy lady's tights, hiking socks, some freshly laundered, some caked in dirt, even the occasional lonely undergarment. Despite the rather rank odor we have decided to explore further. My secretary is taking notes on the apparent depth and height of the piles."…

…"This is truly a remarkable location. The piles become nearly mountainous in their scale, and every so often one lonely foot-shaped cloth will flutter down from the ceiling like a single snowflake, and land noiselessly to increase its pile's height by another quarter inch. The contents of the piles are generally ordinary, although we have come upon several anomalies, including [DATA EXPUNGED] apparently meant for a being several hundred feet tall."…

…"SCP-███ has become rather anxious, saying that he has seen movement among the lower hills" … "Belief confirmed with my secretary. Both were unable to describe further. At their request, I have decided to return to our point of origin"…

…"Most unfortunately, my secretary, Mrs. ████████, who has been long-suffering through several years with me, has been consumed by the newly-discovered denizens of this area. She was behind SCP-███ and I when we heard a terrible scream, and turned around to see her being pulled by the head into a whirling Charybdis of wool and cotton. Her nylon stockings were flung off her in the process, and promptly grabbed by two fibrous tentacles and pulled into the whirlpool. Her bleached bones were deposited from a nearby pile, and "Jeffy" and I rapidly made the unanimous decision to exit the area."…

…"while given that said piles appear to be shifting on us, and that this is the most recent of several close calls, we can only hope they do not continue to react with hostility"…

…"In retrospect, this could have been a bad idea."

Following [DATA EXPUNGED], further exploration of SCP-334-J is not allowed without O5 permission. Pending reclassification to Euclid. Further study on the recorded anomalies, potentially "sockvores" - life forms evolved within the dimension- is ongoing at this time.

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