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Item #: SCP-3339

Object Class: Ectoentropic Online

Containment Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3339 is to be blocked by all backbone internet service providers. Level 2/3339 clearance is required to access SCP-3339. Should unauthorized civilian access to SCP-3339 occur, MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") is to be deployed to the site of access to administer Class-A amnestics to all witnesses of SCP-3339-1 or SCP-3339-2.

SCP-3339-2 is to be entered once every Saturday, at 1900 hours UTC by a trained researcher. The researcher is to record the performance, as well as the number of civilians within SCP-3339-2 (see Addendum for more details).

Containment Update: Following the change in SCP-3339's anomalous properties after Incident 3339-A, no further personnel are to be deployed into SCP-3339-2. Primary containment procedures are to remain in place.

Description: SCP-3339 is a website accessible through the domain 'randall-█████.net.' When loaded onto an internet browser1, SCP-3339 will display the following contents with an elaborately designed purple and green background:

Randall the Clown's Wacky Broadway Theatre!
Brought to you by The Happiness Factory™

Hey kids! Have you ever wanted to go to the movies, but your parents wouldn't let ya? Don't worry, Randall the Clown's got your back! Every Saturday at 7:00 PM2, come on down to Randall's Wacky Broadway Theatre and see some sights that'll make you want to throw your eyes out, since nothing else will be worth seeing!


If the "COME ON DOWN!" button is pressed on a Saturday between 1845 and 1910 hours UTC, SCP-3339-1 will manifest in the subject's computer. However, if the button is pressed outside of this time frame, no further anomalous effects occur.

SCP-3339-1 is a ticket labelled "RANDALL THE CLOWN'S THEATRE — GOOD FOR ONE SHOWING." SCP-3339-1 will be dispensed from an opening on the computer used to activate SCP-33393, with no apparent source. SCP-3339-1's anomalous properties will manifest if a subject holds SCP-3339-1 and exits the room that they are currently inside, or enters an interior space if they are outside. In this case, the subject is transported to SCP-3339-2. Affected subjects also report that all exits appear to be entrances to SCP-3339-2. SCP-3339-1's anomalous properties will cease after 1910 hours UTC.

SCP-3339-2 is a theatre theorized to exist in an extradimensional location, similar to SCP-1763. SCP-3339-2 consists of an array of seats facing a large stage. SCP-3339-2 is constructed entirely out of wood, and decorated in a fashion similar to modern theatres. Once a subject enters SCP-3339-2, a pamphlet will materialize in the subject's hand describing the performance they are about to see.

After 1910 hours UTC, the lights inside of SCP-3339-2 will dim, and a deep voice will announce the title of the performance. A cast and crew made up of humanoids (designated SCP-3339-3) will show a performance of varying genre and quality (see Addendum). Some performances have utilized anomalous phenomena. An invisible, impenetrable barrier in front of the audience section of SCP-3339-2 prevents interaction with SCP-3339-3.

SCP-3339 was the designation originally given to the phenomenon causing the temporary disappearance of children between the ages of 5 and 14. It was not until 2014 that SCP-3339 was identified following an interview with an affected child.

Researcher Note: The Description section of this file describes SCP-3339 and all related anomalies prior to Incident 3339-A. Many aspects of SCP-3339 have changed since. See Addendum 02 for further information regarding Incident 3339-A.

- Researcher Calvin

Addendum: Testing Log

Addendum 02: Incident 3339-A

Addendum 03: Post-Incident Report

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