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Item #: SCP-3336

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3336 is not contained and is considered to have breached Foundation control the moment it manifested. The Ethics Committee has ruled against suppression of SCP-3336 from public perception using global application of amnestics. Current procedures are focused primarily on research.

Relevant press is to be monitored internationally. MTF Rho-11 (“Tissue Box”) is assigned to investigating persons with plausible explanations for and/or connections to SCP-3336, with responsibilities including detaining, interrogating, and supplying amnestics, or in appropriate cases, integrating into Foundation efforts.

SCP-3336-A is to be monitored by at least one Foundation agent at all times. Currently, Agent Sean Bat is stationed with the Bayarsaikhan family to report any anomalies displayed by SCP-3336-A immediately to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-3336 refers to the event of global simultaneous sternutation taking place on 16/04/2014 at 2155 hours UTC, where every conscious organism capable of sneezing did so at the same time. No proof has been provided of any capable organism being unaffected by SCP-3336.

There have been no anomalies found to be specific to the sneezes caused by SCP-3336. Statistical impossibility aside, SCP-3336 theoretically could have occurred without anomalous interference. World press has confirmed 78 civilian deaths worldwide, mostly due to traffic accidents. An additional 4 lab accidents causing 12 fatalities among Foundation personnel happened due to the brief break in staff attention invariably caused by sternutation. SCP-3336 occurred during a containment breach of SCP-████; however, all research conducted has found the incident to be coincidental. All situations regarding containment in the wake of SCP-3336 have since been handled.

No cause has been found to be responsible for SCP-3336. Interviews conducted with sufficiently suspicious persons have provided no full closure as to the reason for SCP-3336. Theories on SCP-3336 in the public largely attribute the event to religious deities, secret society/military superweapons, or extraterrestrial life. No groups or persons of interest have confessed to responsibility or inside knowledge of SCP-3336.

SCP-3336-A is a herd of 23 reindeer owned by the Bayarsaikhan family in northern Mongolia. 15 days prior to SCP-3336, the entire herd sneezed at once. This was caught on camera by filmmaker Joshua Hu shooting for a documentary on the Dukha people, who posted the footage online shortly after SCP-3336. This attracted Foundation attention, and Mr. Hu's claim was promptly verified. Agent Sean Bat was then sent to meet with the Bayarsaikhan family. The family proved cooperative, allowing Agent Sean Bat to remain with the family to monitor SCP-3336-A for any anomalies, acting as a possible warning system for SCP-3336 and/or SCP-3336-like events.

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