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Item #: SCP-3334

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The primary instance of SCP-3334-1 is to be stored on several hundred server disks in Site-15’s datacenter, with secondary remote replicas at Site-19 and Site-64.

The only approved uses for SCP-3334-1 in encrypted form are the training and validation of machine learning models developed in Project MEDUSA. Any other access request regarding SCP-3334-1 requires approval from the HMCL Supervisor for SCP-3334 or, in containment breach and MEDUSA failure events, the team lead for MTF Mu-4 (“Debuggers”). Direct access to unencrypted SCP-3334-1 by personnel is prohibited

Servers containing SCP-3334-1 are cordoned off, connected only to the local Site datacenter network. Every two weeks, the primary copy at Site-15 will be synchronized with its secondary replicas at Site-19 and Site-64 via physical delivery of storage media.

SCP-3334-2 copies are to be stored on server disks at Sites 15, 19, 49, 64, 77, 81. They are to be similarly physically synchronized once a week. Although Project MEDUSA is used throughout the Foundation in many of its tools, routines, and operations, SCP-3334-2 itself is only accessed locally due to Project MEDUSA’s Software as a Service (SaaS) centralized distribution model1. This means internal Foundation clients send requests to MEDUSA, which it then processes locally using SCP-3334-2 at one of the above Sites’ datacenters, preserving containment.

Direct access to SCP-3334-2 is prohibited except for authorized personnel in the SCP-3334 containment team, Project MEDUSA staff, and approved project collaborators at the discretion of the SCP-3334 HMCL Supervisor. Temporary copies of SCP-3334-2 are allowed on local desktop computers for development in Project MEDUSA so long as standard protocols for working with visual memetic and cognitohazards (VMC hazards) are observed. Visualization of any element of SCP-3334-2 is prohibited.

Foundation Scalable File System (FSFS) and scipDB:

Protocol 3334-10-Kempelen:

Project MEDUSA:

Description: SCP-3334 is a designation for various anomalous data necessary to implement Project MEDUSA.

SCP-3334-1 is a collection of 15642815148 gathered anomalous visual memetic and cognitohazards (VMC hazards), collected through Protocol 10-Kempelen. This dataset is also artificially enlarged using data augmentation techniques, including transformations and translations of the original VMC hazards. Approximately 90% of SCP-3334-1 is designated as training data, used as examples to train machine learning models in Project MEDUSA. The remaining 10% is reserved as validation data, used to anticipate real-world accuracy during testing. Individual images are identified as SCP-3334-1-# as appropriate.

SCP-3334-2 is the numerical internal weights used by the neural network models in Project MEDUSA. These weights determine how the neural nets classify given input images as hazardous or not, and are modified by the neural net during training and learning. Recent results in machine learning research indicate the learning of hierarchical representations within intermediate layers of convolutional neural networks12, justifying the designation and containment of SCP-3334-2 as potential visual memetic/cognitohazards.

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