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Item #: SCP-3330

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A single unedited collection of SCP-3330 is to be kept in a paper medium and held in a storage locker at provisional Site-64T, currently constructed within SCP-2400, which, in turn, is contained within Site-59. This decision was deemed appropriate due to the lack of apparent celestial bodies aside from the seemingly stationary sun located within the dimension outlined in its file. Doing so negates the effects of SCP-3330's cognitohazardous abilities. Furthermore, a proprietary Onsite Reality Event Protocol must be mandated. A system of three Scranton Reality Anchors must be placed in an equilateral triangular pattern around SCP-3330's chamber, as well as a Weak Force Lang-Scranton Stabilizer1 (WFLSS) in order to maintain a consistent Hume level within containment and surrounding area at all times.

Media outlets, music databases and archives must be monitored and purged of all anomalous copies of SCP-3330. Replications, modified to remove anomalous effects and memetic hazards, are to be distributed to the public in lieu of the original. Historical records involving the composition and events surrounding performances of SCP-3330 are to be altered and replaced with an appropriate cover story.

Access to the instances in Foundation custody for study and testing is restricted only to level 5 clearance and higher.

Description: SCP-3330 is the designation for the collective works of late composer and pianist John Milton Cage Jr. from the years of 1961 through 1978. These compositions include the Atlas Eclipticalis (1961–62), Etudes Australes (1974–75), Freeman Etudes (1977–902) and Etudes Boreales (1978). Upon the time of its initial recovery, only ██ recordings have ever been performed on any part of the collection and, due to the complexity of the pieces themselves, only █ have ever been recorded with the precision necessary to manifest SCP-3330's anomalous effects.

SCP-3330 instances are presented in a series of short songs called etudes. For example, Freeman Etudes consists of 32 individual parts.

Cage's style of play was well known as discordant at best. Experimental works involving seemingly random note placement, large silences, and striking or rubbing the body of the piano was considered his penchant. After 1960, however, John Cage's modus operandi became heavily dependent on complex astronomical charts, using imprints of the night sky to determine note placement. After the attempted live performance of Atlas Eclipticalus on ██/██/████ at the ███████████ Center for the Arts, Foundation agents were deployed and, during the subsequent investigation, it was determined that the use of these charts were the root of SCP-3330's anomalous properties.

SCP-3330's effects become apparent when an individual listens to any of these selected works performed from the start, within a 99% accuracy. Recordings and live plays must be carried out by one individual3 using both hands. Sound waves performed synchronously as described within the parameters of the sheet music have a minor reality-warping effect, the strength of which is amplified the longer the pieces are played without error.

While within the range of hearing SCP-3330, affected individuals aside from the performer experience an inexorable compulsion to face directly towards the origin of the sound. The reason for this is currently unknown, but it is believed to be a resultant effect of cognitohazardous glyphs created from the frequency of the sounds, essentially forcing the creation of an audience. Spectrographic analysis has revealed multiple instances of [DATA EXPUNGED] within the ambient noise of many recordings, which, upon visual contact, resulted in a minor █████████████ Reality Event and a total loss of █ personnel.

Subjects who survive witnessing an anomalous performance will unanimously describe the music as beautiful or poignant, and may attempt to expose themselves again if at all possible, despite any and all negative effects experienced while listening to the songs. They may also attempt to expose others to the anomalous songs if they are around.

Repeated or extended exposure can cause exceptional recall of the complexity of the melody, causing affected victims to hum or make noises in accordance to the songs' layouts. This has been shown to propagate the effects to a lesser degree. These effects will in turn intensify with the number of affected individuals participating. This is considered a memetic hazard and proper dampening headgear is advised while interacting with anyone exposed to SCP-3330.

A number of tests were performed to ascertain the exact effects of SCP-3330. Due to the extreme difficulty in performing the pieces, individuals were chosen based on prior experience in music theory and piano proficiency. Tests were performed in a sound-proofed containment chamber modified with Onsite Reality Event Protocol measures to minimize unwanted exposure to SCP-3330.

Cage's journal was recovered in his place of residence following his death in 1992. Despite some destruction and wear of the notes, many of the entries were still legible.

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