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Item #: SCP-3325

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3325 is contained on-site, surrounded by the existing perimeter fence, and guarded by a team of no fewer than 4 security personnel. As the structure exists in a remote location, no additional security measures are necessary.

Specimens of SCP-3325-1 are contained in large animal containment cells at Research Sector-██. Each cell is outfitted with an audio recording device. Instances are fed twice daily with raw meat. All instances are hostile and must be tranquilized if direct interaction is necessary.

Resources have been allocated, and personnel assigned, to facilitate the identification and retrieval of all subjects involved with SCP-3325. Efforts to locate the equipment and documents associated with SCP-3325-1 production are ongoing.

Description: SCP-3325 is an abandoned facility associated with Real Characters Industries, located in [REDACTED]. The site consists of a recording studio, several subterranean laboratories, living quarters, storerooms, an incinerator, and containment areas. The administrative sections of the structure are located on the first floor, above ground level, with a helipad present on the roof. The recording studio is located on the ground floor. Below ground level are three floors containing laboratories, research facilities, and containment areas.

SCP-3325-1 instances are biologically-engineered organisms resembling puppets or costumed subjects, designed with the intention of being featured in children's television programs.1 SCP-3325-1 are hostile and aggressive to humans and other unrelated organisms. SCP-3325-1 lack nociception, and will continue to pursue a target even if severely injured. However, these organisms are not anomalously durable, and can be terminated with conventional firearms. SCP-3325-1 are carnivorous, with no preference for any particular meat. The intelligence of SCP-3325-1 varies, with the extent unknown. Instances do not possess reproductive organs, and the method by which these organisms were produced has not been identified.

The behavior of these organisms is mostly unpredictable, with instances in containment observed to either stare at personnel for long periods or randomly exhibit heightened aggression. Instances are able to vocalize certain phrases2 at random intervals, although no actual ability to comprehend spoken language is evident. This process is facilitated through engineering of the larynx, vocal tract, and jaw muscles. Documentation of SCP-3325-1 vocabulary is ongoing.

A list of known SCP-3325-1 types are listed in the document below.

SCP-3325 came to the attention of the Foundation when local authorities received a video transmission from an unidentified individual requesting help. The subject provided the location of the facility and reported a crisis of unknown nature. Additionally, the video listed in Video Log 3325-1 was sent. Agents confiscated the video recording and administered appropriate amnestic treatment to witnesses. SCP-3325 was subsequently located and investigated, confirming the anomalous nature of the organisms within the facility. At the time of discovery, SCP-3325-1 instances were roaming freely around the underground floors of the facility. All personnel on-site were found to be terminated or missing. The office of the site manager was emptied and sterilized of all fingerprints and evidence. Attempts to contact or locate the president of the corporation have been met with failure. All instances of SCP-3325-1 encountered on-site were terminated or captured (with the exception of SCP-3325-1d instances, which remain in the ventilation system of SCP-3325).

Investigations of the subterranean laboratories3 revealed underdeveloped specimens of SCP-3325-1 contained in tubular glass containers 1m in diameter and suspended in amniotic fluid. A number of tubes were affixed to the specimens to provide nutrients, oxygen, and for the removal of waste material. Slots for unidentified devices were also present on the containers, with the devices missing. Containment areas4 consist of pens, cages, and chambers constructed of bullet-resistant glass. Pens containing carcasses of cows, chickens, and goats were also discovered. The additional subterranean floors, indicated to be restricted to higher-level personnel, consist of a conference room, several laboratories, research facilities, and a storage area (refer to Addendum 3325-4).

No further information could be obtained from the site, as most of the documentation, reports, and equipment were missing or destroyed, except instances that were intentionally hidden.

Addendum 3325-1: The following text was discovered on a brochure on-site, appearing to detail the goal of the organization. The back of the document displays two photographs. One depicts a child crying in the presence of a poorly-constructed puppet. The second photograph depicts the same child smiling and clapping his hands at an instance of SCP-3325-b1.

In today's world, children are bored of animation, puppets, costumes, and even the once groundbreaking computer generated graphics. They've seen it all; They know it's all fake. Children nowadays want more, but what is the next step in the entertainment industry? Think outside the box. We're not talking about puppets or any of those materials children know are fake. We, as humans, inherently need to associate with living, breathing creatures; not puppets or moving pictures. We're talking about Real Characters! Our goal is to provide children with characters that are alive, that will teach them how to manage their emotions and solve life problems realistically. You can't get more real than that!

Addendum 3325-2a: The following video recording was recovered from the facility, with the cassette wedged behind a prop. The text, "we shouldn't have played God", is written over the casing.

Addendum 3325-2b: The following video footage was found hidden in the security room among an officer's personal belongings. All other surveillance footage was corrupted, and is believed to have been erased intentionally.

Addendum 3325-3: The following selected audio logs, produced by an unidentified individual, were recovered from floor LG-3. The recordings were found in a janitor's closet, hidden among cleaning supplies. The subject is assumed to be a researcher.

Addendum 3325-4: Agents discovered 79 steel containers in a storage area on the bottom floor of SCP-3325, restricted to most personnel. 41 containers contained human cadavers and were filled with a formaldehyde solution. Documents indicating the cause of death are attached to each container. A list of selected documents are included below.

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