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Item#: 3324
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SCP-3324, photo taken during recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3324 is to be contained in a standard small-object locker at Site-77 when not being used in testing.

Any individual who wishes to access SCP-3324 must get the written permission of the Site Director to do so. If the Site Director wishes to access SCP-3324, they must obtain O5 approval to do so. All testing performed involving SCP-3324 must be rigorously planned, documented, and filed with the Site Director to curb possible abuse. If any Site-77 personnel unexpectedly develop symptoms of kidney stones, they are to be tested to determine if the individual is an SCP-3324-2 instance.

Following Test 31, cross-testing of SCP-3324 with other anomalies requires written permission from a Level-4 or higher individual.

Description: SCP-3324 is a stainless steel hand sieve with manufacturing marks suggesting it was produced by Oneida Limited. A Foundation investigation found no other sieves of the same or similar models with anomalous properties or evidence of anomalous activity during the manufacturing of said models.

If an individual urinates into SCP-3324, its anomalous properties will trigger and cause the individual (henceforth designated SCP-3324-1) to develop nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) retroactively.1 Upon urinating into SCP-3324, an SCP-3324-1 instance will begin to suffer from kidney stones 18 days in the past. They will intermittently experience severe lower-back pain, bloody urine, and occasionally minor urinary tract infections as the stone moves through the kidney and ureter, culminating in the stone being passed into SCP-3324. Appropriate instruments detect tachyon emission as the kidney stone is being passed.

SCP-3324-1 instances possess two divergent sets of memories, one in which they were suffering from kidney stones over the past 18 days (the current timeline), and one in which they were not (the previous timeline). Other individuals may have this second set of memories as well. The criteria that determines which individuals other than the SCP-3324-1 instance receive multiple sets of memories, if indeed any exist, is not fully understood. However, it is known that the likelihood of any given individual receiving a second set of memories is roughly proportional to how frequently that individual interacted with the SCP-3324-1 instance over the past 18 days.

The overall sequence of events in the lives of SCP-3324-1 instances are invariably very similar in the current and previous timelines. The most impactful symptoms of Nephrolithiasis (such as particularly severe bouts of lower-back pain) occur when the SCP-3324-1 instance was doing relatively inconsequential activities in the previous timeline. It has therefore been theorized that SCP-3324 is predisposed to minimizing the impact it has on the timeline in some way.

SCP-3324 has a second set of anomalous properties, discovered after Incident ████-E. Individuals affected by this second set of symptoms are designated SCP-3324-2. Further details are restricted to personnel with Level 4 or 3/3324 clearance.

SCP-3324 was recovered from the ███ fraternity house at the University of ████████. Fraternity member Jeffrey B████ became an SCP-3324-1 instance during a hazing ritual in which he was made to urinate on and then clean various objects. The following day he discussed his feeling of having two sets of memories on social media, to try and determine if anyone else had had a similar experience. Several friends reported that they, too, remembered certain events two ways. A Foundation webcrawler flagged the exchange as a probable indicator of anomalous activity, leading to the recovery of the item.

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