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SCP-3323's home screen.

Item #: SCP-3323

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Over the course of the next decade, the Foundation is to introduce thousands of unique cryptocurrencies into the market, creating an economic bubble. As more cryptocurrencies are created, the value of "Lyvecoins" will devalue, eventually resulting in the cryptocurrency bubble popping by the year 20██. Any surviving forms of cryptocurrency are to be acquired by the Foundation and restricted against donating to SCP-3323.

During this process, MTF Kappa-10 ("Skynet") is to monitor all activity mentioning "Better Lyves".

Description: SCP-3323 is an anomalous smartphone application known as "Better Lyves". If a human subject meets certain requirements, SCP-3323 will automatically install itself on the subject's phone, where it will then initiate a Lazarus Event. (See below). Otherwise, SCP-3323 displays a routinely-changing background, as well as information about the application itself, in particular, how to donate to the application. Donations may only be made to Better Lyves by some form of cryptocurrency1.

A Lazarus Event is initiated when a human subject meets the following requirements:

  • A human subject is in the process of attempting suicide.
  • The subject is in possession of a smart phone of any brand.
  • The subject is capable of answering or speaking into the phone.
  • The subject has actively expressed suicidal ideations within a five-year period.

SCP-3323 will then initiate a phone call, displaying the phone number "1-800-6██-3███". Subjects who answer the phone call will then be greeted by an individual who identifies as Christian McMichaels (henceforth PoI-668). PoI-668 will then introduce himself, and attempt to persuade the subject to not commit suicide. Most subjects who respond to SCP-3323's phone call survive, unless the means of self-termination are irreversible. Attempts to track the phone calls made by SCP-3323 have resulted in failure, and it is currently unknown how it is capable of blocking its signal.

Attempting to call 1-800-6██-3███ results in PoI-668 responding, albeit not attempting to prevent suicides. Prior to September 28th, 20██, PoI-668 was compliant with most requests about Better Lyves, his personal life, and any other information the Foundation deemed useful.

Addendum: SCP-3323 Transcripts

Addendum 3323-02:

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