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Figure 1: First sighting of SCP-3321. Photo taken by Luna 4 on 1963-04-05. Note the optical distortion towards the left side of the photo.


Figure 2: Thermographic reconstruction of previous image.

Item #: SCP-3321

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its status as a small celestial body, SCP-3321 is currently uncontained. It is being autonomously monitored by Research Unit-5 at Lunar Area-32. Any significant changes to SCP-3321 are to be reported to the Director of Research and the Director of Containment at Lunar Area-32.

Though SCP-3321 is physically uncontained, a joint effort has been made between MTF Gamma-5 and Foundation agents embedded in various government space agencies to prevent information leaks. This disinformation campaign has been, for the most part, successful. Web crawlers employed by Gamma-5 are to provide around-the-clock surveillance regarding any information that may pertain to the existence of SCP-3321.

Description: SCP-3321 is a spacetime anomaly located approximately ~8,000 kilometers above the far side of the lunar surface. The anomaly is generally spherical with an average recorded diameter of approximately 3.2 kilometers. While initial data suggested that SCP-3321 was orbiting the Moon in a manner not atypical of other celestial satellites, more recent simulations have found SCP-3321 shares a unique co-orbital configuration with the Moon about Earth, but is unaffected by the Moon's gravity. SCP-3321 is completely eclipsed by the Moon at all times, making it undetectable from the Earth's surface.

SCP-3321 is best described as a wormhole, but its properties are not consistent with the various theoretical prerequisites traditionally associated with wormholes1. It has a much weaker gravitational field than leading theories of relativity suggest is possible, and exhibits what can be best described as purely "optical" gravitational lensing2. SCP-3321 is very stable, has no electromagnetic field, and emits only trace amounts of particle radiation. It is possible to enter SCP-3321 from any direction in 3-dimensional space, and can be done so without causing damage to spacecraft. While its entrance exists in 3-dimensional space, its exit exists in 2-dimensional space. The reason for this is currently unknown3.

Once entered, SCP-3321 leads to SCP-3321-1, an area that is believed to be an uncharted location in deep space. Evidence for this comes from the low density of visible stellar objects within SCP-3321-1. A pervasive nebulous gas (hereafter "cosmic foam") has likewise been observed throughout. This "cosmic foam" has been found to vary in color, is generally luminous, and is both warm and heavy. Its composition is unknown at this time4.

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