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Photograph of SCP-3315-1, recovered from exploration log SCP-3315-1-B

Item #: SCP-3315

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3315 should be kept inside a copper-shielded thermal insulation locker and stored within the Site-76 Low-Risk Inanimate Objects Warehouses when not in use. All personnel interested in research with the object must first obtain approval from project head prior to experimentation. Additionally, personnel requests for testing purposes requires administrative approval and several rounds of D-Class screening prior to admission.

All testing is to be recorded and observed from within Site-76's experimentation chambers. This chamber should be retrofitted with a Faraday mesh and shielded with T-3 thermal insulation pods that must be inspected daily by members of research staff.

Description: SCP-3315 is the designation for a 25 cm black aluminum ice pick with "p e r s e v e r a n c e"1 engraved onto its handle. The object itself is comprised of non-anomalous material, with a handle composed of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic featuring an aluminum carabiner ring on the blunt end.

SCP-3315 is abnormally cold, registering in at about 193K (approximately -79.4 °C) and requiring use of protective equipment when handling the device. On the ring of the handle is a single handwritten note, laminated and attached via plastic zip-tie.2 The note reads as follows:

O wanderer, struck forth on heaven's eye

What mysteries of yonder frozen ridges hide?

Steal your fate with the pick on high

When you climb to reach perseverance's side

When an individual firmly grasps SCP-3315 and lifts it completely, they will disappear from all visual and global positioning systems. The subject will then be translocated to an alternate locality defined as SCP-3315-1. During this period, audio broadcasting reception can still be detected with decent clarity within two kilometers of the point from which SCP-3315 had vanished.

Once the subject appears within SCP-3315-1, they will be unrecoverable until they expire, whereupon they reemerge alive and unscathed within SCP-3315's original location. During the event, subjects are unable to die of hunger, thirst, or asphyxiation,3 nor will they be able to lose SCP-3315, intentionally or otherwise. All other forms of termination seem to work without issue.

SCP-3315-1 appears to be a single mountain range of unknown size, subject to a dense fog that obscures the surrounding area. Topological expeditions of SCP-3315 have yielded inconclusive data, suggesting that SCP-3315-1 is not located on Earth and is randomly generated with each instance of its manifestation. Despite this, certain items and features have been shown to reappear in different manifestations of SCP-3315-1. Research into how SCP-3315 constructs its reality is still under analysis.

Addendum-3315-A: Discovery and Recovery Log

SCP-3315 was brought to Foundation attention on 05/11/02 after the hospitalization of trailer park supervisor Francis ████████, who had claimed to have suffered several delusional/psychotic episodes in which he had found himself with lost time and in an unknown location. ████████ states that he had been cleaning out the unit of a tenant who was presumed dead in a housefire three days prior, when he was transported to SCP-3315-1 and perished rapidly due to hypothermia. After reappearing, he had attempted to return to work several times before finally admitting himself to a nearby hospital. A Foundation agent stationed as a nurse reported the claims and an official investigation was deployed.

████████'s tenant records were seized and determined that the lot in question had belonged to a █████ ██████, it is unknown if this is a real name or not, as no other records of such individual were registered within █████████████ County nor any of the surrounding counties. ████████ was unable to provide any further details about the individual, stating that they were invalid and that they had rarely interacted with the person question. It should be noted that no remains were discovered among the wreckage of the trailer.

Foundation efforts to properly identify SCP-3315 took place over the next day, during which its anomalous properties came to light. Anomalous Items Recovery Unit 33B ("Scavengers") was assigned to the location. Records of their debriefing can be found below.

Addendum-3315-B: Exploration Logs for SCP-3315-1.

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