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Item #: SCP-3314

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3314 paintings are to be kept in a climate controlled cooler in order to prevent deterioration. Testing, experimentation, or other use involving SCP-3314 can be initiated by personnel with a clearance level of 2 or higher.



Description: SCP-3314 is the collective designation of 7 oil paintings (SCP-3314-A through SCP-3314-H) by the realism artist Antonio Russo. The paintings are a series titled "Ricordi Del Mondo Precedente" (translation: "Memories Of The Previous World") which were painted following Antonio Russo's immigration to New York, USA, in 1847. Dating of the paintings indicates that they were painted between 1855 and 1875. All 7 of the paintings depict various areas of Genoa, Italy, the birthplace of Antonio Russo.

The anomalous effects of SCP-3314 paintings manifest when a human is within 1.5 meters and is actively observing one of the paintings. When these criteria are met, the individual will begin to experience auditory and olfactory hallucinations analogous to the subject matter of the painting. The intensity of hallucinations has been reported to grow stronger the longer an individual is observing the painting.

Observation Logs:

Painting Description: SCP-3314-C depicts a marketplace where various plants are being sold.
Setup: D-98019 is placed in front of SCP-3314-C as instructed to report what he is experiencing.
Results: D-98019 reports that he can smell flowers of some sort, as well as the faint scent of fruit. D-98019 also reports that he can hear what sounds like people talking, and the sound of a broom being brushed across stone.
Notes: N/A

Painting Description: SCP-3314-E depicts a tree with a house behind it.
Setup: D-17282 is placed in front of SCP-3314-E as instructed to report what she is experiencing.
Results: D-17282 reports that she can hear the sounds of the leaves rustling on the tree, and can smell manure.
Notes: N/A

Painting Description: SCP-3314-H depicts a room inside of a building. Within the room is period-appropriate furniture for a bedroom.
Setup: D-64801 is placed in front of SCP-3314-H as instructed to report what he is experiencing.
Results: D-64801 reports that he can faintly smell mildew. After 1 minute, D-64801 reports that he can hear what sounds like a conversation between 2 people, a man, and a woman. Though he cannot speak Italian, he does note that he repeatedly heard the name "Antonio" mentioned.
Notes: Subsequent tests utilizing personnel who understand Italian have been unsuccessful, as the conversation between the man and the woman was never heard again.

Addendum 3314.1: On 5/26/1974, the Foundation conducted a search of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA. As part of the search, Foundation personnel examined texts written by Antonio Russo which referred to SCP-3314. Among the texts, the following was found. (The following text has been translated from Italian into English.)

When I paint, I feel what I am painting. Each stroke of my brush is a step toward completion, not only of my painting but of a new piece of myself. I only wish I could share my artwork with my family. I often stir in my bed, wondering what they are doing. Looking out my bedroom window, I wish only that I could see the rolling hills of Genoa instead of the stone behemoths of this city. When I paint, I feel emotions I've never felt before. When I look into my paintings, I feel like I am home.

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