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SCP-3308 photographed by stationary drone during testing.

Item #: SCP-3308

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3308 is currently housed within Hangar 91, a unit specially constructed by the Foundation on the face of Mount Mitchell, part of the Appalachian mountain range in the area of Yancey County, North Carolina. Despite the angle of the slope, the compound maintains level balance using a large mechanical platform and swivel joint at its base, able to be remotely controlled by staff at Site 104. The edifice has been deemed off limits to civilians under the guise of a top secret testing facility.

The object therein is to remain hung 3 meters above the ground by steel suspension cables. In the case of a breach of the cables by way of a shift in mass, SCP-3308 will drop onto a hydraulic ramp stationed directly below it, which will restabilize it at the appropriate angle upon being weight-triggered by impact with SCP-3308. Should the object breach this failsafe, Hangar 91 is to be remotely tilted to a parallel angle with the slope of Mount Mitchell, during which time MTF Gamma-27 ("Protractors") will swiftly secure the object via helicopter and transport it to the next designated site. New location will be divulged by Site 104 advisor, Dr. Seidel.

Note from Dr. Seidel regarding containment procedures:

It is imperative that our MTF unit secure SCP-3308 in a new facility as quickly as humanly possible. I don't want to even think about the monumental problems that will arise if this thing manages to break through a damn mountain.

- Dr. Seidel

Description: SCP-3308 is a Caterpillar 930g hydraulic front end loader. The excavator shows typical wear and tear for a machine of its grade, most use being exhibited by the bucket and front and rear tires. Inspection of the cab reveals customary operating controls, including a lockout-tagout mechanism securely fastened into the ignition, preventing the machine from being turned on and run normally. All attempts at removing the lock and tag have thus far failed. Though currently inoperable, researchers familiar with the particular model of SCP-3308 estimate its net flywheel power somewhere in the range of 110 kW at 2300 RPM. Additionally, notwithstanding one of the machine's abnormal properties, the object's weight is approximated at 13,000 kg.

SCP-3308 exhibits its main anomalous quality when coming in contact with a flat surface. Upon the object touching down, the landscape will tilt to exactly 45°, causing all unsecured entities around it to begin sliding or tumbling in the direction of the incline. In some cases, SCP-3308 can skew the terrain to 135°, thus reversing the slope's direction. The object will remain completely undisturbed throughout this phenomenon, not succumbing in any way to the sudden change in gradient. The exact zone of effect impacted by SCP-3308 during this event is not currently measurable (See incident described in Addendum 3308-A).

Research indicates that SCP-3308 will cease its anomalous effect anytime it itself is tilted to at least a 45° or 135° angle in relation to its immediate surroundings. Testing further proves that the same cessation of effect occurs when SCP-3308 is suspended in midair. When restrained in the aforementioned manners, however, SCP-3308 can gradually increase its own density until it is too heavy to support. Materials such as steel cables or industrial strength cargo restraints eventually snap or rupture under the object's immense weight. Even hydraulic ramps able to support over 45,000 kg will eventually cave under SCP-3308 in this capacity. The rate at which SCP-3308 accumulates the required mass is unpredictable, thus far ranging anywhere from several minutes to just under 3 days. It is of note, however, that SCP-3308 will immediately take on its original projected weight (approximately 13,000 kg) upon breaking contact with any of these inhibitors. The process then repeats if another restraint is put in place.

Addendum 3308-A: SCP-3308 was first discovered following a headline regarding a massive traffic accident on the ████ interstate freeway running through the area of ██████████, North Carolina. Aerial footage of the aftermath relayed by news choppers shows hundreds of vehicles piled up at the bottom of what appears to be an enormous bevel descending in the direction of Northbound traffic and extending for over [DATA EXPUNGED]. Several small surrounding neighborhoods and back roads have also been damaged by the enormous terrestrial shift, ultimately resulting in ███ total confirmed casualties. Subsequent to emergency response teams extricating survivors, those interviewed about the incident frequently describe the highway as "becoming a ski slope while they were driving".

SCP-3308, apparently unaffected by the event from earlier, is dicovered during cleanup parked on a meridian near what appears to be a disused construction zone. Crews having been tasked with clearing all vehicles out of the area attempt to remove the object with a tow truck. Seconds after the rig raises the front wheels of SCP-3308 off the ground, the terrain rapidly flattens out, spontaneously dematerializing the slope.1 Field operatives witnessing this deemed it necessary to amnesticize all survivors, emergency crews and news bureaus witnessing the phenomena relating to SCP-3308. After confiscating all footage of the event, cover stories relating to a terrorist bombing are fabricated in order to explain the devastation. Foundation personnel posing as bomb squads remove SCP-3308, claiming the object to be hooked to explosives as part of the same attack. Difficulty in initial transport of the object immediately necessitates production of a special holding facility.

Addendum 3308-B: Shown below is the transcript of a note discovered subsequent to acquisition of SCP-3308. The note was found attached to the lock and tag mechanism inside the cab written in black felt tip marker:

Exploration into the identities of the two names mentioned on the note has thus far turned up negative results. Research into possible anomalies associated with the parking brake built into SCP-3308 is currently pending approval.

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