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The remains of 3306-POI-09.

Item #: SCP-3306

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An unassuming wooden structure, designated Site-3306, has been constructed over the area surrounding SCP-3306 to prevent its detection by passersby and satellite observation, and a secondary motorized platform has been built around the immediate circumference of SCP-3306 to ensure that researchers may comfortably communicate with 3306-POI subjects.

Televisions and other forms of entertainment may be situated on the secondary platform to promote good behavior. Any recreational material presented to 3306-POI must approved by a Level-3 researcher. Material that could potentially provoke emotional distress should be avoided.

Personnel are to refrain from influencing subjects' decisions during Illions Events.

Description: SCP-3306 is a carousel amusement ride located in the Continental Ranges of the Canadian Rockies. It is powered by anomalous means and remains in constant motion. Painted wooden panels around SCP-3306's central hub appear to depict scenes from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. As of this writing, there are 44 fiberglass horses attached to SCP-3306's sweeps. Each horse bears a stylized resemblance to a previous 3306-POI subject.

When SCP-3306 was first discovered, it bore no horses, and 50 persons of interest (3306-POI, sub-designated 01 through 50) were found aboard its rotating platform. 3306-POI are unable to deboard the platform; likewise, all attempts to board the platform or physically interact with 3306-POI subjects in any way have failed. Despite their lack of access to food and water, 3306-POI remain in perfect health and do not seem to age.

3306-POI subjects claim to have been normal individuals with no connection to anomalous phenomena prior to waking up aboard SCP-3306. Foundation investigators have yet to find any evidence to disprove this.

Every year on the 17th of February, SCP-3306 will play a recording of a heavily distorted voice instructing 3306-POI subjects to vote for who they believe to be "the imposter". The subject who receives the most votes by midnight will instantly disappear, and a new horse will simultaneously manifest on SCP-3306's sweeps. Following this, another message will be played stating that subjects have chosen incorrectly. Foundation personnel may refer to this day as an Illions Event.

Currently, only six 3306-POI subjects remain. The alleged identities of these individuals are as follows:

  • 3306-POI-04: Luke Hughes, age 25 prior to appearing aboard SCP-3306. Previously employed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission as a call center worker. Rarely participates in conversations with other subjects, but frequently requests the company of Foundation personnel.
  • 3306-POI-11: Ronell Ashcombe, age 73 prior to appearing aboard SCP-3306. Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and widower to the late Lydia Ashcombe, who died several years after her husband's disappearance. Professes a disbelief in the existence of "the imposter" and typically abstains from annual voting unless required to in the event of a tie.
  • 3306-POI-17: Lori-May Simmons, age 11 prior to appearing aboard SCP-3306. Born in Amarillo, Texas to then-married Cheryl Howser and Billy Simmons. Dedicates much of her time to determining the identity of "the imposter" in hopes that she may be released from SCP-3306 while her parents are still living. Has maintained an alliance with 3306-POI-28 for the past seven Illions Events.
  • 3306-POI-28: Jeannie Kirkwood, age 43 prior to appearing aboard SCP-3306. Previously a creative director at a California-based advertising firm. Claims to know the identity of "the imposter" but refuses to explain her reasoning to anyone other than 3306-POI-17.
  • 3306-POI-30: Craig Dalton, age 28 prior to appearing aboard SCP-3306. No prior employment. Frequently attempts to aid Foundation personnel in maintaining morale among 3306-POI subjects, with varying degrees of success.
  • 3306-POI-33: Shelley Long, age 32 prior to appearing aboard SCP-3306. Previously a single mother from Abbotsford, British Columbia. Displayed strong maternal affection toward 3306-POI-17 during the early years of their captivity; the two remain amiable but view each other with suspicion.

The assertion that there is an imposter among 3306-POI has neither been confirmed nor refuted.

Addendum: The following files contain the most recent interviews with remaining the 3306-POI subjects.

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