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A closeup view of SCP-3304.

Item #: SCP-3304

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The facility containing SCP-3304 has been occupied by Foundation personnel, and no unauthorized access to the object is permitted. No manned or unmanned exploration of SCP-3304 is to be attempted at this time. At its own request, SCP-3304-2 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-19.

As testing has found the energy produced by SCP-3304-1 to be non-anomalous, its continued operation has been authorized. It has been linked directly to the Foundation's midwest and Atlantic power grids, and has resulted in a ███% increase in the grid's energy efficiency while reducing costs by ██%. A proposal to use SCP-3304 as the power source of a new global Foundation power grid is currently under consideration.

ADDENDUM 10/21/2017: Following incident 3304-A, SCP-3304-1 has been disassembled and no attempts to reconstruct it are to be made. In addition, the following items are to be inserted into SCP-3304 once per month for the following ten years: 20 liters of virgin blood, 666 liters of heating oil, 2 metric tons of raw pine timber, and one live D-class known to have broken at least 7 of the traditional Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments.

Description: SCP-3304 is a class 2 inter-dimensional aperture located in █████████, West Virginia. The portal appears visually as a wall of flames that occasionally shifts into images or patterns described as disturbing by viewers, and it is approximately 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide. Personnel and material that enter SCP-3304 are considered lost; no signal is received from unmanned exploratory drones and no D-class have returned from exploration attempts. Evacuation cables are severed at the point of entry without exception.

Connected to SCP-3304 is SCP-3304-1, an advanced geothermal energy generator that utilizes anomalous properties to increase the speed and efficiency of its output. The generator's main pylon has been inserted into SCP-3304, and the aperture serves as a seemingly limitless supply of easily accessible geothermal power.

The facility in which these objects are located was formerly the headquarters of Gehenna Geothermal Energy, a 2008 startup that rapidly became West Virginia's primary provider of electricity. The Foundation discovered its anomalous properties in 2010 after the company's rapid expansion achieved regional media attention. Given the perceived lack of viable geothermal energy production in West Virginia, the company was flagged by Foundation media monitoring. A standard investigation quickly revealed the facility's anomalous source, and SCP-3304-2 surrendered into Foundation custody without incident.

SCP-3304-2 is Earl Raum, the owner, operator, and sole employee of Gehenna Geothermal Energy. SCP-3304-2 is the physical manifestation of a demonic entity. The entity's true form is that of a 3 meter long organism resembling the species Corvus albus.1 However, SCP-3304-2 prefers to maintain human form under normal circumstances.

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