SCP-3301 Testing Log
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Archivist Notice 07/02/2017: In keeping with proper Foundation testing protocols, all instances of SCP-3301’s active state are to be recorded for analysis and archival. The following is an example of proper test log format, and should be used in all future instances of test logging.

Archivist Notice 07/03/2017: Due to a rash of inaccurate test logs, strict protocols have been implemented to allow for the review of logs thought to be exaggerated or outright false. If you have any questions, contact your local Archival Technician for more details.

[[collapsible show="+ Open Log 3301|XXX" hide="- Close Log"]]

> **Log ID:** 3301|XXX
> **Participants:** [Name of players in the teams they played in]
> **Game Board:** [Title of the game board variation]
> **Winner:** [Team that won the game]
> **Victory Condition:** [Name of victory condition]
> **Difficulty Setting:** [Neutralized/Thaumiel/Safe/Euclid/Keter/Maksur/Apollyon]
> **Runtime:** [Runtime of the game]
> **Payout:** [Value of payout to the winners in dollars]
> **Game Summary:** [A summary of the SCP-3301 activation period]

**Notable Cards Drawn:** 

> [Examples of notable cards utilized in the game, see appropriate formatting below]

**Audio Recording Transcript Excerpts** 

> [Notable excerpts from log transcripts]


Card Formatting:

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