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The following file is Level 2/3301 Classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 3301
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3301 is to be stored within a standard small containment locker at Site-19 when not being used for testing. Testing is only to be authorized by the SCP-3301 head researcher, currently Dr. Benjamin Cole. Testing may only be carried out at the Site-19 E Wing Storage Warehouse, which has been renovated specifically for this purpose.

It is a requirement that all staff members assigned to SCP-3301 must be versed in the rules and protocols of the game. As such, a detailed explanation is available in Addendum 3301.2.

SCP-3301 is a Class IX information security hazard, and its full repercussions are being studied by the Foundation Information Security Department.

Updated Containment Procedures: Per the special memorandum detailed in Addendum 3301.4, testing of SCP-3301 has been made available to all qualified personnel, and is available as an approved extracurricular activity in the Foundation Employee Benefit Program.

Personnel are required to submit detailed testing logs for each 3301 Activation Period. Full log is available here.

Description: SCP-3301 is an ornate, silver box with a latch and silver key. Inscribed on the lip of the box is the following:



Contained within the box is a board game with the aforementioned title, as well as game pieces and other miscellaneous game parts. The game comes with a small instruction manual detailing a fairly simple resource management board game. However, within the box is a small gold key in a velvet lined drawer, which fits within the lock on the front of the silver box. Inserting the key and turning it while the game box is closed will cause a sliding hatch to open on the top of the box, revealing a flat, purple button inscribed with a white letter “W”.

Pressing this button, labeled within the manual as the “WonderButton”, activates the primary anomalous features of SCP-3301, and begins a game of “THE FOUNDATION”. The following information pertains to the anomalous version of the game.

The baseline properties of SCP-3301 are as follows:

  • Opening the box will reveal a large game board of differing size, shape, and design.
  • Accompanying this game board will be 8 place markers of differing size, shape, and design.
  • Each game board, regardless of shape, features a slot in the middle of the board where a smaller silver box is placed. This box is a smaller version of the larger game box, and bears the inscription "DRAW ONE" on its lid. If the game is not in session, or if it is opened by a player out of turn, it appears empty. If opened by a player on their turn, it will produce between one and three random game cards, which have differing utility within the game.

For full description of setup, rules, and gameplay, see Addendum 3301.2.

Addendum 3301.1: Discovery

SCP-3301 was discovered on the desk of Director Tilda Moose at Site-19 on July 3rd, 2017. Attached to the exterior of SCP-3301 was a letter in a silver envelope bearing the word "Foundation". The contained letter reads as follows:

Dear SCP Foundation,

Sentient creatures so often seek purpose within their own lives, whether it be mundane or extraordinary. There are some who would dedicate their lives to healing the sick, or feeding the hungry. Others would try to resurrect their broken gods, or sail through the stars on the arms of a cosmic starfish. Some would rid the world of the unnatural, or foster it in the halls of their Library, and some are just in it for the memes†.

You seek to protect the world from the anomalous, categorize and classify the strange and unique, and let humanity bask in the light. We seek to make people smile, and give people a reason to be happy, if only for a short time. Despite our differences, we cannot help but respect your motives. You've no doubt saved us a dozen times over, so we want to return the favor. We want to make you smile!

Contained within this box is our greatest toy yet. There are no jokes here, no gaffs or plotting. Everything we have at our disposal, every scrap of information and wisp of arcana is contained within this game. We made it because, at the end of the day, we feel like you have the most interesting story to tell. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Yours most splendidly,

Dr. Wondertainment

P.S. We are very excited about this product, and believe it is nearly ready for production! But it wouldn't be acceptable to ship a product without playtesting it. So this version we're sending to you, our sole playtester, in the hopes that you'll be able to give us feedback on how we can make our game better! If at any point you stop playing for more than a few days, we'll know that you're done testing it and we'll go ahead and put it on the shelves! If you don't think it's ready for the shelves, then just keep on testing it ;)

P.P.S. Please submit all playtesting suggestions to:

111 Wondertainment Way
Wondertainmentville, Wondertainmentland 10101

† Yes, children, we see you there. We hope you're having fun too.

Addendum 3301.2: Gameplay

The following is information pertaining to the proper gameplay of SCP-3301. In order to maintain containment of the artifact, monthly testing of SCP-3301 is required. Personnel assigned to SCP-3301 are required to maintain a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations of the game.




Victory Conditions



The back of SCP-3301 cards.

Addendum 3301.3: Game Cards

The following are examples of cards used within SCP-3301. While not all cards appear to carry relevant information, many appear to be references to anomalies within Foundation containment, or Foundation personnel. As previously mentioned in this document, the full scale of this breach of information security is part of an ongoing investigation.

Several statistics are utilized within the card system, each corresponding to a certain attribute that players have. The statistics are listed below:

  • ATK: Attack power. A value that determines the amount of damage a player can do to another player or an entity. Since entities cannot be contained until their health has reached 0, this is arguably the most important statistic. All players start with 6 ATK.
  • DEF: Defense. A value that influences the amount of damage a player takes after being attacked. All players start with 6 DEF.
  • HP: Hit Points. A value that determines how much damage a player can sustain before dying. Can be replaced with cards that increase health, such as medicines or vampiric cards. All players start with 10 HP.
  • SPD: Speed. A value that determines which entity in an encounter can attack or defend first, and how often they can do so. All players start with 8 SPD.
  • ACC: Accuracy. A value that determines how likely a given attack is to striking a target. All players start with 8 ACC.

The game manual mentions other non-enumerated statistics that players can add to or subtract from, such as Smooth Talking, Memetic Resistance, Ethics, etc. While there are cards that may affect these stats, the only known way to gauge their level is by asking an entity with limited or full omniscience, such as A Librarian.

Addendum 3301.4: Memorandum Regarding SCP-3301

From: Dr. Tilda Moose, Director, Site-19
To: 3301 Research Team
CC: Ethics Committee Liaison, Director Council Liaison, Classification Committee Liaison

Last night, one week since the last playthrough of SCP-3301, a small shipment of these games were discovered on a truck destined for a toy store in Wisconsin. We began a game immediately after discovering these games, and received a note through our game board thanking us for our continued playtesting. The anomalous games were promptly removed before they could be viewed by a larger audience, but this was still too close of a call.

Truthfully, we don’t know how they're getting all of this information. INFOSEC teams have advised me that these were likely warning shots, something innocuous that could be easily detected and quickly removed, but a notice that additional measures may be taken if we don’t comply.

After consulting with our security teams, and members of the Site Director Council, we’ve decided to do just that. In a break from our typical mantra, access restrictions to SCP-3301 have been reduced considerably, and the object has been reclassified as Safe. So far as we can tell, this is a legitimate show of good faith, with no malicious intent. For some reason, Dr. Wondertainment has provided us with something fun, and wants us to play it. In this case, we’ll do just that.

Our protocol for this object does not reflect a change in our policy regarding using anomalous objects for recreational purposes. Nor does it reflect a change in our relationship with the group of interest known as Dr. Wondertainment. For all intents and purposes, this new protocol is the containment procedure for this object, and this object only.


Addendum 3301.5: SCP-3301 Testing and Gameplay Logs

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