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Note: By order of Dr. Frederick Hoygull, the clearance level required to access this file has been lowered from 5/ETHICS clearance to 1/GENERAL clearance, due to its relevance to the ongoing BE-Class "Migration" Scenario.

Item #: SCP-3296

Object Class: Extraterrestrial

Containment Class: Thaumiel Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-3296 are to be left in orbit. Retrieval of SCP-3296 will occur when more pressing matters are resolved.

Description: SCP-3296 refers to two related components: a man-made satellite in Earth's orbit (SCP-3296-A) and the organism contained within (SCP-3296-B). Both components were created by the Foundation in the year of 2000 under the Milliard Project and launched into orbit on 09/08/2000.

SCP-3296-A is equipped with all faculties required to sustain a human subject indefinitely. The most important of these systems are the food fabricators and water recyclers, capable of using waste products of SCP-3296-B to produce consumable food and water. An air recycler is also equipped in the cabin to maintain an oxygen supply. SCP-3296-A's systems are also able to fabricate high-density vitamin pills to encourage health in SCP-3296-B. In addition, a console allows communication between SCP-3296-B and the Foundation. Two high-efficiency solar panels are attached to SCP-3296-A in order to power these systems.

SCP-3296-B is a human subject which operates SCP-3296-A. SCP-3296-B has undergone extensive brain surgery reducing their Cognitohazardous Resistance Score to 1.0 x 10-3, making them extremely susceptible to suggestion.

SCP-3296 is presently in mid-Earth orbit. After the events of Incident 3296-23, it is believed that SCP-3296-B is either dead or otherwise unresponsive.

Addendum 01: Result of Ethics Committee Vote on Project Milliard


Project Milliard has been approved by order of the Ethics Committee.

Subject acquisition under MILLIARD-ASTRAL-23 will begin on 06/22/2000.

Launch of Project Milliard scheduled for 09/01/2000.

Addendum 02: 09/30/2000 Progress Report of Project Milliard


Project Milliard subject (Name: ████ ██████, Designation: SCP-3296-B) has been successfully prepared.

Project Milliard satellite (Designation: SCP-3296-A) has been launched into Mid-Earth orbit.

As per O5 Order #4545 ("Classification of Thaumiel-class Projects"), Project Milliard and all associated components have been classified as SCP-3296. Project Milliard has been deemed successful.

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