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A flower produced by SCP-3291

Item #: SCP-3291

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-3291 are to be secured in a botanical containment facility at Site-872. They are to be contained within a monitored greenhouse environment large enough to house a non-anomalous version of SCP-3291. In the event that a contained specimen enters its active phase, all produced instances of SCP-3291-1 are to be collected and incinerated, and the acting site director is to be notified immediately.

Seeds obtained from SCP-3291 are to be kept in a secure locker requiring security level 3 to access or otherwise incinerated.

Upon discovery of a location that has experienced a complete 3291-AX scenario, a 1km security perimeter is to be established centered on the location, and Procedure 615-Memnon is to be executed at the site.

Upon the discovery of a currently active 3291-AX scenario, MTF-086 ("Wedding Crashers") is to be dispatched to secure a 1km perimeter around the location and initiate Operation 3291-AXN-Petrov. Victims of a 3291-AX scenario are considered acceptable casualties to prevent 3291-AX Phase 6 from occurring.

Description: SCP-3291 is an anomalous strain of Citrus sinensis.1 Specimens of SCP-3291 do not bear fruit while in its dormant phase, however they do bear flowers. If a flower from SCP-3291 is used in the construction of a wedding bouquet, the wedding event it is used in will trigger a 3291-AX scenario.

If a 3291-AX scenario is triggered, the SCP-3291 instance that provided the flower used will begin to produce oranges for the next 48 hours. This is considered SCP-3291's active phase. Fruit produced during this time period are classified SCP-3291-1. Consumption of any food or beverage made from SCP-3291-1 by a female human will cause the subject to develop a strong desire for marriage, and devote all of her time and resources into finding someone to marry. If the subject succeeds in engaging in a wedding ceremony, she will insist that flowers from the SCP-3291 instance which provided the orange they consumed be used in the construction of the wedding bouquet. Men are unaffected.

Subjects under the effects of SCP-3291-1 seem to innately know the location of SCP-3291 during this period and will actively seek it out, even if they have no prior knowledge of its location.

Addendum 3291-01:

Addendum 3291-02:

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