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Item#: 3284
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no known method of efficiently containing SCP-3284. Personnel may submit experimental containment proposals to Senior Researcher Dr. Anna O'Neil for review. Proposals to apply a non-Keter classification to SCP-3284 are preemptively denied per O5 order until a fully effective containment strategy has been devised.

When not being tested, SCP-3284 is to be placed in an unsecured lock box located within Containment Chamber 303K at Site-272, and D-Class are to be assigned guard and recontainment duty for shifts lasting no more than five hours.

Description: SCP-3284 is a steel ball bearing measuring approximately 2.5cm in diameter and weighing 67g. It has the anomalous property of being uncontainable by any currently known means.

All methods of containment or restraint of SCP-3284 thus far attempted have failed within fifteen minutes of initiation. In the majority of cases, this failure appears to be spontaneous in nature, with evidence pointing toward cascading failure events stemming from causes present prior to the attempt. In the remaining cases, where failure cascades have been rendered unlikely or implausible, SCP-3284 has exhibited the anomalous ability of spontaneous relocation into an unobserved area up to ten meters from the edge of the containment area.

These effects only manifest for SCP-3284 itself, and thus cannot be used reliably by other objects or entities to escape containment.

SCP-3284's anomalous nature was initially discovered during routine testing of an experimental containment chamber at Site-272. The door mechanism in which SCP-3284 had been installed suffered repeated failures, and testing in other machinery had led to similar results. Initially it was determined that its anomalous effect was the destructive failure of any mechanism it was placed within, but this was updated to the current description after breaches continued occurring despite the lack of mechanical or electrical devices used during several containment attempts.

Addendum 3284-001: This article has been slated for revision due to the events of Incident 3284/72, and as such should be considered out-of-date until further notice. Details can be found in Incident Report 3284-72A.

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