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Item #: SCP-3283

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site 874-Beta shall be monitored by at least two security personnel at each entrance. SCP-3283-1 shall be held shut with a wooden dowel 1.5 meters in length. SCP-3283-2 shall have a metal bar bolted across it to hold the switch in the ON position, and a locking cover shall be mounted over the top of the entire switch and switch plate. The supervising researcher shall hold the key.

Several personnel shall pose as a family, coming and going from Site 874-Beta on a schedule that reasonably impersonates that of a typical family. Additional research and security personnel shall come and go posing as house guests.

Description: SCP-3283 is a sliding glass door (SCP-3283-1) and light switch (SCP-3283-2) in the dining room of a house in Boise, Idaho.

When SCP-3283-2 is in the ON position, SCP-3283-1 behaves like an ordinary glass door. Entry and exit to the house are unimpeded and bring the user to the expected location. Switching SCP-3283-2 to the OFF position activates SCP-3283's anomalous effect, though this effect is not immediately apparent unless viewed during daylight.

When activated, SCP-3283-2 leads to an alternative version of Boise (Boise-3283). Boise-3283 experiences continual darkness. No moon or sun are observable, and the stars appear closer and brighter than in the "standard" Boise (Boise-Prime). The patterns of stars in Boise-3283 do not correspond to those found in Boise-Prime.

Boise-3283 is identical to Boise-Prime in every way save that all structures are completely vacant. While the outsides are painted and decorated as in Boise, the interiors have no flooring, paint, wallpaper, or any other adornment applied to the bare construction materials. Although there are no lights or appliances in Boise-3283's structures, electric devices brought by exploration teams do function when plugged into power outlets in these structures.

Outside the city limits of Boise-3283 is a dense boreal forest covering all of the planet so far mapped by the Foundation. The Foundation is not aware of any additional anomalous properties of Boise-3283. It has yet to be determined whether the alternate Boise is another dimension, a physical tranformation of our own planet, another planet, or some other anomaly.

SCP-3283 was discovered when the Boise Press-Gazette published an article describing a haunted house that had been abandoned repeatedly over the span of 3 years in the early 2000s. The article was forwarded to the Foundation by local sources, at which time the Foundation purchased the house and established the present cover procedures.

Lead Researcher's Personal Notes:

Research log, Dr. Arcia writing

I volunteered for this spot hoping to find some fun spiritual phenomena. The Foundation will be glad to know that I am still batting a perfect .000 on discovering ghosts in my career. Right after we came into the house one of the MTF guys, Officer Smith, noticed that somebody had left the light switch by the back door on. When he turned it off the view through the door immediately went dark. I flipped it off and on a couple more times just to confirm what we were seeing.

We requested a remote camera vehicle and a couple mapping drones and got to work exploring through the door with the light switch off. As far as we can see with these methods, all of Boise is there, but outside that there's just dense forest as far as we could fly the drones and still get them back. The only break was a tiny clearing around the area the Great Salt Lake should be. We didn't see any animals or people. No sun ever rose despite these explorations lasting several days.

We've designated the anomaly SCP-3283. The door is designated SCP-3283-1 and the switch is SCP-3283-2. We've designated the alternate Boise as Boise-3283. Given the apparent lack of dangers, I'm requesting clearance from O5 to conduct manned surveys.

[O5 Approval granted. MTF-2525 ("Bailey Busters") to remain at Site 874-Beta as exploration and response team.]

Exploration logs:

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