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Item #: SCP-3281

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No method is known to prevent the spontaneous occurrence of subtype-A or T incidents of SCP-3281, and resource-allocation is currently prioritized toward the inhibition of SCP-3281 outbreaks.

All data related to SCP-3281 is to be added to the encrypted database of Autonomic Analysis and Response System 538 (AARS538). AARS538 is to have full and immediate access to all data from the Foundation's civilian-surveillance pathways. In the event that an outbreak is detected by AARS538, the system will dispense a set of unmanned aerial drones to the effected area, which will discharge either aerosol cartridges of Class-A amnestics (in subtype A incidents involving a radius of less than .5 km) or incendiary devices (in subtype T incidents or subtype A incidents involving a radius larger than .5 km). Foundation agents will only be dispatched by AARS538 when the outbreak has been judged as totally neutralized.

Members of Foundation staff who have been affected by SCP-3281 and any individual exposed to them are to be immediately transported to their facility's chamber-538. While detained there, the affected individuals will be exposed to Class-A amnestics while behavioral data is collected and processed by AARS538. The individuals will only be released when no signs of SCP-3281 are visible.

All data within AARS538's databases are to be autoencrypted to prevent the retrieval of files by any other system. In the event that the database is believed to be compromised, AARS538 will immediately self-destruct with the use of an internal explosive device.

Description: SCP-3281 is a class of memetic diseases that spread through the concepts of specific actions. Twenty-four strains are currently identified. If a human becomes cognizant of the process of performing one of these actions, they will immediately gain a strong compulsion to do so. The longer the individual resists this compulsion, the more severe the psychological effects will become. After 1-3 hours, this results in brain damage characterized by a progressive loss of cognition and self-control. No case has reported resistance against the compulsion for longer than 43 hours.

Individuals may become afflicted with SCP-3281 spontaneously by developing the idea of the anomalous action. SCP-3281 may also be contracted by processing a recorded description or, most commonly, by observing the action being performed by an afflicted individual. Once afflicted with SCP-3281, an individual can only be partially cured with the application of amnestics. While the compulsion and progressive aspect of the disease will be alleviated in these cases, brain damage will remain.

Three subtypes of SCP-3281 exist, designated subtype N, A and T.

SCP-3281-N describes strains that have been universally neutralized to prevent any spontaneous incidents.

SCP-3281-A describes strains in which the threat of a severe outbreak or significant harm to human life is low enough that non-lethal methods are pursued.

SCP-3281-T describes strains which carry a significant risk of severe outbreak or harm to human life. SCP-3281-T also includes any strains with abnormal pathology. All instances of SCP-3281-T are to be approached with lethal force.

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