The first SCP-3274 instance contained. Recovered in England in 1941.

Item #: SCP-3274

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Agents should be assigned to monitor the general population for SCP-3274 instances. Particular focus should be paid to itinerant individuals and groups, refugees and other undocumented populations. Agents should be granted a large degree of autonomy and minimal records should be kept of their activity and methods.

SCP-3274 instances can be identified by their unfamiliarity with their surroundings and more general amnesia, with suspected instances being confirmed by medical and genetic assessment. All instances are to be contained at Site-06-3 under standard humanoid containment protocols.

Gathering information related to SCP-3274-A should be made a high priority. For this purpose all SCP-3274 instances should be interviewed using any and all techniques with a possibility of circumventing the amnestic block. All communication with and experimentation on SCP-3274 is currently prohibited.

Description: SCP-3274 are adult humans who originate from an unknown point in our future timeline. The earliest identified arrival time is 1941 and arrivals are projected to continue to occur into our own future. All known instances have been extremely effectively amnesticised prior to their arrival here with virtually all memory of their point of origin absent. The sole known exception to this is related to SCP-3274-A. The amnestic methods which have been used are significantly more advanced than any currently known to the Foundation and have thus far proven resistant to all anti-amnestic techniques. Access to all information recovered by anti-amnestic techniques is currently prohibited. Personnel of clearance level 3/3274 or higher should view attached Interview Series 872 for further details.

Memories retained by SCP-3274 instances consist primarily of practical information related to their time and place of arrival. This information is typically very limited as well as outdated and geographically inaccurate, suggesting a lack of precision in their transportation method. Additionally, all known instances retain a specific memory relating to their motivation for transportation, with only slight variation between instances. The retained memory consists of the individual speaking to themself, claiming that the world will be unavoidably destroyed along with all human life and that retreat into the past is their only chance of survival. The cause of the destruction referenced here has been designated SCP-3274-A.

Instances report that the message also includes a plea not to attempt to reverse their amnesia or alter future events. All known instances express a certainty of the validity of these memories and they have been verified by all means known to the Foundation of detecting false or artificially generated memories.

SCP-3274 often attempt to evade containment but are usually easily identified due to their lack of social connections and documentation in addition to their general amnesia. In particular, instances display both a complete lack of personal history and ignorance of local customs and recent events. However, the longer instances go before identification the more they assimilate and the harder they can become to identify.

In addition to their abnormal behaviour, suspected SCP-3274 instances can be distinguished from the general population by physiological and genetic abnormalities including fine surgical scarring along the cranium, the absence of the genes involved in most currently known genetic diseases and alterations to gamete formation rendering them incapable of reproduction. See [REDACTED] for the full medical and genetic profile.

There are ███ instances of SCP-3274 currently in Foundation custody, and an unknown number currently uncontained.

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