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Item #: SCP-3271

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3271 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m humanoid containment chamber, which is to be kept under guard by two security personnel at all times. This containment chamber is to be equipped with a drainage system to prevent accumulation of rainwater. In order to prevent uncontrolled lightning strikes in the containment chamber, SCP-3271 is to be kept gagged.

Any objects or entities emerging from SCP-3271 are to be subdued and brought into secondary containment pending further analysis. All feeding of SCP-3271 is to be done intravenously in accordance with Nutritional Chart 3271-1.

Description: SCP-3271 is a thirty-five year old male named Adrian Knight, whose body holds an extra-dimensional space containing a perpetual and severe thunderstorm. The presence of this space seems to cause no biological difficulties for SCP-3271, who is still able to undergo bodily functions normally. However, some physical abnormalities have become apparent as a result of the space's presence.

SCP-3271's skin constantly expels copious amounts of rainwater, presumed to originate from within the extra-dimensional space. Similarly, bolts of lightning have been known to emerge from SCP-3271's mouth while it is open. While these physical abnormalities cause SCP-3271 a great deal of distress, they do not appear to be capable of physically harming it.

On several occasions, objects resembling miniature versions of vehicles such as planes and helicopters have also been known to appear within SCP-3271's mouth. While these vehicles are extremely accurate in terms of engineering and structure, they have been completely empty in all cases.

The origin of SCP-3271 is unclear, as it claims to possess no memories apart from its name before its sudden appearance in Tallahassee, Florida. Upon it reporting its situation and abnormal physical qualities to local police, Foundation agents in the area quickly intervened and brought SCP-3271 into containment.

Addendum 3271-1: On 02/03/2017, what appeared to be a miniature version of an unmanned Foundation probe emerged from SCP-3271's mouth and began inspecting the containment chamber. Due to its small size and resultant fragility, containment of this object resulted in minor damage to it. Nevertheless, the following data was successfully recovered from the probe:

  • An image of the 'Hollywood' sign in Los Angeles. It is raining heavily. The sign has been partially crushed by a piece of what appears to be a bacon sandwich.1
  • An image of Times Square in New York. It is raining heavily. A great number of people appear to be fleeing from a wave of substantial size that is moving up the street.
  • An image of a large group of boats and ships in the middle of the ocean. It is raining heavily. The top of a skyscraper can be seen emerging from the water.
  • A two-minute video clip of an individual identical to SCP-3271 speaking into the camera, taken in some form of laboratory. While audio of this clip has been lost, he is speaking quickly in what appears to be a panicked manner. A large conical machine is visible behind the man, and the video ends in a flash of light when he pulls a lever on the side of it. Outside a window in the background, it can be seen to be raining heavily.
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