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SCP-3268 Manifesting on an image of Macropus rufus.

Item #: SCP-3268

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The device SCP-3268 is currently being kept in is located in Electronic Storage Facility-██. Any form of messages sent out from its current device are to be traced, and the devices that have received the messages are to be seized and taken into Foundation custody. Internet access is to be disabled on any device housing SCP-3268. Any attempts made by SCP-3268 to connect to the internet are to be intercepted and blocked by Foundation internet security. In the event SCP-3268 attempts to communicate, any and all text files created are to be archived at Digital Archive Site ██.

One image of any organism of Kingdom of Animalia is to be uploaded to the hard drive of the computer at least once a day for consumption. Upon full image infection, it is to be deleted from the device. Any digital image format is acceptable.

Description: SCP-3268 is an anomalous entity that appears on digital devices capable of displaying images, such as computers and phones. The exact form of SCP-3268 varies, but in most instances, it is a mass of many different colored pixels, and depending on its position, a mouth may or may not be visible. SCP-3268 also varies heavily in size, usually depending on the device it is taking a residence in at the moment. The smallest recorded sighting being approximately 0.5 millimeters in diameter, and the largest being 5 meters in diameter.

SCP-3268 is predatory, and appears to "feed" on digital images of organisms of the Kingdom Animalia. When an image of a potential prey item is uploaded to the device it is currently on, SCP-3268 will appear on the image, typically 2 hours after the initial upload. From there it will slowly begin to expand, and engulf the image until the entire image is comprised solely of many pixels of various colors. This process typically takes 5 hours. Roughly 30 minutes after the complete infestation, SCP-3268 will disappear, and the infected image will show a dead, mangled and partially eaten version of the organism originally in the photo. Damages appearing of organisms infected by SCP-3268 vary heavily, but the most common damages include broken necks, missing or badly broken limbs, gouged eyes and many large bite marks in various areas, with the most appearing on the chest, neck, and leg areas. SCP-3268 will no longer manifest on previously infected images, however any organisms on previously infected images will begin to show signs of decay, and should be removed at the earliest convenience.

SCP-3268 Recovery Log

SCP-3268 was discovered in Fort Pierce, Florida on June 7th, 20██ on a an intel based 2007 iMac in the home of Jonathan ██████. The owner reported to yahoo answers, and various other forums dedicated to the removal of computer viruses, that images of his cat had been infected with a virus that caused the cat to appear dead, and disemboweled. Embedded agents promptly launched an investigation, and seized the device. Amnestics were administered to Mr. ██████, and the forum that SCP-3268 was reported on was taken down.

Interview Log SCP-3268-A

Interviewed: Jonathan █████, owner of device SCP-3268 was found on.

Interviewer: Researcher Dr. Solomon ██████.

Foreword: Subject was brought in for questioning shortly after SCP-3268 was contained.

Begin Log, [15:28:44]

Dr. Solomon: Hello, you are Mr. Jonathan █████, correct?

Jonathan: Yep. What are you, a cop or something?

Dr. Solomon: You could say that. I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding this "computer virus" you reported.

Jonathan: Oh god, that thing. Fucking disgusting. What kind of sadistic fuck would make something like that? And how does it even work?

Dr. Solomon: Please sir, your questions will be answered shortly. I just need you to answer a few questions for me.

a long sigh is heard

Jonathan: Sorry. Its just that that picture was disgusting.

Dr. Solomon: Yes I understand. Alright, first of all, when did you notice the image of your cat was altered?

Jonathan: A day ago. I was planning on sending a picture of my cat to my mother. I opened it and I just about threw up.

Dr. Solomon: How long had the image been on your computer?

Jonathan: Not long. I uploaded it last night and found it like that the next morning. I swear to god that it wasn't like that before. How is a virus even able to do something like that? Reconfigure the pixels or something like that?

Dr. Solomon: I assure you, we'll explain it shortly. Could you please describe the injuries on the image?

Jonathan: It was awful. Her throat looked like it was cut open and she had no eyes. She had bite marks everywhere, and lots of cuts. A bloody mess. Looked like it was attacked.

Dr. Solomon: You say it was attacked. Could you elaborate on that?

Jonathan: Well uh… the cuts and bites looked a lot like animal bites. Like something mauled it.

Dr. Solomon: Did it look like any specific animal could have caused those injuries?

Jonathan: Fuck man I don't know. I've never met anyone who's been attacked by an eagle but I think thats what they look like afterwards. Full of cuts and wounds. It was horrible.

Dr. Solomon: Do you have any idea as to how you received this uh… virus?

a long pause is heard

Dr. Solomon: Sir?

Jonathan: Don't tell my wife about this, but I was on some sketchy website to uh, entertain myself. You get me?

Dr. Solomon furrows his brow, but continues

Dr. Solomon: Yes I understand. Why do you think that site is responsible?

Jonathan: There were a lot of pop-ups and ads on there. I'd imagine one of them had whatever the fuck made my cat look like that.

Dr. Solomon: Can you provide me with the name of this website please?

Jonathan: Uhhh, I think it was something along the lines of ████████.com, or something like that. I used an incognito tab so I can't check. Where is my computer anyway?

Dr. Solomon: We'll need to hold onto it for a few days to get rid of the virus. You'll get it back shortly.

Jonathan: Okay cool. So how does that thing work anyway?

Dr. Solomon: When you leave this room, go down the hall and to your left. You'll find a room there with some people that will help you make sense of the situation. I believe we are done here Mr. █████. Thank you for your time, and sorry about your situation.

Jonathan: Yeah no problem, I'm glad it's just over with and figured out.

footsteps are heard, followed by a door closing and a 1 minute pause

End Log, [15:31:19]

Closing Statement: Subject confirmed to have entered the amnestic administration station. Looks like we're dealing with something that can turn an image of an animal into a bloodied mess. Behavioral tests recommended to fully assess the nature of this anomaly.

-Dr. Solomon █████.

Addendum 3268-A

Doctor █████ was observing a 2 day old infected image of an Eudorcas thomsonii, on SCP-3268's most recent housing device, a Lenovo C440 Desktop computer, when a single text file appeared on the desktop of the computer, titled 0I3UERYHDFNSKX.txt. Upon opening it, it contained the following message:

clean it. not happy. dead smell.

The image was promptly deleted, and the text file was archived at Digital Archive Site ██.

It appears that SCP-3268 might be somewhat sapient, is capable of at least some communication, and is aware that someone is providing for it. The cause of this is unknown at this moment, further testing required. SCP-3268 has yet to repeat this action.

Test Log 3268-A

SCP-3268 Behavior Test-A - █-█-20██
Subject: SCP-3268
Procedure: No feeding or cleaning for 3 days
Results: SCP-3268 somehow enabled internet access on the computer it was residing in, and emailed itself to ████████ SCP-3268 successfully re-contained shortly after the breach. Investigation as to why SCP-3268 chose this address specifically is ongoing.
Analysis: SCP-3268 is capable of transferring itself to other devices if it is not satisfied with its current housing. Containment procedures are to be updated, and this test is not to be repeated unless permission is given by on-site command.

SCP-3268 Behavior Test-B - █-█-20██
Subject: SCP-3268
Procedure: Image of a dead Casuarius casuarius uploaded to hard drive
Results: Image showed no signs of infection after 36 hours, image deleted from hard drive.
Analysis: SCP-3268 appears to only infect images containing a living organism. How it determines if an organism is living or not is unknown at this time.

SCP-3268 Behavior Test-C - █-█-20██
Subject: SCP-3268
Procedure: Image of a realistic replica of a Panthera tigris tigris uploaded to hard drive.
Results: SCP-3268 manifested on the image 2 hours after initial upload, but disappeared 30 minutes after appearing. Image deleted from hard drive.
Analysis: SCP-3268 apparently made an attempt to consume the image, but ignored it upon realizing it was not organic.

SCP-3268 Behavior Test-D - █-█-20██
Subject: SCP-3268
Procedure: Text file created with a message requesting SCP-3268 to communicate with researchers.
Results: No response from SCP-3268.
Analysis: SCP-3268 either ignores communication attempts or doesn't notice them. Further testing required.

SCP-3268 Behavior Test-E - █-█-20██
Subject: SCP-3268
Procedure: Image of a Tursiops aduncus with a message in red text requesting communication with researchers photoshopped into the corner uploaded to hard drive.
Results: Standard image infection occurred, no response to the message.
Analysis: Researchers are still working on finding a way to communicate with SCP-3268 to determine potential high levels of intelligence and sapience.

SCP-3268 Behavior Test-F - █-█-20██
Subject: SCP-3268
Procedure: Image in the mid-stages of SCP-3268 infection transferred to another computer via USB.
Results: SCP-3268 no longer manifested on the previous housing device, and started manifesting on the new computer. Fully infected images ceased signs of decay.
Analysis: SCP-3268 has been concluded to be transferable between devices safely and reliably without leaving any traces of itself behind.

Addendum 3268-B

On October 5th, 20██, at approximately 6:32AM, SCP-3268 created several text files on the desktop of the computer it was on, at a rate of approximately 2 created every minute. The text files all contained one of the 4 phrases:

let me out
i hate you

Upon discovery of these files, they were deleted, and researchers began monitoring SCP-3268 more closely. 5 minutes after the files were deleted, SCP-3268 began creating text files at a drastically increased rate, . It has been noted that many of the messages contain spelling and other grammatical errors. Some examples of messages include:

please lyt me go
i want to go home
i nneed fixing
he wants me
i will escwpe
can hurt
bad man
let me g o
██████ ████████

SCP-3268 attempted to connect to the internet many times over the course of this event, but all attempts were intercepted and blocked by the Foundation internet security system. Many attempts were made to reply to SCP-3268's messages via text files via text files, but all were ignored. After 10 minutes, SCP-3268 ceased creating text files, but continued attempting to connect to the internet. Approximately 3 hours after the event, a single new text file appeared on the computer's desktop. It contained the following text:

I don't know who you are, and I don't know what you want with my creation. Please, return it to me. I spent too much time on it. I need to experiment more on it, I need to improve on it. Just give it back, let it come back to me. Do you not see this is the beginning of a new era of technology? A sentient, predatory creature, 100% digital. Think of the implications! Please, let it come home and I'll give you whatever you want. You want money? I'll pay any amount. I just want it back.

No further attempts to breach were made, and the text file was archived at Digital Archive Site ██. The possibility that SCP-3268 is man-made is being investigated, and highly likely at this point.

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