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Entrance of SCP-3267, after reconstruction.

Item #: SCP-3267

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3267 is open for public access. SCP-3267 is now fitted with five Infrasonic Mind Altering (IMA) systems, designed to counteract most violation attempts1 of visiting civilians.

In the case of a major violation, personnel must equip gas masks within thirty seconds before the amnestics sprinkler system activates.

Description: SCP-3267 is a public library located in the town of █████████, ███████, England. The library was constructed in 18██ during the Victorian era and still retains an intact infrastructure despite no maintenance for ███ years.

SCP-3267-1 is the designation given to all books originally present within SCP-3267. The current number of SCP-3267-1 instances is 10,267. Of note, each instance of SCP-3267-1 has a handwritten name on its cover, most of the names written correspond to database records of deceased civilians from █████████. On occasions, SCP-3267-1 instances have been shown to possess memetic properties. The effect has only been observed on Foundation personnel, which induce a compulsion in the affected individual to allow public access to SCP-3267. The pattern in which this happens has not been discovered. Class-E amnestics have proven to be effective in removing the effect.

SCP-3267's anomalous properties manifest when an individual performs specific actions within it. Documented effects are:

Specific Actions Effects
Ground movement speed exceeds 16km/h (average human footspeed). A soft, invisible barrier manifests in front of the subject, effectively stops them and demanifests after the collision.
Human speech exceeds 30 dB (average whisper sound) The speaker is unable to make vocalizations for the next 30 seconds, starting approximately two seconds after the trigger.
SCP-3267-1 taken from its shelf and placed on another shelf.2 SCP-3267-1 bonds to the holder's hand at an atomic level.3 The bond demanifests if SCP-3267-1 is placed back on its original shelf.
Edible materials brought into SCP-3267 Said material disintegrates upon entry.4
Use of expletives. A bar of soap manifests inside the speaker's mouth. Said bar of soap is removable and demanifests after 30 seconds.5
Deliberate damage done to SCP-3267-1 Said instance of SCP-3267-1 reverses all damage done to it, the individual who caused the damage reports feeling pain in the back of their hands as if hit by a hard object. Effects fade after 4-5 minutes.

Only known photo of Elizabeth Cooper.

SCP-3267-2 is an entity capable of assembling books into a humanoid figure resembling a female in a dress. SCP-3267-2 increases in size and details proportional with the number of books composing it. SCP-3267-2 is believed to possess the consciousness of Elizabeth Cooper, the original owner and librarian of SCP-3267. It is capable of movement and communicates by manifesting text on the book that acts as its "face". SCP-3267-2 is fluent in English, using an old dialect from the Victorian Era. SCP-3267-2 has only been observed at night, adding new SCP-3267-1 instances to the shelves.

Addendum 3267-01: Notes on acquisition
SCP-3267 came to Foundation attention after claims of a "haunted" library surfaced in 19██. At the time SCP-3267 was owned by Albert Cooper, Elizabeth Cooper's nephew who took over the library after her disappearance in 19██. Of note is that the claims were made by ███████ █████████, an intruder who broke into SCP-3267 on the night of ██/██/19██. The civilians of █████████ do acknowledge the anomalous properties of SCP-3267 but regard them as a harmless local curiosity.

It's just these things that make life more interesting and worth living. Just a normal, harmless and rather strict spirit. Like my late auntie. - Albert Cooper when interviewed on the nature of SCP-3267.

SCP-3267 was immediately closed down under the cover of reconstruction, and the administration of amnestics on the locals of █████████ is under consideration by the Ethics Committee.

Addendum 3267-02: SCP-3267 Exploration Log

After this incident, SCP-3267's class was updated to Euclid.

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