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Item #: SCP-3265

Object Class: Whatever you want it to be, really. You're in charge here.

Special Containment Procedures: You can think about these later. You know everyone reading these abbreviated reports skips them anyway. You're the one in charge here, baby! No one would even notice. You know what to do with SCP-3265, yeah? SCP-3265 is all you after all, doll. Get to the good stuff, yeah?

Description: SCP-3265 is… how would you describe SCP-3265? Not an easy thing to do, really. Not just anyone could do it. I mean, anyone could do it and basically everyone did at one point, but just describing SCP-3265 ain't exactly like describing it well, dig? That's why it's you in charge, yeah? You can do it like no one else can.

So how would you describe SCP-3265? Go on, don't be shy. Sure you did this song and dance before, eh babe? You're an expert by now. What would you like SCP-3265 to be?

Maybe you like them tall? A stone behemoth, size of a building, a skyscraper, a continent or three? Maybe stone ain't your thing? Bit dull? Ah, you're one of those people into flesh, yeah? Quivering, pulsating masses of limbs, reaching around every place you can just about think about? Covering the whole world, the whole of every world maybe? SCP-3265, it could be that for you, buddy. It can be that or a hundred other things, if you try.

Maybe you'd prefer something a bit more… metaphysical? Is SCP-3265 the concept of a lazy afternoon nap made physically manifest? The personification of ideological confusion? A long dead language come back from the dead to exact its vengeance on the race which forgot it ever existed? Those sound like swell ideas, but I'm sure you can do better, yeah? Give SCP-3265 your all. It can be all that you want it to be.

Or how about… a person? You know, one of those real interesting people, the ones everyone gets excited about? You get the type I'm talking about, mmm? They have that special thing about them, that's a given- that jagged scar from their battle with that thing with the lights, or maybe they fell in love with someone or something strange and wonderful. Maybe they're dead and haven't figured it out yet. They probably don't belong here but they make do, man. SCP-3265 could be one of those, if you want it to be. It can be such an interesting person, you'll never get tired of it. You'll want to see it again and again in all sorts of strange scenarios and hair-rising adventures. You can make SCP-3265 a household name around here. It'll make you bigger than big. Just make it big, doll. Make it the best that ever was.

Take your time. Consider it slowly. What can SCP-3265 be for you? What would you like it to be? How can you make it your own? You can make SCP-3265 like nothing this place has ever seen. You will.

You must know what SCP-3265 is by now, yeah? It has to be there in that big head of yours somewhere, right? Yeah, I can see it. It's solidifying, just a touch. It's not exactly like anything I described up there, not in the least, but that was never the point of those, dig? I came up with those, and they're not great like what you have over there. Hmm, yes. I can hear it now. Your SCP-3265, it's like nothing that I've ever seen, like nothing any of us have ever seen. Hear its colors, smell that sweet music it makes. How do you even keep it all inside anymore? Aren't you full to the bursting with it? It's alright, babe. Let it out. Let us see it.

Just a little bit closer. A little bit brighter. Open up. Let it show.

Let us see it all.

Hear it all.

Smell it all.

Let us taste it.



Ah. Yes…


Was it good for you like it was for us?

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