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Item #: SCP-3264

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No direct action is required in the containment of SCP-3264, however, its current location, the now abandoned Site-41-A, is to be kept under watch at all times by assigned Observation Personnel.

Description: SCP-3264 is a phenomenon that manifests as the physically existent actions of a non-existent human, that have occurred exclusively within Site-41-A following a D-Class riot that took place on 02/11/20██ (see Related Riot Incident History).

The entity has no physical presence itself nor does it provide any measurable force on its environment and in addition, it has never been shown to react to any form of stimuli applied to its surroundings or at its apparent location. Due to this, designated Observation and Maintenance Personnel have been able to freely wander throughout Site-41-A without risking unwanted damage to or from SCP-32642.

Daily observed effects consist of trivial matters, including but not limited to:

  • Showers switching on in the morning, then off after an average of 5 minutes, 12 seconds.
  • Toilets flushing at 3-4 hour intervals.
  • Food in the Site-41-A cafeteria being cooked without any measurable acting force.
  • The subsequent spontaneous disappearance of the aforementioned cooked food.

More drastic events include but are not limited to:

  • Windows shattering.
  • Damage and/or destruction of on-site equipment.
  • Discharge of firearms.
  • The deaths of former Site-41-A personnel (see Emergency Action Summary 3264-1).

All food/equipment/firearms manipulated by SCP-3264 have exclusively been those that were present on Site-41-A at the time of its original manifestation on 02/11/20██. As part of experimentation procedures, various food substances originating from off-site have been placed in the Site-41-A cafeteria, mixed with food already present, but SCP-3264 has not been seen to interact with them.
In some test cases, food and equipment originating within Site-41-A have been taken off-site, yet experienced the SCP-3264 phenomenon as if they were still on-site, indicating SCP-3264 has some connection to the specific layout of Site-41-A at the time it first appeared on 02/11/20██.

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