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SCP-3260-A/3 is affected by SCP-████ due to misinterpretation of containment procedures.

Item #: SCP-3260

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3260-A should be interrogated and exposed to SCP documents matching their previously assigned clearance in order to ascertain the degree of perceptive dissonance displayed by them. After such procedures are conducted, instances of SCP-3260-A may receive amnestic treatment and be reassigned to non-critical positions within suitable Foundation front companies.

All Foundation facilities should be monitored for signs of SCP-3260.

Description: SCP-3260 is a visuocognitive affliction affecting Foundation personnel exclusively. When in contact with official SCP documentation, an individual (SCP-3260-A) suffering from SCP-3260 will perceive the information contained therein differently from depicted, resulting in a perceptual discrepancy that may lead said individual to breach protocol, intentionally compromise containment measures, and perform other assorted actions based on the inaccurate interpretation of the relevant document(s).

The nature of the perceptual discrepancy experienced by instances of SCP-3260-A varies, but recurrently entails false and/or misleading information.

As of ██/██/████, ██ cases of SCP-3260 have been identified among Foundation assets worldwide. Project Proxy currently coordinates all research efforts concerning SCP-3260 - Priority Aleph research subjects assigned to it include:

  • Identification of the vector through which SCP-3260 is transmitted, if existent.
  • Identification of personnel particularly susceptible to SCP-3260, if applicable.
  • Countermeasures to SCP-3260.

No obvious pattern has been established between confirmed cases of SCP-3260 at this time, both in regards to individuals affected and discrepancies observed.

Addendum: Abridged SCP-3260 Case Report - Appropriate Clearance Required

Afflicted: SCP-3260-A/1
Previous Clearance: Level 2, Junior Researcher

Document Summary: SCP-████. Euclid. Dis-2 thaumaturgical entity. SCP-████ is aggressive towards all non-Tartarean lifeforms, and was responsible for at least 7 casualties before containment was established.

Report: First reported case of SCP-3260. SCP-3260-A/1 was detained after it repeatedly attempted to assign a cleaning crew to SCP-████'s enclosure. All containment cells housing aggressive SCP objects must be sanitized remotely as per standard Foundation protocol.

When interrogated, SCP-3260-A/1 expressed confusion, citing the respective SCP document as the basis for its decision. Printed copies of SCP-████'s special containment procedures were then provided to SCP-3260-A/1, who was asked to read them out loud. SCP-3260-A/1's reading contained a non-existent addendum describing "Incident ████-V", in which SCP-3260 was supposedly fed an experimental compound, rendering it docile.

Afflicted: SCP-3260-A/7
Previous Clearance: Level 4, Site-27 Director

Document Summary: SCP-███. Safe. A humanoid Class II essokinetic entity. SCP-███ has been cooperative since containment in ██/██/████ and was reclassified as Safe after the introduction of Lang/Scantron-based devices to mainstream containment doctrine. SCP-███ is paraplegic.

Report: SCP-3260-A/7 received an updated copy of SCP-███ documentation following its reclassification, as per protocol. Upon reviewing the document, SCP-3260-A/7 alerted MTF Eta-10 of a possible containment breach, citing suspicion that personnel assigned clearance 3/███ might have been under the effect of an unknown cognitohazard.

After no evidence of such contagion was discovered, SCP-3260-A/7 was questioned. Like in previous cases, SCP-3260-A/7 made allegations that had no correlation to SCP-███'s actual containment procedures. Among them, SCP-3260-A/7 claimed the document called for unwarranted torture of SCP-███, including [REDACTED], in direct violation of multiple directives of the Ethics Committee. At this point in time, no further containment measures are necessary.

Afflicted: SCP-3260-A/9
Previous Clearance: Level 3, MTF █████-█ Operative

Document Summary: SCP-███ (-█, -█). Keter. Humanoid entity that actively attempts to breach containment. Capable of inducing unclassified, non-thaumaturgical/essokinetic anomalous phenomena. Hostile to all human beings. Highly resistant to firearms.

Report: SCP-3260-A/9 communicated desire to cease Foundation employ after receiving a digital copy of SCP-███'s containment procedures. According to SCP-3260-A/9, the document mentioned Project ███████ ███, a hypothetical initiative to incorporate SCP-███-█ to MTF █████-█'s roster. No plans to weaponize SCP-███-█ currently exist, given the anomaly's Gimel classification following the most recent Thaumiel Review. No mention of Project ███████ ███ among Aleph and Bet Thaumiel applications is present in mainstream Foundation databases.

Afflicted: SCP-3260-A/21
Previous Clearance: Overseer

Document Summary: SCP-███. Keter. Highly adaptive organism capable of anomalous regeneration of its biomass. Regeneration process often accompanied by violent, unpredictable phenomena. [REDACTED].

Report: SCP-3260-A/21 brought attention to SCP-███ during [REDACTED], when the improvement of containment measures was being discussed. At this point, it was discovered that SCP-3260-A/21 had authorized several attempts to neutralize SCP-███ through the use of other SCP objects. Such requests were sent by SCP-3260-A/22, SCP-3260-A/23 and SCP-3260-A/24, then senior researchers not known to have been affected by SCP-3260.

The incident marks the first observed case wherein multiple instances of SCP-3260-A shared an identical perception of a SCP document. At this time, neutralization of SCP-███ is deemed unnecessary, following the successful development of Compound LZ-05.


This is the only accurate version of this document. As of ██/██/████, SCP-3260 has not been neutralized and no inoculation process exists. SCP-3260 is not a Dis-5 thaumaturgical entity. SCP-3260's can only instigate a XK Class End-of-the-World Scenario by potentially compromising critical Foundation assets.

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