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Item #: SCP-3255

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A two meter tall perimeter of electrical fencing is to be erected around the Indrid Ardo Mental Wellness Center and will be patrolled by security personnel. Any individuals attempting to gain access to the building are to be apprehended by security, interviewed and administered amnestics as appropriate.

Personnel are not to be exposed to SCP-3255-1. In the event that an individual does become exposed to SCP-3255-1, they are to be removed from its presence immediately and, depending on the length of time they were exposed for, restrained until either symptoms subside or expiration occurs. Any research involving SCP-3255-1 is to be performed via use of an unmanned drone.

All specimens of SCP-3255-2 are to be kept in separate humanoid containment chambers at the nearby Site-11, each kept under guard by two security personnel at all times. SCP-3255-3, also contained at Site-11, is to be kept inside Anomalous Morgue-27. No autopsy of SCP-3255-3 is to be attempted.

Description: SCP-3255 is the collective designation for a number of anomalous items discovered at the Indrid Ardo Mental Wellness Center, located near Sacramento, California. In reality, the Wellness Center was the cover for an installation funded by prominent members of the Fifth Church in order to pursue research supposedly relevant to their faith. The installation was abandoned by the Fifth Church at some point following the successful creation of SCP-3255-1, and was subsequently acquired by the Foundation after discovery by urban explorers.

SCP-3255-1 is a large blue spherical object, superficially resembling a miniaturized star, present within a main chamber inside the Wellness Center. Exposure to the light emitted by SCP-3255-1 is known to cause a number of anomalous physical and mental symptoms, intensifying the longer one is exposed to said light. These symptoms, although varying somewhat from person to person, generally include:

Time of Exposure Known Symptoms
Initial Exposure Minor anxiety. Skin irritation. Difficulty swallowing.
30 Minutes Loss of fingernails. Severe acne. Sudden fondness towards the name 'Tom'.
1 Hour An extreme desire not to look upwards. Finger expansion. Sneezing.
1 Hour, 30 Minutes An obsession with the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. An extreme phobia of felines. Prosopagnosia.
2 Hours Bodily mitosis, invariably resulting in death.

SCP-3255-1's secondary anomalous property is visual in nature, namely that it can be seen clearly even while the viewer has their eyes closed or otherwise prevented from seeing.1 Direct physical contact with SCP-3255-1 is presumed to result in the creation of an SCP-3255-2 or SCP-3255-3 instance, although this has not yet been confirmed through testing.

SCP-3255-2 is the collective designation for five living humans of varying ages and genders. All specimens of SCP-3255-2 have had their heads removed and replaced with a spherical object of the same size resembling a miniature star, which floats several centimeters above their necks. The light emitted by these structures has been determined not to possess the properties demonstrated by SCP-3255-1.

Specimens of SCP-3255-2 require no food, water or sleep, and will often wander aimlessly through their surroundings or lay down on the floor. No attempts at communication with SCP-3255-2 have thus far been successful, suggesting a significant reduction in mental faculties from their original state. Analysis of SCP-3255-2 has revealed the presence of significantly non-Euclidean biology, making full mapping of their bodily systems difficult.

SCP-3255-3 is a male human torso. The arms, legs and heads of SCP-3255-3 have been removed through direct physical contact with SCP-3255-1. All body parts missing from SCP-3255-3 have been replaced by floating structures of the same size resembling miniaturized stars. Analysis of SCP-3255-3 has revealed the presence of non-Euclidean biology significantly more severe than that present within SCP-3255-2, together with possible mind-affecting properties (see Incident 3255-3-1) that makes full inspection difficult.

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