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Item Number: SCP-3247

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3247 is to be contained in an isolated chamber in Site-51 Area-12's arachnid wing. SCP-3247 has shown no need for sustenance or rest, though as per Ethics Committee request, a television has been installed in SCP-3247's cell along with a selection of silent films.

The feeding system for SCP-3247-A has been fully automated, and should deposit twenty grams of live crickets on a weekly basis.

In the event of a containment breach, personnel are to compel escaped SCP-3247-A instances to take on an immobile form and place them back within their cell.

Description: SCP-3247 is a humanoid entity roughly 1.7m in height. The entity wears a striped pullover with suspenders as well as white makeup on its face and exposed skin. Testing has revealed that SCP-3247's clothing and makeup are unable to be removed, and are suspected to be a part of the organism.

Further testing of SCP-3247's physical properties is hindered by its primary anomalous effect. SCP-3247 is intangible and thus incapable of directly interacting with any matter, with the exception of SCP-3247-A instances.

SCP-3247 is host to a colony of arachnids, designated SCP-3247-A, which live on and within the entity. SCP-3247-A instances are defensive of SCP-3247 and are easily provoked, and they instinctively swarm organisms in SCP-3247's vicinity. If, however, SCP-3247-A witness a human subject pantomiming or making particular gesticulations, the colony will coordinate to order themselves in a rough approximation of an inanimate object based off this body language. SCP-3247-A will remain in this state for up to three hours, or until prompted to shift form.

While they are in the shape of an object, SCP-3247-A take on some of the object's properties and are somehow able to function despite being comprised wholly of spiders.

SCP-3247 has to date not attempted to speak to staff, with its attempts at communication being limited to miming actions. SCP-3247 has not expressed discomfort in hosting SCP-3247-A, though it does display annoyance due to their mimicry prompted by its own gesticulations, presumably because the use of props is antithetical to SCP-3247's preferred method of performance art.

Testing Log - SCP-3247-A

Test #
List the gesture performed, and any procedural modifications.
Outcome of test.

Test 3
Closed fist with both the thumb and index finger extended
SCP-3247-A situated themselves in the form of a handgun. After receiving clearance from Control, D-11424 was cleared to pick up SCP-3247-A, and attempt to fire it. It proved capable of firing individual spiders at high-velocity.

Test 15
Thumb and index finger pressed together. Remaining fingers extended (OK).
Four dozen SCP-3247-A paired off to form what seemed to be marijuana cigarettes. D-11424 was successful in lighting and smoking one pair until they were reduced to ash. D-11424 reported feelings and sensations consistent with the typical effects of cannabis, with the added effect of perceiving all humans as possessing arachnid heads while within his visual periphery.

Test 22
N/A: Test was invalidated when D-11424 picked at food in his teeth after entering the testing chamber.
Approximately 3,000 spiders emerged. Mass shifted erratically for a moment before taking on a rough humanoid form. The spiders then began to return to SCP-3247, revealing Doctor Rockefeller underneath. Doctor Rockefeller was greeted by on-site staff pleasantly. Conversely, both D-11424 and SCP-3247 reacted with confusion and apprehension to his sudden presence. Doctor Rockefeller preceded to approach D-11424, overpower him in self-defense, and extract his lower second premolar with a handheld can opener. Doctor Rockefeller took his leave, and the test was concluded.

Test 76
Subject held hands together and wiggled four fingers on each hand, pantomiming a spider.
Roughly six-hundred and forty spiders emerged from SCP-3247 and divided themselves in groups of eight. Each group then came together in the shape of a larger spider. These groups themselves then merged with seven other groups to form even bigger spiders. This continued until the last remaining supergroups merged into one enormous spider made of spiders. It was at this point that D-11424 proceeded to ride the resulting mega-spider in a fashion similar to western bull-riding. Subject was reprimanded after testing ended, but allowed to stay with the project.

Test 133
Subject shadowboxed.
A mass of approximately 3000 spiders emerged from the subject and continued to attack and incapacitate D-11424. Guards nearby had to interfere and bring D-11424 to the nearest infirmary. Analysis of footage indicates the mass fought at a professional level.

Test 475
Subject pantomimed steering a wheel.
An unprecedented number of spiders emerged from SCP-3247 and arranged themselves in the shape of a sedan. D-11424 reprimanded for refusing to get inside in order to attempt to start it. D-11424 responded to Control by making a masturbatory hand gesture, to which SCP-3247-A responded by dismantling themselves and forming approximately two hundred phalluses. Test aborted.
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