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by Doctor Cimmerian

Item #: SCP-3244

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The house containing SCP-3244 is to be secured against outside visitors by Foundation agents. Utilizing the Foundation front company "Southern Crosscut Pines" the surrounding properties are to be purchased from their current owners in order to effect more permanent containment.

Should this purchasing process not be completed by January 1st 2019, Foundation assets in the West Haven city council are to call for the condemnation of the remaining homes under the auspices of protecting the community from sinkhole risks.

Description: SCP-3244 is an aperture located on the second floor of a house in West Haven, Connecticut that leads to an extra-dimensional space. This aperture is approximately .69 meters in diameter. When traversed by an individual's arm, SCP-3244 allows that individual to acquire an instance of "Mountain Dew" (hereafter identified as SCP-3244-1).

SCP-3244 is capable of producing variants of SCP-3244-1 which do not match any extant commercial product. A full listing of these variants is available in document 3244-1-K. Following 513 tests, the distribution of acquired variants is as follows:

  • Mountain Dew Code Red: 365
  • Mountain Dew (Baseline Flavor): 44
  • Bottled, clear, and unaged whiskey: 34
  • Mountain Dew Baja Blast: 31
  • Other Mountain Dew branded products (for a full listing see pages 1-3 of document 3244-1-K): 26
  • Anomalous variants of SCP-3244-1: 13

SCP-3244 was originally identified and contained on August 16th 2016. The house SCP-3244 is located in had been abandoned for 7 months by its previous owner, Toby Thompson1. Mr. Thompson was last seen on January 18th 2016, approximately 9 months after the original creation of SCP-3244. A collection of communications between Mr. Thompson and his associates are collected below.

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