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Item #: SCP-3237

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the intangible nature of SCP-3237, containment is based upon securing the subject's cooperation. Should SCP-3237 become uncooperative the use of a non-lethal auditory cognitohazard has been approved1.

SCP-3237 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell outfitted with two thermal-imaging cameras. Cameras are to be monitored at all times. Security staff are to be alerted should SCP-3237 attempt to leave its cell unless accompanied by a staff member with a minimum of Level 3 Clearance. Site-31 itself is equipped with thermal-imaging cameras for tracking movements of SCP-3237.

All recovered instances of SCP-3237-A are currently stored in Storage Facility EuF-13.

Description: SCP-3237 is a humanoid entity approximately 188 cm in height, with no observable physical mass. The only indication of SCP-3237's existence is an anomalous temperature reading from the area that SCP-3237 currently occupies.

Two different temperatures have been recorded from SCP-3237: A consistent -34.8°C in the area roughly corresponding to SCP-3237's 'skin', and an inconsistent 400-600°C2 throughout the rest of SCP-3237's 'body', including exposed areas such as the eyes or inside of the mouth. The temperature of SCP-3237 itself has been shown to have no effect on the surrounding environment3. However, materials within SCP-3237 will affect the surrounding environment as normal.

Any matter4 occupying the same space as SCP-3237 will instantaneously become the same temperature as SCP-3237, and may subsequently sustain damage from thermal strain. Upon removal, material will react normally with surrounding environment. SCP-3237 has expressed no discomfort with passing through solid objects, and has stated that it cannot feel any difference between materials in different states of matter.

SCP-3237 claims to have at one point been human, though is only able to provide limited information about its former identity5. Visual examination suggests SCP-3237 is 'physically' a male between the ages 20-40, and linguistic knowledge and patterns suggest a Russian origin.

SCP-3237-A is the designation given to 237 human bodies, each with an internal temperature of exactly 26°C. Instances of SCP-3237-A have shown no signs of decomposition during containment. See Addendum-3237-4 for details.

Addendum-3237-1 - Initial Discovery: SCP-3237 was brought to Foundation attention in December of 2000, when a local news channel in Waverly, Nebraska aired an interview with a Roger Carlson, who claimed to have captured footage of a 'temperature ghost' through a thermal camera. The footage showed SCP-3237 waving, pointing and gesturing at the camera in an apparent attempt to initiate communication with Carlson. Foundation field agents successfully propagated a cover story of it being a hoax created by Carlson and temporary Site 31-27a was established to identify and contain the anomaly.

Contact was made on 12/09/2000, when the words 'Please bring blank paper' were found burned into a copy of a report at Site-31-27a. When several sheets of blank paper were brought into the room, SCP-3237 proceeded to communicate by burning words onto the paper. An impromptu interview was conducted by Dr. Glenshaw, and is transcribed below.

Addendum-3237-2 - Interview Log 3237-2: Below is the first interview conducted after containment was established.

Addendum-3237-3 - SCP-3237's Origins: On 4/15/2001 SCP-3237 requested it be interviewed, claiming it had remembered something about its origins.

Addendum-3237-4 - Conclusions: Following the interview, it was concluded that the 'White Death' referred to by SCP-3237 was Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper who was given the nickname for his high number of confirmed kills7 during the Winter War8.

The investigation into SCP-3237 itself provided no evidence to a specific identity. However, the investigation led to the discovery of the existence of SCP-3237-A. The bodies of several Russian soldiers killed during the Winter War were exhumed and it was discovered that a portion of them showed no obvious signs of decay despite having been buried for 60 years. Further tests showed that each instance had an internal temperature of exactly 26°C. All SCP-3237-A instances were confirmed to have been killed by Simo Häyhä. In total, 174 SCP-3237-A instances were exhumed.

Investigation into the Kollaa area9 proved similarly inconclusive to SCP-3237's identity. However, 63 more instances of SCP-3237-A were recovered, bringing the total number of SCP-3237-A to 237.

Foundation agents were able to question Simo Häyhä on 07/25/2001. Häyhä provided the following statement, translated from Finnish.

Based on Häyhä's testimony a physical examination was performed. It was discovered that Häyhä's internal temperature never fell below 37°C, regardless of current conditions. No other anomalous properties were detected in Häyhä, and it was decided that containment was unnecessary.

Addendum-3237-5 - Incident 3237-A102: On 04/01/2002 Simo Häyhä died by what was deemed to be natural causes. Several hours after his death, his body developed severe frostbite, as well as signs of hypothermia. The event was covered up, and his body recovered for further analysis. After thorough study, his body was released back into family custody and buried in Karelia, Finland.

Shortly after Häyhä's death SCP-3237 made a request to be interviewed.

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