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Item #: SCP-3234

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Priority is to immediately quarantine and transport individuals experiencing the effects of SCP-3234 to the nearest Foundation site equipped for humanoid containment. MTF ETA-62 "White Noise" has been established as of ██/██/██, with a mission to quickly locate and limit SCP-3234’s spread through the general populace.1

Once contained, instances of SCP-3234-1 are to be monitored for signs of the final stages of SCP-3234. If an instance is found to be in the later stages, protocol is immediate termination. Instances of SCP-3234-1 found early enough are to maintain sessions with a Foundation therapist three times a week, or as mandated by the Site Director, with follow up tests performed by a psychiatrist. Instances are under no circumstances to be exposed to negative stimuli.

If an instance of SCP-3234-1 has recovered from the effects of SCP-3234, they are to be administered a Class-A amnestic and reintroduced to the general population with an appropriate cover story as per standard protocols. Foundation personnel are then to be stationed in the vicinity of multiple SCP-3234-1 instances, to ease further monitoring. They are to maintain these positions until the predicted chance of a resurgence of SCP-3234 is minimal.

I want to be very clear with the protocols put into place to surveil the instances of SCP-3234-1. This is not a babysitting position, and it does not give agents tasked with observation the ability to disregard their other responsibilities. This position is to maintain a regular surveillance presence in case there is a relapse. At this time it’s not a realistic solution to keep the █████ affected individuals in on-site containment, and I will not entertain the notion of terminating them. If you find yourself on this assignment, consider it like any other surveillance operation. You watch, and you report if there are any abnormalities in behaviour. The only difference is proximity to your target. – Dr. Vaile

Description: SCP-3234 is an anomalous instance of a dissociative disorder that affects individuals with a highly negative sense of self, who desire to cease interactions with society. SCP-3234-1 is the designation for any subject affected by SCP-3234. Severity of SCP-3234 symptoms are directly proportional to the intensity of SCP-3234-1's stressful or negative thoughts.

Symptoms of SCP-3234 surface as a diminished memory and the sensation of losing time. SCP-3234-1‘s ability to communicate is heavily impaired due to an inability to grasp thoughts accurately, causing unconventional speech patterns and the repetition of phrases. [A detailed example is shown within the attached document “Subject 1A session log-1”.]

In advanced stages of SCP-3234, Subjects affected by SCP-3234 will gradually become covered in a visual effect that resembles video noise. An instance of SCP-3234 will start to see their surroundings as dim and monochromatic, even if there are ample sources of light in the area. Instances will exhibit a similar case of colourlessness as they become grey and lose any defining features.

The visual noise first occurs in the eyes, and then gradually spreads across the subject’s body. SCP-3234-1’s body begins to be replaced by the visual noise approximately twenty-seven hours after SCP-3234-1 is fully covered. Instances do not respond to stimuli at this point, and the process is thought to be non-painful. Once the visual noise has completely engulfed SCP-3234-1, the subject will dissipate.

As many of you reading this are well aware, previous attempts at understanding and halting the progression of SCP-3234 have proven fruitless. I was shocked at the level of carelessness in the handling of previous SCP-3234-1 subjects. So far we’ve had ███ subjects become unrecoverable. This is an unacceptable amount given the information we should be using to halt their progression. So, as of ██/██/██, I have taken up the responsibility of figuring out the best course of action to take, and so far these efforts have proven enlightening. I’ve taken the liberty of adding some of the sessions with a typical subject with SCP-3234 in Dr. Welligo's examination. My hope is to provide a basis for how the treatment of these instances should be handled in the future. – Dr. Vaile

Addendum-3234-A: Subject retrieval and examination.

SCP-3234-1A was brought to the attention of Foundation personnel when civilians of ██████, Oregon had reported sightings of a grey skinned humanoid inside an apartment complex. MTF ETA-62 was dispatched for containment. 1A was found, though showed no response to the agent’s entrance.

Initial interactions consisted of garbled and incoherent speech from 1A. 1A had significant progression of SCP-3234’s physical symptoms. A cursory search of the apartment indicated that 1A had been dealing with SCP-3234 for an extended period of time.

1A showed no resistance to transportation to Site-██. During transport, agents described 1A as becoming more coherent through consistent conversation. Between the time of retrieval and the subsequent containment of 1A, the progression of SCP-3234 had lessened to the degree that Dr. Vaile could communicate with it. 1A had so far complied with the treatment plan with little reservation. 1A was sent to Dr. Welligo for examination.

Name: Elijah ████
Designation: Subject 3234-1A
Age: Twenty-eight
Sex: Male

SCP-3234 progression:
SCP-3234-1A exhibited symptoms common to early-middle stages of SCP-3234.

Initial symptoms of SCP-3234:
Skin, irises and hair have small amounts of coloration remaining, with the majority being grey. SCP-3234-1A does not remember how long they have been experiencing these effects. Despite their memory impairments, they have been able to retain the knowledge that they are undergoing treatment for a mental illness. 1A has also exhibited an impairment of verbalising his thoughts, to the point of slurred and repetitive speech.

Three therapy sessions weekly with a qualified Foundation therapist, with weekly follow up tests by either me or another qualified psychiatrist.

Current status:
SCP-3234-1A has complied with the therapy regiment. As of ██/██/██ signs of SCP-3234 effects have lessened significantly. Pending final evaluations, 1A is to be administered a class-A amnestic and returned to the general population with undercover surveillance.

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