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Item#: 3230
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An approximate diagram of a Kerr black hole's structure. The rotation of the black hole causes it to stretch into an oblate spheroid shape, along with changing its gravitational singularity from a single point to a ring. Click to enlarge.


A simulation of a particle in orbit around a Kerr-Newman black hole, generated by the yukterez.aic artificial intelligence. Click to enlarge.

Special Containment Procedures: Autonomous Orbital Station Riemann-002 will monitor SCP-3230 from its orbit around SCP-3230-A. AOS R-002 will send all obtained data to Orbital Area-11 for analysis by the SCP-3230 research team, the Extrasolar Activities Division, the Physics Department, and the Esoteric Physics Department. AOS R-002's Thaumic Transportation Gate may be used to send research probes and devices into SCP-3230-A orbit, following approval by the SCP-3230 Research Committee. All devices sent this way will be in communication with AOS R-002.

In the event that the fusion reactor and backup energy systems on AOS R-002 experience irreparable malfunctions, the station will periodically deploy a specialized flywheel into the ergosphere1 of SCP-3230-A. The flywheel will split into two halves, causing a momentum change so that one half falls into the event horizon and the other is accelerated to speeds needed to exit the ergosphere. The escaping half takes from the rotational energy of the black hole in its acceleration, and stores it as usable energy for the station. Replacement halves will be supplied by Orbital Area-11.

Due to SCP-3230's location, it is not expected to be discovered by civilian or governmental organizations. Standard amnestic and disinformation protocols will be performed in the event of discovery.

Description: SCP-3230 is the collective designation for multiple anomalous black holes and related phenomena, located 13 megaparsecs from the center of the Local Void2.

SCP-3230-A is a rotating and electrically charged black hole3 possessing a radius of 21 R (solar radii) and a mass of 9 M (solar masses). SCP-3230-B1 through B13 are rotating black holes4 possessing 1 R radii and masses of 0.01 M, which are in highly erratic orbits around SCP-3230-A. These masses are unusually low, predicted to be significantly larger based on current mathematical models of black holes.

SCP-3230-C are objects moving at speeds of 2c. The objects move by distorting spacetime in a spherical region around them, displacing them through space at superluminal speeds.5 These spatial distortions visually appear as a region of gravitational lensing. The composition and properties of SCP-3230-C are unknown, due to the superluminal speeds and gravitational bending around them preventing accurate observation. Sizes including the region of distortion are a length of ~6km and a maximum width of ~20km.

SCP-3230-A and SCP-3230-B experience 3230-TRYPA Events, each of which lasts 42 seconds and repeats immediately following its conclusion. A timeline is shown below:

  • 0-10 seconds: SCP-3230-A releases a beam of electromagnetic radiation moving at undetermined superluminal speeds (hereafter referred to as tachyons), directed into SCP-3230-B instances.
  • 10-21 seconds: Tachyon emissions end. SCP-3230-C instances exit SCP-3230-A and enter SCP-3230-B instances.
  • 21-31 seconds: Tachyon emissions originating from SCP-3230-B instances enter SCP-3230-A.
  • 31-42 seconds: SCP-3230-C instances will exit SCP-3230-B instances and enter SCP-3230-A.

No major alterations between events have been observed.

Addendum.1: On 25-August-2025, Autonomous Exploration Satellite Yau-009 was transported from Orbital Area-11 to high SCP-3230-A orbit via the Thaumic Transportation Gate on AOS R-002. Following five days of preparation, the satellite was sent into SCP-3230-B1 for explorative purposes on 30-August-2025. The Lang Distortion Drive was kept active while providing limited thrust, using the spatial distortions to protect against spaghettification and other tidal forces from the black holes. Thaumic Communication Gateways6 were disabled to prevent potential gravitational damage to Dimensional Outpost-51.

Contact was lost until 2-September-2025 when AES Y-009 exited the anomaly. This exit time was significantly sooner than what had been predicted. The time dilation normally generated by black holes is large enough that a subject passing the event horizon could experience one hour while billions of years pass in the outside universe. AES Y-009 experienced two hours inside with four days passing outside, indicating a highly abnormal spacetime topography for the anomaly.

SCP-3230-B1 served as an intra-dimensional wormhole.7 The satellite exited out of a different Kerr black hole, entering a region near the center of the Pegasus Void. A central Kerr-Newman black hole possessing the same size, rotational speed, and electrical charge as SCP-3230-A is present in the area, along with thirteen orbiting Kerr black holes identical to SCP-3230-B instances. All of the black holes have been observed to undergo 3230-TRYPA Events, and SCP-3230-C instances are produced by the central one.

SCP-3230-A has been redesignated to SCP-3230-A1 and the new instance has been classified as SCP-3230-A2. Plans to enter additional SCP-3230-B instances is pending approval.

Addendum.2: Following the outfitting of AES Y-009 with a Transportation Gate (currently used to transport satellites into SCP-3230-A orbits) on 6-September-2025, the probe has discovered thirty SCP-3230-A instances via travel through SCP-3230-B. As it has been determined that travel at high superluminal speeds is a safe method to navigate SCP-3230-B instances, the travel time between SCP-3230-A has been drastically decreased.

All discovered SCP-3230-A possess the same number of SCP-3230-B and experience 3230-TRYPA Events. All SCP-3230-A and SCP-3230-B have identical properties. Gathered astronomical data has shown that each instance is located in a cosmic void, commonly near the centers of them. All but two of the voids are within the observable universe (from the perspective of Earth). Full details are in Document YAU-009-EXP.

Exploration is ongoing.


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