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SCP-3229 limestone formation, note tinged lighting.

Item #: SCP-3229

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-3229 must be monitored by a Foundation naval contingent to prevent any unauthorised access. The Foundation nuclear submarine SCPF Johansen must remain stationed at the entrance to SCP-3229. In the event of a containment breach, Protocol Alert-27 is to be initiated immediately.

Vessels assigned to the Area 55 Containment Force are to report to Site Director Yu and assigned to assist in both exploration and security efforts when necessary. Submersibles assigned to exploration efforts are to report to MTF Gamma-6 Command. All submersible exploration efforts are to maintain safe distance of 10 kilometres from any submerged SCP-3229-A settlement. All submersible expedition commanders must have full knowledge of Protocol Alert-27.

Area 55 is the epicentre of a stable perimeter around the western-most island in the SCP-3229 archipelago, with efforts being taken to expand operations towards the "temple island" north-east of Area 55. MTF Iota-13 and MTF Beta-44 are to aid with the expansion of the Foundation held perimeter. If direct confrontation cannot be avoided, personnel are permitted to utilise lethal force against SCP-3229-A entities. Due to the durability of SCP-3229-A instances, small arms fire must be used in overlapping fields of fire. Hollow-point rounds are recommended for engagement, if small arms are to be used.

Sample entities of SCP-3229-B are to be contained in a 5 metre by 5 metre containment tank of reinforced glass. No contact is to be made with any SCP-3229-B entity unless cleared by Dr. Iseigo. Any experimentation with SCP-3229-B organisms must be undertaken in sealed protective gear. Any personnel victim to implantation by SCP-3229-B are to be terminated immediately.

MTF Gamma-6 (Deep Feeders) is to continue investigation into the exact nature of SCP-3229-O and account for any further hostile presence within SCP-3229. All findings containing information relevant to SCP-3229-O are to be reported to Site Director Yu. Any encountered SCP-3229-O entity must not be engaged unless containment is at risk of being compromised.

Description: SCP-3229 is a spacial anomaly located within a cave system ██ kilometres from the southwest coast of Svalbard. The cave itself is situated on an islet approximately 18 square metres. Within these caves is an archipelago of 312 islands of varying size, situated within an area of approximately ████ square kilometres. This space is not reachable by any means other than the cave entrance, and as such appears to be separate from this plane of reality.

The archipelago within SCP-3229 appears to have been inhabited by a pre-industrial civilisation which has spread across the entirety of SCP-3229. The majority of islands inside SCP-3229 are covered in buildings of non-euclidean architecture. These buildings are largely constructed of limestone and an unknown coral-like substance. Luminescent crystals provide lighting, universally tinged in a pale green/yellow. Numerous glyphs are carved across the limestone portions of every building discovered in SCP-3229 thus far. These glyphs have no known anomalous properties and have been partially translated.

The structures present throughout the archipelago range in size and complexity, with the more complex structures present on the larger islands within SCP-3229. The two most expansive islands within the archipelago are home to a palace structure and a primary temple respectively. The temple structure is currently unexplored by Foundation personnel, while the palace has been entered and multiple items of interest recovered (See Addenda). The palace island is lightly inhabited, and evidence suggests that the occupants have migrated to a settlement beneath the ocean. Exploration attempts by MTF Gamma-6 have since confirmed this hypothesis. Further investigation has revealed that SCP-3229-O is responsible for the creation of these submerged settlements by [REDACTED]. The temple island however has been observed to maintain a consistent presence of SCP-3229-A entities, which have been observed to grow in numbers at times relating to the lunar cycle. It is unknown how SCP-3229-A instances maintain awareness of the lunar cycle. It is hypothesised that the SCP-3229-A presence on the temple island is directly related to SCP-3229-O, which according to recovered antiquity, is to receive communion with the "priesthood" at the height of the lunar cycle.

The structures on the larger islands vary in size, with the majority being approximately 6.6 metres in height (2 storeys). The largest structure known to the Foundation, the primary temple, is 55 metres (16.6 storeys) in height. The majority of the smaller islands surveyed by Foundation teams bear minimal signs of life. Inhabited "villages", containing small numbers of SCP-3229-A entities, are common. Observation has determined that the inhabitants of these villages spend a large majority of their time underwater as opposed to dwelling inside their constructed houses. The SCP-3229-A instances inhabiting the smaller islands do not migrate to the larger submerged settlements, but are instead found within reefs and similar natural formations close to the coast. It is probable some form of social hierarchy exists among SCP-3229-A instances which prevents access to the larger submerged settlements.

SCP-3229 is currently inhabited by a number of aquatic and amphibious lifeforms unidentified prior to discovery, with the most common entity hostile to Foundation personnel being SCP-3229-A. SCP-3229-A are humanoid amphibious hybrids that are the primary hostile inhabitants of SCP-3229. While some degree of variation exists between instances of SCP-3229-A, all entities exhibit a collection of common traits:

  • discoloured, blue-grey skin.
  • coral-like growths, commonly found around the cranium and protruding from near the shoulder blades.
  • Large dorsal fins.
  • Glassy eyes.
  • Numerous SCP-3229-B instances visible moving beneath the skin.

It is unknown if SCP-3229-A entities remain sentient after the implantation of SCP-3229-B. Recorded behaviour suggests at least a rudimentary level of sapience, as SCP-3229-A entities are capable of ambush and limited strategy. SCP-3229-A entities appear have some understanding of religious process, evident by the behaviour of SCP-3229-A entities on the temple island. Further investigation is required to determine the exact level of intelligence SCP-3229-A entities possess.

SCP-3229-B is a parasitic life-form which is responsible for the creation of SCP-3229-A entities. SCP-3229-B are wormlike organisms of varying length, commonly 2-4 inches in diameter. Instances of SCP-3229-B have a featureless exterior that is covered in a liquid produced from the skin of SCP-3229-B. This liquid is suspected to be a mutagen, although it is hypothesised to also act as a lubricant. The entities enter a host via any available orifice. The mouth, eyes or anus are commonly utilised, but SCP-3229-B has also been noted entering through artificial orifices in victims, such as gunshot wounds or injuries caused by SCP-3229-A. This form of implantation is less common, as SCP-3229-B gravitates towards an able bodied host. The full process of SCP-3229-B implantation has been observed and documented.


DATE: ██/██/████


AUTHORISATION: Site Director Yu. Experiment supervised by Dr. Iseigo.


00:00: D-3231145 is introduced to testing chamber, restrained.

00:03: SCP-3229-B organism is introduced to the testing chamber. D-32311 emits audible distress.

00:05: SCP-3229-B enters D-32311 via oral implantation, dislocating D-32311's jaw in the process. Attempts at resistance by D-32311 are fruitless.

00:06: D-3231145 (hereby designated as "host") begins violent spasms. X-Ray indicates the SCP-3229-B organism is dividing to spread through the hosts body. Initial division begins in the upper esophagus.

00:11: SCP-3229-B has finished it's division process. Multiple organisms are situated around major organs and along muscle tissue. Host has lapsed into shock.

00:12: SCP-3229-B organisms appear to "pulsate". It is hypothesised this action is responsible for the dispersal of SCP-3229-B's mutagenic properties in a host.

00:15: Host resumes spasms, however X-Ray and audio feeds indicate the host is undergoing severe skeletal restructuring. Host remains conscious throughout the process.

00:21: Host's skin begins rapid discolouration.

00:25: Multiple growths appear on the hosts cranium and around the face.

00:26: Growths have also appeared along the shoulder-blades. No growth has currently breached the skin.

00:30: Protrusions breach the skin, revealing the coral-like substance present on SCP-3229-A instances. Host's facial structure has been largely distorted.

00:48: Host has finished skeletal restructuring. Dorsal fin is now visible and lower limbs have become double jointed. Hands of SCP-3229-A instance appear elongated, with digits 1.5 times the length of the original host's. Skin is now taut, revealing altered skeletal structure and SCP-3229-B instances. SCP-3229-B instances have resumed passive movement throughout SCP-3229-A.

00:50: Host, now designated SCP-3229-A, becomes agitated and breaches restraints.

00:51: Security personnel enter testing chamber and attempt to subdue SCP-3229-A.

00:52: SCP-3229-A breaches containment, showing marked increase in strength and durability.

00:58: SCP-3229-A instance is terminated by security personnel, after terminating multiple research staff including Dr. ████.


Notes: "It's still necessary we keep samples of 3229-B on site. If we can find out which part of their mutagen causes the host to gain that impressive level of strength, we could use it for our own means. Imagine a soldier with the ability to rip apart Kevlar with their bare hands. You can't say we couldn't use that." - Dr. Iseigo

SCP-3229-B organisms are opportunistic, but unable to infect a resisting host, due to a lack of physical strength. As a result, implantation is often undertaken upon captured hosts by SCP-3229-A entities. SCP-3229-B implantation is treated in a ritualistic fashion by SCP-3229-A instances. This is hypothesised to be due to the relationship between SCP-3229-B and SCP-3229-O.

SCP-3229-O is an unidentified aquatic organism of unknown size and origin. Recovered sources refer to it as a significant figure within the pantheon of the archipelago's original civilisation. It is known to be responsible for the creation of SCP-3229-B and, by proxy, SCP-3229-A. Recovered sources also state that only one SCP-3229-O instance remains, with the rest of the pantheon now extinct. While no physical encounters with SCP-3229-O have been made, it is probable that an SCP-3229-O entity exists. Protocol Alert-27 has been established to contain/neutralise a possible hostile SCP-3229-O entity.


Addendum 01/RI:
Multiple items of note have been recorded by MTF Gamma-6 and Foundation forces responsible for expanding the secure perimeter. The total log is currently 312 retrieved items. For complete records see 3229/TL-1/Retrieval.

Item Designation Description Location Recovered
Slate 01-T A limestone tablet, on the original use of the island now housing Area 55. The island was considered "god-forsaken" and a path towards heretical lands. Area 55.
Sample 3229-B/01 SCP-3229-B Mutagen, stored in a clear glass vial. While evidence of the SCP-3229 civilisation's capacity for glasswork, it also indicates some study was undertaken by the civilisation prior to wide-scale implantation. Palatial-island.
Slate 05-T/MC A series of 12 limestone columns, inscribed. The columns are a record of the ruling families attempt to stop implantation of SCP-3229-B. This attempt led to the ruling class being overthrown by a religious organisation, which expanded implantation and led the civilisation "under the blessed sea" to seek "communion". Further translation pending. █████ ██████
Slate 02-T/L A limestone mural with artistic carvings. The mural appears to show initial contact with SCP-3229-O by the 3229 civilisation. This contact appears hostile, as multiple figures are shown spearing SCP-3229-O from a vessel. All these figures are shown contorted on their vessel, while multiple large tentacles surround them. Palatial island.
Item 12-M A small toy, constructed of seaweed. It appears to be a figure of SCP-3229-B. Village ██.
Item 44-M Item of pottery, images show initial discovery of SCP-3229-B by unknown party, who presents SCP-3229-B to a group of individuals. Final third of pottery shows family of three undergoing SCP-3229-B implantation. Village ███.
Slate 07-S A large mosaic, constructed of limestone and ████. The image shows the religious heads of SCP-3229's civilisation, now appearing as SCP-3229-A entities, guiding multiple figures underwater, where a SCP-3229-O entity resides. Further images show worship of SCP-3229-O and multiple tentacles destroying a large landmass with unidentified structures. Scattered items of text detail a "time of heretics" and salvation being achieved when "Great ███████████ swallows the land and brings all into the Blessed Sea." [REDACTED]

Addendum 3229/02-1DA
As of 17/10/████, Area 55 has been assaulted twice by large groups of SCP-3229-A entities. Further security resources are to be dispatched to Area 55 and made available to MTF Iota-13 and MTF Beta-44. Due to the inefficient nature of current munitions against SCP-3229-A, gyro-jet rounds are to be assigned to all MTF units. The Area 55 armoury must replace all unnecessary small arms with high calibre or explosive weaponry. Further expansion of the Area 55 perimeter is not to be attempted until sufficient reinforcements are acquired.

Addendum 3229/-O_025
As of 07/05/████, three surveyed islands to the south-east of Area 55 have been sunk. Included in these islands was Research Outpost 34. Preliminary reports indicate 97% of on site staff were lost. MTF Gamma-6 were the first to respond to the event, picking up 5 survivors. All surviving personnel were exposed to a cognitohazard and were unable to provide further insight into the event. MTF Gamma-6 has requested additional resources be allocated for Protocol Alert-27. Area 55 has in addition been provided with on-site nuclear warheads as required by the updated Protocol Alert-27. Further seismic activity of this magnitude is expected.

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