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Photograph taken from the edge of SCP-3219.

Item #: SCP-3219

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A ninety-kilometer exclusion zone has been established along the boundaries of SCP-3219. This zone is to remain uninhabited; ten Foundation personnel operating as agents of the National Park Service are to be stationed at its perimeter. In addition to their official duties as park rangers, they are to perform daily examinations of the exclusion zone, including the access point for SCP-3219.

All persons found near or within the exclusion zone are to be escorted out; abandoned vehicles and camp-sites are to be reported to 3219 Incident Command. All evidence regarding disappearances linked to SCP-3219 is to be examined, documented, and destroyed.

3219 Incident Command is to be notified prior to authorized entry into SCP-3219's exclusion zone. Personnel entering this zone are limited to one hour excursions; should they exceed this limit, no attempt at recovery is to be made. Under no circumstances are personnel to traverse SCP-3219 or enter its area of effect.

Description: SCP-3219 is a region of space approximately seven square kilometers in size located in South Mountains State Park, North Carolina. This region exhibits numerous neurological, electromagnetic, and topographical anomalies, many of which extend outside of its boundaries (albeit with a significant reduction in intensity and/or frequency). Examples include:

  • Fluctuating areas of electromagnetic interference.
  • Non-sapient organisms expressing severe aversion toward approaching or entering SCP-3219.
  • Sapient organisms experiencing dizziness, periods of lost time, and symptoms of topographical agnosia (such as loss of spatial cognition).
  • Unexplained changes in SCP-3219's topography.
  • Unexplained sounds.
  • Unexplained disappearances of both persons and objects.
  • The emergence of taphophobia1 among personnel who have spent time near or in SCP-3219.

SCP-3219 has been linked to ninety-six disappearances since its discovery. However, evidence suggests it may be responsible for as many as two hundred, with the oldest documented case dating to 1922.

Addendum 3219.1: Incident Reports (1922 to 1971)

SCP-3219 was first contained in 1972. Reports regarding incidents prior to this have been compiled via interviews, analysis of first and second hand documents, and records recovered from law enforcement agencies. A sampling of these reports is provided below.


INCIDENT #: 3219-0003


The Cotter Family (date unknown).

Local authorities investigated the Cotter home after several residents of Sutherland reported having no contact with the family for four months. The home was described as a two-story residence with an attic and storm cellar. Although research into the precise circumstances surrounding its construction has proven inconclusive, it was likely built somewhere within SCP-3219 during the early 20th century.

Upon arriving, deputies found the residence abandoned. Other observations noted in their reports included:

  • A "rotting, rancid" smell. No source for this odor was found.
  • Rags soaked in plaster used to plug the house's drains and faucets.
  • Scratching sounds (described in one report as "scurrying rats") under the floorboards.
  • The carcass of the family's dog buried in the backyard. A cursory examination determined it had been recently maimed by an unidentified animal.
  • Signs of extended habitation inside the house's attic, including canned food, bed-rolls, and a hastily constructed barricade over its entrance.

Notably, no reports describe any attempt to examine the residence's storm cellar. Research into the reason behind this oversight has thus far proven inconclusive.

The investigation ended after six months with no additional leads. Although records obtained from the Sutherland sheriff's office describe the Cotter residence as having been demolished in 1928, evidence corroborating this claim has yet to be found.


INCIDENT #: 3219-0089


Theodore Tomlin's clothes (recovered from SCP-3219's exclusion zone).

Two children (Theodore and Ashley Tomlin) from Sutherland, North Carolina, were reported missing by their mother (Delores Tomlin) after they failed to return home from school. During the ensuing investigation, local police found evidence that the twins had gone to pick berries in the nearby woods. Park authorities were notified; an extensive search was organized.

Two weeks after the search began, Miles Bassi (a retired sheriff and hunter) was hiking beside a shallow pond in SCP-3219's exclusion zone when he came upon clothing hanging from a tree branch. On closer examination, he found that the pockets were filled with rotting blueberries. He immediately notified local authorities.

Police verified that the clothes matched those worn by Theodore Tomlin prior to his disappearance. Notably, they were recovered over seventy-five kilometers from where the Tomlin twins were last seen.


INCIDENT #: 3219-0189

While on patrol in SCP-3219's exclusion zone, a park ranger reported discovering a set of doors partially buried in the ground. He described "scratching noises" coming from beneath them. Upon opening the doors, he encountered a set of stairs and a "horrible stench". He then closed the doors and reported the incident to his commanding officer. A later search conducted by multiple rangers failed to locate any doors or stairs in the area.


INCIDENT #: 3219-0219


From left to right: Ashley, Susan, Thomas, and Curtis Bonafede.

Four members of the Bonafede family were reported missing after failing to return home from a camping trip planned within South Mountains State Park. Park rangers cooperated with local police to organize a search party.

On the first day, hunting dogs led the search party to the edge of SCP-3219. The dogs refused to enter SCP-3219; furthermore, the search party described several incidents of dizziness, lost time, and erratic behavior among nearby wildlife.

On the third day, two members of the search party disappeared. Shortly after this incident, the Sutherland sheriff's office ordered all workers to continue the search for the Bonafede family in a region adjacent to SCP-3219. After a three month long investigation, no traces of the Bonafede family or the two missing rescue workers were found.


INCIDENT #: 3219-0397

Residents of Sutherland and surrounding communities reported numerous pollutants in their water. These pollutants were accompanied by the smell of rancid meat. Tests carried out by local and state officials found the presence of numerous toxins, including an abundance of decomposing organic matter from an unidentified source. No cause for this infiltration was determined.

After three weeks with no potable water, a high-level state official requested Foundation involvement. The ensuing investigation led to the identification and designation of SCP-3219 as an anomaly, followed by the establishment of its current exclusion zone (and the evacuation of Sutherland). Two months later, tests performed upon water drawn from Sutherland found no notable pollutants.

Addendum 3219.2: Exploration Logs

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