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Portion of SCP-3218-078-A, taken after death.

Item #: SCP-3218

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Known instances of SCP-3218 are to be purchased or requisitioned by the Foundation through any available means and secured in their place of manifestation, as instances of SCP-3218 cannot be relocated without termination. In cases where requisition or purchase is deemed unfeasible, the instance of SCP-3218 is to be terminated following Protocol 3B, and amnestics distributed to non-Foundation personnel known to have come into contact with SCP-3218.

Captive instances of SCP-3218-A are to be monitored for any change in their behaviour or biology. Instances of SCP-3218-B may be repurposed for experimental or storage use with the Lead Researcher's approval.

Description: SCP-3218 is the collective designation for a series of anomalous organisms and the containers they manifest in. SCP-3218 has been known to the Foundation since 1951, when it was first observed in the town of Geraldton, Western Australia. SCP-3218 has since been observed manifesting worldwide at indeterminate intervals. The most recent instance of SCP-3218 was reported on 01/08/20██ and is currently contained by Site 332.

All instances of SCP-3218 observed to date have manifested in an urban or otherwise populated environment, often inside private residences or within private estates. An instance will manifest as an animal and a container, which are hereby respectively referred to as SCP-3218-A and SCP-3218-B.

SCP-3218-A takes the form of a member of the kingdom animalia1 contained within an appropriately-sized container. Instances of SCP-3218-A mimic the behaviour of the animal form they have taken, but differ in physical appearance by the absence of cross-sectional portions of their body, most commonly lateral to the spine2.

Despite these missing portions, the instance of SCP-3218-A will show no discomfort and continue to exist as if whole. An observer can see the internal organs of SCP-3218-A moving and operating as if the body was intact. Simple experimentation proves that these portions are physically absent as opposed to merely transparent. As long as SCP-3218-A remains within its container the different portions can be moved or re-arranged without disruption to its continued function.

SCP-3218-A will display reluctance to being removed from SCP-3218-B, and may attack if an attempt is made to forcefully remove it. Exactly 53 seconds3 after being removed from SCP-3218-B, SCP-3218-A will begin to bleed to death, and the individual portions of its body will react to gravitational pull as if they were no longer attached. At this point, SCP-3218-B ceases to affect SCP-3218-A and loses its anomalous properties4. In all observed instances, the cause of death has been severe blood loss leading to catastrophic organ failure.

Once SCP-3218-A is dead, the portions of its body no longer display any anomalous qualities and can be safely disposed of according to site-specific Organic Waste Protocols.

SCP-3218-B is the container in which SCP-3218-A manifests. Instances of SCP-3218-B have been observed to manifest in a wide range of sizes and appearances. While in SCP-3218-B, SCP-3218-A does not age, require food or drink5 or suffer any ill effects stemming from the missing portions of its body.

SCP-3218-B does not display any anomalous properties when holding any living or dissected organisms that are not SCP-3218-A. SCP-3218-B displays an absolute hardness of 400-420 regardless of its appearance. While SCP-3218-A remains within SCP-3218-B, SCP-3218-B cannot be moved and displays resistance to all forms of force, although the same does not apply to SCP-3218-A6. However, once SCP-3218-A is dead, SCP-3218-B can be moved using appropriate force to its apparent size and weight.

Note: Since 30/05/2010, all known instances of SCP-3218 have manifested in properties owned or maintained by the Foundation, and have increased in frequency. Further resources have been requested to study SCP-3218 and determine if it poses a direct risk to the Foundation and the safe containment of dangerous entities.


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