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Item #: SCP-3204

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A concrete enclosure 20 meters in diameter and 10 meters in height has been air-lifted and placed over the top of SCP-3204. The north side of the enclosure has a two-door mantrap system for access to SCP-3204. Equipment designed to monitor, examine, or otherwise observe the interior dimensions of the enclosure containing SCP-3204 are strictly forbidden, outside of the purposes of testing.

A perimeter 180 meters in diameter around SCP-3204 consists of an even distribution of RP-201 (approximately 76.9 kg) among the natural environment. A new coating of RP-20 is to be applied every 3 months by a supervised team of D-Class personnel wearing standard issue Foundation hazmat suits.

A perimeter 250 meters in diameter has been established around SCP-3204 of various signage warning of radiation hazards, biological contamination, and death, in the Ukrainian, Russian, and English languages. This perimeter also contains several countermeasures designed to deter local wildlife from entry.

A monitoring station 150 meters to the north of SCP-3204 has been established, disguised as a derelict listening post. This station houses MTF Sigma-57 "Epona" who is to monitor all activities outside of the SCP-3204 enclosure. Σ-57 is equipped with standard issue Foundation hazmat incursion suits. The station is equipped with various alarms that are activated when an entity weighing more than 1 kg passes within intervals of 200, 100, 40, and 20 meters of SCP-3204's enclosure, as well as other monitoring equipment such as seismographs and closed-circuit security cameras. MTF Σ-57 is to intercept unauthorized individuals passing through the 100 meter perimeter, administer Class-A amnestics, and release them at Rally Point █████. Unauthorized individuals who pass through the 40 meter perimeter may be terminated at MTF Σ-57's discretion.

The area 500 meters in diameter surrounding SCP-3204 has been designated as Area-███. This site is located █.██ miles outside of Pripyat, Ukraine. The radiation levels of Area-███ are consistent with the rest of the immediate area in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Appropriate precautions should be taken as necessary during the testing process. MTF Σ-57 is to report all incursions of Area-███, authorized or otherwise, to [REDACTED] and follow up with a report. In the event of a hostile incursion into Area-███ or the enclosure which MTF Σ-57 is unable to suppress, the monitoring station is equipped with [REDACTED] to guarantee the immediate destruction of SCP-3204.

For the purposes of testing, any equipment used inside SCP-3204's enclosure is to be operated from inside of its own off-Area isolated observation chamber. This chamber, like the aforementioned enclosure, is to use a two-door mantrap system for access. Equipment designed to monitor, examine, or otherwise observe the interior dimensions of this chamber are similarly strictly forbidden. Outside communication with the observation chamber is also strictly forbidden during testing. After testing has concluded, all equipment inside the chamber must be turned off or disconnected before anyone inside is allowed to exit. Any and all testing logs that leave the chamber must be handwritten; no audio or visual logs are permitted to leave the chamber.

Any tests with SCP-3204 requires Level 4 authorization or higher, and a Level 4/3204 individual must supervise the entire testing process to ensure no undue harm befalls the Foundation, its assets, or non-Foundation personnel and civilians. At this time, there are no plans to relocate SCP-3204, although various proposals have been made pending further testing and experimentation.

Following Incident 3204/04, all matters concerning SCP-3204 have been suspended pending verification of the integrity of Area-███.

Description: Detailed descriptions of SCP-3204 vary between observers. However, the most consistent details of SCP-3204 are that of a statue of a horse rearing on its hind legs, standing atop a pedestal. The two sections are made of the same material and the craftsmanship of the entire sculpture is consistent with the style of ancient Greek architecture. The height of the horse varies between approximately 2.0 to 2.25 meters, and the height of the pedestal is approximately 1 meter.

SCP-3204 has been described as having outstretched wings (Pegasus), a horn (Unicorn), both, and neither. The material composition of SCP-3204 has been described as marble, granite, limestone, concrete, and [REDACTED]. The condition of SCP-3204 varies from pristine to ruined; when not pristine, SCP-3204 exhibits scratches, stains, chips, and/or missing pieces consistent with the condition of the material described. However, it should be noted these marks are always in the same spots.

A concrete wall 8 meters in diameter, 4 meters in height, and 0.5 meters in width surrounds SCP-3204 with four 0.66 meter openings at the NE, SE, SW, and NW edges. The wall and concrete flooring at the base of SCP-3204 has a level of deterioration consistent with the concrete structures in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone that were abandoned in 1986. The area between this interior wall and the wall of the concrete enclosure is filled with dead vegetation that obscures the openings in the interior wall, as a result of the enclosure cutting off the area from the outside environment. Given SCP-3204's anomalous properties, this vegetation should not be removed to ensure no unintentional observations of SCP-3204 are made. Where SCP-3204 originates from, or how and when it ended up at its current location, is unknown.

Sapient individuals who directly or indirectly observe SCP-3204 disappear the instant they themselves are not observed. Where these individuals disappear to is indeterminate. For all intents and purposes, they simply cease to exist. A direct observation is defined as making visual or physical contact with SCP-3204. Indirect observations include but may not be limited to: video feed, still photographs, drawings, waveform images, ultrasound, and [REDACTED].

It is theorized that any method that allows for an individual to accurately discern SCP-3204's physical appearance will result in that individual disappearing. However, vocalized and written descriptions of SCP-3204 do not cause such an event. Attention drawn to similarities between SCP-3204 and the results of the infamous "Double-slit experiment" have been noted, but for the time being there is no way of knowing whether or not these similarities are just coincidental. Further testing is deemed necessary.

SCP-3204 testing began properly on ██ September 1989, after ██ Foundation personnel had disappeared and the Foundation was able to correctly theorize the anomalous properties of SCP-3204.

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Addendum 3204-01: It has been recommended changing SCP-3204's object classification to Thaumiel, utilizing it to dispose of sapient SCPs that are hostile, uncontrollable, or otherwise deemed high-risk threats. However, further testing is still required to determine the full extent of SCP-3204's anomalous properties, and to what extent the Foundation can safely maneuver in its presence. It should also be noted that there is currently no means of removing SCP-3204 from Area-███, which further complicates the matter. While this suggestion may be considered at a later date, there is currently no plan to change SCP-3204's object class.

Addendum 3204-UKR: The Foundation became aware of SCP-3204's existence during a preliminary investigation of SCP-3074 in 1988, when a helicopter carrying Foundation personnel en route to Pripyat, Ukraine went down approximately █.██ outside the city; it is believed the pilot may have spotted SCP-3204 through the foliage. SCP-3204 may account for up to ████ missing individuals following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on 27 April 1986, including evacuees and military personnel.

Following the discovery and containment of SCP-3204, the Foundation has been working with the Ukrainian government in diverting human traffic from the area. However, in recent years the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has been seeing an uptick in various cleanup and development efforts. It is possible that efforts to contain SCP-3204 at Area-███ may become increasingly difficult to manage, and there are currently no plans to relocate SCP-3204. If SCP-3204 cannot be safely moved to a new secure site, then its destruction will be considered.

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