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SCP-3202, before its conversion to an indoor pool.

Item #: SCP-3202

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The pool containing SCP-3202 has been purchased by a Foundation front company (the SCP Pool Corporation) and converted to an indoor pool. It is to remain closed to the public under the pretense of ongoing renovations. The pool is to be drained when testing is not underway. Any entities that emerge from SCP-3202 are to be captured for study if possible.

Description: SCP-3202 is an interdimensional portal located in the public swimming pool at ████████████ Park in ████████, VA. For an individual to pass through SCP-3202, the following criteria must be met:

  • The individual must dive into SCP-3202 from the diving board.
  • The individual must be wearing a bathing suit and no other clothes.
  • The individual must have showered no more than fifteen (15) minutes before diving.
  • The individual must not have eaten within the last hour.

Upon passing completely below the surface of the water, individuals meeting these criteria are transported to an extradimensional space designated SCP-3202-1.

Addendum 5844-1: Exploration of SCP-3202-1.

D-48923 was the first test subject sent into SCP-3202. She was equipped with bathing suit, tinted swimming goggles, a waterproof head-mounted camera, and a radio transmitter.

When D-48923 failed to return or make contact within 24 hours of entry, D-54882 was sent to explore SCP-3202 and recover her if possible. He also failed to return or make contact within 24 hours. It is assumed that radio transmissions cannot pass through SCP-3202-1.

Due to his past experience with similar anomalies, exploration specialist D-11424 was chosen to enter SCP-3202-1 next. D-11424 was equipped similarly to the previous test subjects, minus the radio transmitter.

Addendum 5844-2:

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