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Item #: SCP-3202

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: D-78818 is exempt from any scheduled termination or transfers, and may be kept in a standard low-threat humanoid containment cell.

Footage of D-78818 swallowing Junior Researcher Pitt's pet goldfish is available to all personnel with 1/3202 clearance. Personnel affected by SCP-3202 are encouraged to rewatch the footage should they ever experience doubt that the event occurred.

Witnesses to SCP-3202 are not permitted to consume live animals.

Description: SCP-3202 is a shared memory of a particular individual, designated SCP-3202-1, eating an acquaintance's pet while the animal was still alive. SCP-3202 only affects individuals who would have witnessed the event were it to occur (hereby "witnesses"); SCP-3202-1 is not affected.

Each SCP-3202 manifestation occurs in distinct stages. During Stage 1, witnesses will possess a shared memory of the event described above. These memories are vivid and mutually consistent, regardless of the supposed time since the event or the mental states of the witnesses.

Stage 2 begins when a witness ceases to believe these memories of the event.1 SCP-3202's fidelity will decrease for each witness that ceases to believe the memories; after this occurs for about half of the witnesses, SCP-3202 becomes indistinguishable from an imaginary event.

Stage 3 occurs once SCP-3202 is only believed by one witness. The active instance of SCP-3202 will cease to exist, with all falsified memories being eliminated. SCP-3202 will then reoccur, changing in form, with the remaining witness becoming the new SCP-3202-1.

Individuals who are exposed to several iterations of SCP-3202 often cease to display interest in the falsified memories and are typically quick to dismiss them; whether this is a natural reaction or a facet of SCP-3202 itself is unclear.

Recovery: The circumstances resulting in SCP-3202's creation are unclear; SCP-3202-related activity was first identified in San Francisco, CA among the administration of the ███████ Company on 2017-04-19. SCP-3202 went through an estimated nineteen iterations before its operational parameters were delineated by the Foundation.

SCP-3202's current containment procedures were formulated under the hypothesis that, if SCP-3202-1 participated in an event consistent with SCP-3202's parameters, the false memories would align with this event; subsequently, subjects would not find reason to disbelieve in SCP-3202, and it would thus remain stable.

To this end, a witness to an SCP-3202 manifestation was recruited as D-Class Personnel #78818. D-78818 was introduced to Junior Researcher Pitt, then provided with JR Pitt's pet goldfish. He complied with an instruction to swallow the goldfish.

Immediately thereafter, all other witnesses were provided information that disproved the active manifestation of SCP-3202. SCP-3202 demanifested, then reoccurred as a shared memory indistinguishable from the actual event of D-78818 swallowing the goldfish. This containment attempt is considered a success, and forms the basis of current containment procedures.

Addendum: A standard psychological review performed in June of 2017 has found that all personnel who witnessed SCP-3202 regard the memories associated with it as particularly enjoyable, recalling the event frequently and often experiencing dreams related to it. Subjects report deriving pleasure from the unambiguous truth of SCP-3202, as well as the imagined sensation of swallowing goldfish. Several expressed interest in performing similar acts.

SCP-3202 has been upgraded to Euclid. All witnesses are to be monitored for further anomalies.

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