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Item #: SCP-32-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-32-J is not to be disseminated among personnel under any circumstances. The only approved copy of SCP-32-J is currently backed up on Dr. Liskai's Dr. McCarn’s hard drive. Foundation webcrawlers have been programmed to find and delete copies or iterations of SCP-32-J whenever posted, including especially on the Foundation intranet.

Description: SCP-32-J is a square digital image depicting a drawing of a small creature with two legs, two eyes and a mouth. When this image is downloaded and posted to the social media platform Twitter, the poster becomes comatose within 2 minutes of posting. Comas caused by SCP-32-J last exactly 12 hours, after which no lasting impact or adverse symptoms are observed.

SCP-32-J was discovered by Researcher Zara Barne, who saw the original image on Twitter, posted by user @user83456942807487 and captioned “repost him.” Barne reposted the image, causing her to fall comatose for 12 hours. Upon waking and finding the image removed from her profile, Barne posted it again, to the same result. Barne reported the phenomenon and containment procedures were put in place.

The following experiments were conducted via D-class personnel posting to a private account on Twitter. None triggered SCP-32-J’s effect.

  • cropping the image
  • altering the image
  • renaming the image file
  • replicating the drawing in a separate file
  • posting a screenshot of the image

Addendum - First Account of Misuse

The following video log is taken from a security camera in conference room B during a routine staff meeting at Site-129.

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Jacob Wright talks at length, gesturing to a slide presentation behind him.]

[Dr. Liam Poverly rubs his hand down his face.]

[Wright continues to talk.]

[Poverly repeatedly glances from the presentation to the clock.]

[Wright continues to talk.]

[Poverly looks at his phone screen under the table.]

[Wright talks.]

[Poverly collapses onto the table.]

<End Log>


Posting SCP-32-J to Twitter is strictly forbidden under the anomaly’s containment procedures. Using the anomaly as a means of avoiding personal problems, work events, or illness will result in disciplinary action. Please stop posting SCP-32-J.

— Dr. June Liskai, Director

From: Human Resources
To: Fwd: SITE-129 ALL
Subject: Annual In-Person Performance Evaluation

All Site-129 staff,

Performance evaluation meetings will be conducted next Monday, 5 June 2022. Please be prepared to give an accurate report of your performance with the Foundation and check the schedule for your scheduled meeting time.

From: J.Liskai
To: Fwd: SITE-129 ALL
Subject: Re: Annual In-Person Performance Evaluation

Don't even think about it.

Dr. June Liskai

Addendum 2 - June 5 Incident

On June 5, 2022, approximately 71% of Site-129 staff were reported or discovered comatose after posting SCP-32-J on Twitter. Performance evaluations were rescheduled, to the expense of Site-129 Human Resources. The situation necessitated collective disciplinary action and an investigation of SCP-32-J containment procedures.

From: E.Roberts
To: J.Liskai
Subject: Staff Abuse of SCP-32-J

Dr Liskai,

I am giving you advanced notice that I will be visiting Site-129 tomorrow to meet with you in person as part of the ongoing investigation into your staff's deliberate abuse of SCP-32-J's anomalous effect. Please note that my time is exceedingly valuable and I would not be taking an entire day out of my schedule for this if I did not believe it to be important. SCP-32-J is a dangerous memetic anomaly and not to be taken lightly, by yourself or your staff. I am anxious to speak with you about why you have allowed this to happen, and what you believe the future of your job to look like.

Dr. Roberts



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