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SCP-3198 scout vehicle in Site-1394

Item #: SCP-3198

Object Class: Euclid

Standard Containment Procedures: At the first available opportunity, contact must be established with SCP-3198 to make it aware of its situation. Once SCP-3198 has confirmed its compliance, it should be contained for transport and moved to a secure site.

Currently, SCP-3198 is contained in its original discovery location which has been repurposed as Site-1394. Any instances seen outside of Site-1394 are to be contained, or, if containment fails, destroyed.

Site-1394's windows have been boarded up under the guise of a lethal asbestos exposure.

Personnel entering Site-1394 must be wearing full tactical body armor. Weapons are not to be discharged at SCP-3198 unless absolutely necessary.

Research into a way to return SCP-3198 to a normal state is ongoing.

Description: SCP-3198 is the collective designation for the Mobile Task Force formerly known as Lambda-9 ("Big Fucking Guns"). This task force was created specifically to contain Keter level objects that required high damage output ordinance in the event of a containment breach. Being one of the largest MTF teams, Lambda-9 is comprised of:

  • 100 foot soldiers armed with M4 assault rifles, M249 light machine guns, fragmentation grenades and 2 FGM-148 Javelin missile launchers
  • 20 OSHKOSH M-ATV scout vehicles fitted with M2 Browning heavy machine guns
  • 2 AH-64 Apache Longbow helicopters with 2 crew members in each
  • 30 combat trained support personnel
  • 4 M970 fuel trucks carrying Diesel
  • 2 OSHKOSH M978A4 Fuel Servicing Trucks carrying JP8 Jet fuel
  • 4 MK25 Standard cargo trucks carrying food, water and general supplies

All units (both human and vehicular) of SCP-3198 have been reduced dramatically to a ratio of approximately 1:64 of their original size with a similar reduction in mass. SCP-3198 seems to be aware of having been altered by an anomalous effect, but is not aware of specifically what effect has occurred. SCP-3198 is unable to correctly perceive its environment, believing materials, lifeforms and its current location to be anomalous in nature. SCP-3198 is also extremely hostile to almost all lifeforms.1 SCP-3198 has begun to consume small invertebrates that inhabit the area surrounding its current location for sustenance despite Foundation attempts to provide SCP-3198 with a more viable food source (which have been met with extreme hostilities from SCP-3198).

Communication with SCP-3198 has so far not been possible. The voices of SCP-3198 members have become extremely high pitched, audible as "squeaking" with some words occasionally being discernible. SCP-3198 speech can only be understood by lowering the pitch and speed on recordings. It is also assumed that normal human voices cannot be understood by SCP-3198, describing them as a deep booming sound, both in person and via radio contact.2

The vehicles used by SCP-3198 function exactly like their normal sized counterparts, though they require significantly less fuel to run. Handheld weapons and weapons attached to both the scout vehicles and attack helicopters are considerably less powerful than their full sized counterparts, but are still capable of causing significant damage to structures and living targets.3

SCP-3198 largely inhabits the west side of Site-1394's attic, having created a fortified base out of wood, cardboard and insulation. SCP-3198 is able to access the first floor of 1394 by using the sides of the attic's stairs as a ramp, which has allowed the scout vehicles to be driven to the first floor. SCP-3198 has created a small tactical wall using Jenga blocks at the top of the stairs leading from the ground floor. This wall is usually guarded by one scout vehicle containing between three and four foot soldiers.


Lambda-9 scout vehicle prior to Incident 682-I

MTF-Lambda-9 was last active during a containment breach of SCP-682 (See Incident-682-I). This breach had occurred after an attempt to shrink 682 to a manageable size using SCP-1056 (please see Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682). En route to ██████████ ████████ ████, SCP-682 ambushed Lambda-9, expelling a wave of unknown energy.4 Contact was lost; all units of MTF-Lambda-9 were presumed KIA.

SCP-3198 was discovered 4 days later, 2 kilometers from the location of Incident 682-I5 after agents responded to an incident at what is now Site-1394. The prior residents of 1394 had reported to a local pest exterminator of hearing "buzzing" and "scratching" coming from the attic, assuming the noise to be caused by wasps. When the exterminator investigated, they were attacked by SCP-3198. The exterminator sprayed pesticides over a small portion of SCP-3198's fortification before exiting the attic and contacting local authorities. The Foundation then took over control of the property to contain SCP-3198.


Addendum 3198-1: Incidents


The following is the transcript of radio contact between MTF-Lambda-9 and Task Force Control during Incident-682-I. Lambda-9's orders were to head to ██████████ ████████ ████ and set up a Forward Operations Base from which units could be sent to re-contain SCP-682:


The following is a log of Incident-3198-A. The log is a transcription of events captured by Site-1394 video feeds on 25/06/████. Video footage is captured on Camera 4, which is situated on the west side of 1394's roof, just outside SCP-3198's location:6

Addendum 3198-2: Communication logs


The following is a transcript from 20/06/████ where researchers attempted to re-establish communication with SCP-3198 after it was discovered. The communication problems between humans and SCP-3198 were unknown at this time. The following speech from SCP-3198 is a transcription after analysis of the recording was conducted:


On 28/06/████, Foundation communications analysts based at Site-1386 recorded a brief interchange between two instant message devices located at Site-1394. The devices were in use by SCP-3198. It was not known prior to this event that any members of MTF-Lambda-9 had been equipped with such devices when deployed during Incident-682-I.7 The recording of this conversation is below:

Addendum 3198-3: Recovered media

On 30/06/████, a scout vehicle was captured by Foundation personnel after the main weapon had been disabled. Inside the vehicle were four foot soldiers later identified as Private Lang, Private Pimm, Sergeant Emmerson and Corporal Betson. As Foundation personnel were lifting the vehicle to remove the occupants, all four jumped from the vehicle, resulting in their deaths.

Upon later inspection of the bodies, a Mobile Task Force field document was found in Betson's clothing with a letter having been written on the back. Due to the size of the item, a microscope was required to view it. Below are transcriptions of both sides of the document:

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