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SCP-3195's origin point (approximation)

Item#: SCP-3195

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of SCP-3195, Provisional Site-44 has been constructed around it. A disinformation campaign is currently in progress to disguise the true nature of Celestia Events and will continue until SCP-3195 succumbs to its injuries.

Description: SCP-3195 is a nine-meter tall humanoid male that landed in the Atlantic Ocean on October 9th, 2020. Analysis of SCP-3195's trajectory has shown that it originated from the rings of Saturn and has been traveling through the solar system for approximately nine years.

SCP-3195 has sustained considerable damage since entering Earth's atmosphere including:

  • Third-degree burns on 60% of its body.
  • The loss of a large portion of the skin on the left side of its face.
  • The right leg has been severed at the knee.
  • The dismemberment of the left leg.
  • The destruction of the left elbow.
  • The presence of a large hole directly where its heart would be.

SCP-3195 consistently bleeds from these injuries, and all attempts to cauterize, mend, or heal it has failed. It is unknown if SCP-3195's injuries are responsible for, or otherwise influence, its ability to create Celestia Events.

A Celestia Event occurs when SCP-3195 waves its hands toward the sky. When this occurs, new stars and nebulae are created within SCP-3195's field of vision. The stars will move in unorthodox patterns through the nebulae until they turn into supernovae. The explosion produces an array of luminescent colors that persist in the sky for approximately three days. A Celestia Event can be observed from anywhere on Earth during the night, and typically lasts eight days. SCP-3195 creates Celestia Events at random intervals.

The Celestia Event is purely a visual anomaly, and no stars are being created or destroyed by SCP-3195.

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