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SCP-3191 emulating Agent Selberg

Item #: SCP-3191

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A three meter perimeter is to be outlined around SCP-3191. This perimeter may not be entered outside of testing, with at least one supervisor in attendance. Only C- and D-Class personnel may cross the boundary of the perimeter.

Subjects are to wear a harness attached to a tether. If a subject is unable or unwilling to leave, their supervisor is to remain outside the perimeter and remove them by their tether.

Psychological examinations are to be routinely administered to all levels of personnel involved with SCP-3191.

Description: SCP-3191 is a 2.7m tall sculpture composed of black metal. It depicts an armless humanoid in a kneeling pose. In place of a head, it possesses a round display screen connected to its neck by numerous cables. Several loose cables with severed ends protrude from the base of its neck.

When a human subject approaches within three meters of SCP-3191, its screen displays an animated image of the subject's face. The sculpture emits a facsimile of the subject's voice by vibrating its throat and torso in the manner of a loudspeaker. Should another person approach within three meters of SCP-3191, it will replicate their face and voice instead. If a subject moves out of range and reenters it, SCP-3191 replicates them anew.

SCP-3191 is a highly effective mimic. It exhibits all knowledge, memories, and psychological traits of the subject it replicates. Personnel are to keep in mind that the images displayed by SCP-3191 are not genuine. They are simulations without actual self-awareness. Their purpose is unknown and may be harmful.

Addendum 3191.1: Recovery

In October 2017, the Foundation investigated an active electronics factory with possible business ties to Anderson Robotics. While searching the building, field agents discovered SCP-3191 in a hidden storage compartment behind a false wall. Its screen displayed a motionless face in an expression of despair.

When field agent Andrea Selberg entered the compartment to retrieve SCP-3191, she reported that the face had changed to resemble her own. Simultaneously, SCP-3191 reported with Agent Selberg's voice that its senses had ceased functioning, and theorized that the sculpture might emit a sensory-deprivation field. It added that it could hear someone talking about faces and advised other personnel to approach with caution.

After alerting a nearby Mobile Task Force unit, Agent Selberg attempted to explain the face's situation to SCP-3191. It refused to believe her and accused her of being a trick caused by SCP-3191. Other agents attempted to intervene, but SCP-3191 appeared unable to hear them.

The task force arrived shortly after and moved SCP-3191 to a Foundation facility, employing long-range equipment to avoid entering its area of effect. The factory was later proven to have no connection to Anderson Robotics. It remains under observation.

Addendum 3191.2: D-Class Testing Log

Addendum 3191.3: C-Class Testing, Interview #37

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