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Item #: SCP-3190

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3190, fallout from DOYLE-events require little in the way of clean-up. At the head researcher's discretion, SCP-3190-A instances deemed to be an unnecessary information leak can be treated with Class-B amnestics. All others are to be allowed to filter through their respective judicial systems.

Foundation AIs ATLS-19 and GRGN-71 are to monitor all incoming and outgoing communications from local law enforcement offices in North America for reports of SCP-3190's involvement in the investigation of a murder. SCP-3190's activity is to be monitored by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-96 (“Fans of Father Brown”). As of Incident-234, members of MTF E-96 are to be given Class-B amnestics to be administered on the field if a SCP-3190-A instance attempts to neutralize SCP-3190.

Description: SCP-3190 is a humanoid entity resembling a man in his late forties to early fifties. While SCP-3190 allows itself to appear clumsy and a non-threat, it has shown itself capable of reaching speeds up to 45 km/h and lifting weights in excess of 2 metric tons. Due to its anomalous properties, these feats of superhuman ability, while rare, are treated as routine in all but SCP-3190-A instances. At first manifestation, SCP-3190 appears in the dress code for detectives of the closest local police precinct, albeit in a shabby or otherwise worn condition. SCP-3190 will carry a set of handcuffs, dubbed SCP-3190-B, and a valid identification marking him as a lieutenant in the closest police precinct.

SCP-3190-A instances are the perpetrators of the murder that the current DOYLE-event centers upon.

SCP-3190-B, while being utilized by SCP-3190 to subdue an instance of SCP-3190-A, is unbreakable by any conventional means. SCP-3190 delivers the SCP-3190-A instance to its respective police precinct and soon thereafter demanifests. All evidence procured by SCP-3190 will be attributed to other officers in official reports. All knowledge of SCP-3190 is lost in all but SCP-3190-A and individuals aware of SCP-3190's anomaly.

SCP-3190's primary anomalous ability is shown during DOYLE-events. DOYLE-events have been shown to only occur for murders where the victim knew the perpetrator. DOYLE-events with multiple victims or multiple SCP-3190-A instances have occurred. DOYLE-events involve the embedding of SCP-3190 into a current murder investigation, normally from the moment of first response. While a part of the investigation, SCP-3190 will come into contact with the murderer. SCP-3190 will then focus on the SCP-3190-A instance, usually appearing at its place of work or home in order to question them. During the course of this questioning, the SCP-3190-A instance will inevitably reveal a piece of information or otherwise lie in such a way that point to them being the perpetrator of the crime. Of note is that all SCP-3190-A instances acquiesce to SCP-3190's questioning without a lawyer present. It is unclear if this is due to SCP-3190's shabby appearance (and thus, seeming intellectual inferiority) or an anomalous ability.

All SCP-3190-A instances have been shown to have committed the crimes. As of current revision, no DOYLE-event has occurred at a non-premeditated murder.

Incident 234: On 4/3/1985, SCP-3190-A-234, while being charged formally with his crimes, wrestled a gun from a police officer accompanying SCP-3190. SCP-3190-A-234 emptied the gun into SCP-3190, causing its battered raincoat to fall onto the floor. There was no further sign of SCP-3190 for exactly three seconds, after which it walked from a bathroom door, picked up its coat, and continued to detail the proof to the attending police officers.

Of note is that all individuals, besides SCP-3190-A-234, showed no reaction to the gunshot or seeming disappearance of SCP-3190. SCP-3190-A-234 experienced great distress given the events and the non-reaction of all others attending. On-site members of MTF E-96 later administered class-B amnestics to SCP-3190-A-234.

Selection from SCP-3190's third interview with SCP-3190-A-234

SCP-3190-A-234 was Dr. Ambrose Rettinger, later tried and convicted of the murder of his co-worker, Dr. Ivan Lavrisha. Interview takes place in Dr. Rettinger's office in the Classics Department of Pennsylvania State University.

SCP-3190 picks up a small paperweight from SCP-3190-A-234's desk. SCP-3190 regards the object before appearing to accidentally drop it.

SCP-3190: Well, jeez. Sorry about that, doctor. I think it'll be okay, though. Here, look at this. SCP-3190 picks up the paperweight, a small Roman soldier, now broken in two, off of the ground. See, you just get some, uh, crazy glue on there, and uh, yeah, it'll be good as new. You'd be amazed at what crazy glue can do, doctor. Why, just last week, my wife—

SCP-3190-A-234: I'm sorry, detective, but I'd really like to get to the point here. I'm afraid I've told you everything I know. Much as I'd like to, ah, talk to you some more, I do have a faculty meeting to attend to in, oh, ten minutes?

SCP-3190: Oh, won't take even that long. I just gotta couple more questions to ask, you know. It's just the way I am sometimes.

SCP-3190-A-234: So I've noticed.

SCP-3190: Ha! I'm sure you did, doctor. Why, my wife, she tells me I can't ever shut up. But it's just the way I am, you know? I always got that last inkling. That niggling little thought I gotta get out and get answered before I can even sleep that night. Why, you should hear the one about my nephew, he—

SCP-3190-A-234: Detective, please.

SCP-3190: Oh, oh, of course. I'm sorry, doctor. I know you're a busy man. SCP-3190 raises its hands, shakes its head, and winces. I don't mean to be a pain, of course. It's just, well, something has been bothering me about what you said.

SCP-3190-A-234: What do you mean, detective?

SCP-3190: Now, here, you told me that Dr. Lavrisha left your party at, uh, seven thirty PM? Now, he, uh, slipped out and was found, dead, outside his office. But here's the interesting thing, doctor. His watch, you know, it was damaged in the attack. And, well, it stopped at seven twenty seven. Isn't that interesting, doctor? Now, I tell myself, you know, a man like that, maybe, sets his watch a bit behind. Why, I have a cousin, on my wife's side, who, well, he sets his clock back about forty-five minutes. I don't know how he gets anywhere. But, and this is the interesting part, doctor, his wife, the uh, widow Lavrisha, she tells me that the, uh, well, the departed, he had sort of a, what do you call it, an obsessive compulsion. He had his watch synced up to, you know, the very exact millisecond. He kept it up to track, of course. A watch isn't perfect, you know. They get off, bit by bit. So he always made sure it was exact. She said he checked it everyday, just before he left work. At five thirty.

SCP-3190-A-234: What are you saying, detective?

SCP-3190: Doctor, I'm just saying that, a watch isn't perfect. But it won't get minutes behind within two hours. Your time table doesn't match up. Even if his watch had been off, he couldn't've gotten to his office, on foot, before he was found by cleaning staff, at seven forty-six. Even if he had left your home when he said, it would've taken him much longer to get to the office, is what I'm saying here, doctor. It all just doesn't add up.

SCP-3190-A-234: Well, I guess that makes sense, you know. My clocks may have been off. Why, Ivan could've left the party at seven fifteen, maybe.

SCP-3190: SCP-3190 clasps its hands and nods. You know, I was thinking the same thing, doctor. But I checked. Your wife let me in, and all the clocks in the house are right on the money. She says the maid does it.

SCP-3190-A-234: Well, I could've been mistaken. But still, detective, there's no way I could've killed Ivan. Guests saw me in the house at seven forty-five. Even if Ivan had died at seven twenty-seven, there's no way I could have left the body there and been present at my party within seventeen minutes.

SCP-3190 shakes its head and puts up its hands again. It smiles.

SCP-3190: Please, don't take this the wrong way, doctor. No one's accusing you of anything. Just making sure everything gets nice and tied up. I'm always like that, you know, doctor, my uncle, he says—

SCP-3190-A-234: Stands up abruptly, clearing his desk of its laptop and briefcase. While I'd love to chat, detective, I do have to get to that meeting.

SCP-3190: Of course, of course. SCP-3190 begins walking to the door, before pointing a single finger in the air and turning around quickly. I'm sorry, doctor. Just, just one more thing, before I go. Something I thought was interesting. And all this stuff, in your office, well, it just reminded me.

SCP-3190-A-234: Please, make it quick, detective.

SCP-3190: My nephew, he's a real wiz-kid when it comes to mythology. He's telling me stories I didn't even know were stories. But one, he told me, it really sunk in. There's a Roman god, or maybe Greek I was never so good at telling those apart, called Nemesis. They also called her Adrestia. It meant inescapable. But here, nemesis isn't just an enemy. Nemesis was inescapable, because she represented the, uh, the price of hubris, doctor. She represented the justice that comes to those who commit crimes. And well, murder's the biggest crime there is, doctor.

SCP-3190-A-234: What are you insinuating, detective?

SCP-3190: Oh, doctor. I'm not insinuating anything. I just think it's so interesting that, humans, that we want to believe that the bad guys get it in the end. There's a natural desire, you know, in us. To want crimes to be solved. It's something that always interested me. I guess what I'm saying is, in the natural order of things, we'll find out who killed your friend, doctor. I'm sure we will.

SCP-3190-A-234 coughs and nods.

[End transcript.]

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