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Item #: SCP-3189

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3189 is contained within the facility it was originally discovered in. The property has been purchased by the Foundation and has been designated Site-76-F, a satellite facility to Site-76. Standard security features for satellite facilities have been deemed sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to SCP-3189.

In the event that Site-76-F falls into the possession of rival factions, on-site explosives are to be remotely detonated by Site-76 Command, destroying SCP-3189. The original documentation and blueprints for SCP-3189 are to be kept on an encrypted hard drive at Site-76, along with any pertinent discoveries that may be produced by research personnel.

Description: SCP-3189 is a complex clockwork device contained within the central room of Site-76-F. The main body of the device is comprised of 13 concentric circles of beryllium-bronze, ranging in diameter from 3 to 9 meters. Each circle is capable of moving independently along all three axes, as well as rotating clockwise and counterclockwise at a rate of up to 90 rpm for the innermost circle and 60 rpm for the outermost.

Each circle is engraved with 1001 ideograms along both the outer and inner circumference. After extensive study and comparison, Foundation Thaumatologist Dr. Katherine Sinclair found that many of these ideograms are composed of base elements from various known systems of thaumaturgical glyphs.

Experiments have revealed that when properly drawn by a verified thaumaturge, these ideograms each generate wards, or fields of thaumaturgical energy.

While complex in design, each of these wards appears relatively simplistic in function. Most appear to relate to the containment and manipulation of elan vital energy (EVE), a force believed to be responsible for the Observer Effect in quantum mechanics and used to manipulate reality by various anomalous entities and objects.

At the time of recovery, SCP-3189 was connected to a beryllium-bronze aerial on the outside of the facility via a cable of electro-thaumically conductive alloy. The aerial itself was engraved with warding grids of unknown design, though they appear to serve the function of allowing the aerial to harness EVE from the surrounding environment and transmitting it into SCP-3189.

SCP-3189 was originally discovered when it was found to be the epicentre of a minor CK-class reality restructuring event. Based on experimentation overseen by Dr. Sinclair, and corroborated by documentation found within Site-76-F, SCP-3189 is believed to be an elanic resonance chamber, intended to focus EVE into a singular point where it would eventually reach high enough concentrations to cause at least low-level reality restructuring.

Attempts to replicate this function have so far been unsuccessful. The current hypothesis suggests that the thirteen circles of SCP-3189 must be continuously reoriented into new warding grids to force the EVE into the extreme concentration required to induce a reality restructuring event. Dr. Sinclair estimates that devising the vast number of necessary warding grids for all possible conditions would have taken decades, if not centuries, of dedicated effort. This position is supported by the approximately 400 000 pages of handwritten wards found within Site-76-F.

The ultimate objective for SCP-3189 research is to decipher its system of thaumic ideograms in the hopes that the device could one day be operated and used as a means of reversing reality restructuring events.

Addendum: In addition to the warding grids, multiple journals documenting the creation of SCP-3189 were also found inside of Site-76-F. Below is a collection of excerpts that have been selected to elucidate the origin and intended function of SCP-3189. The author has yet to be identified.

It is not yet known whether or not SCP-3189 functioned as intended. Comparisons between current records and records from anchored or extradimensional Foundation safehouses has revealed only minor discrepancies between the present baseline reality and its preceding iteration, none of which are considered to have been likely primary goals for SCP-3189.

It should be noted, however, that in neither iteration did the Foundation possess any substantial records on the partners of Marshall, Carter & Dark. Though it is yet to be determined if this iteration's Marshall, Carter, & Dark retain any knowledge of SCP-3189 or their role in creating it, it is considered likely that the Dark(s) mentioned in the journal were the primary beneficiary of their use of SCP-3189.

It has been surmised that Mx Dark anticipated the Foundation's arrival after the activation of SCP-3189, and chose to abandon it rather than risk capture. The current whereabouts of Mx Dark, or SCP-3189's creator, remain unknown at this time.

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